by Christine on March 23rd, 2015

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Well, the month is closing in….and I can say that since my (awful, terrible) doctor’s appointment at the beginning of the month….

I haven’t gained any weight.

That’s terrific! I mean, it’s not LOSING weight–which I want and need to do–but I haven’t GAINED. And hey, that’s something I’m happy to celebrate.

I find that I’m pretty good about following a routine with respect to food at the beginning of the week, but things start to fall apart towards Friday and Saturday, including emotional binge stuff. I wonder why that is?

I got several walks in this weekend, including an hour trudging through the snow along the Erie Canal on Saturday. (No idea of miles…it was slow going in the snow and boots.) Sunday hubby joined me on a walk around a golf course at the State Park near my house. We stopped to watch the kids play hockey in the free ice skating rink in the park. It was another hour+ of walking through the snow.
















(Above, walking along the Erie Canal)
























(Above: Maple Syrup sugar house, and walking at the State Park)


4 Year Wedding Anniversary!

by Christine on May 7th, 2012

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In celebration of four years of wedding bliss together, hubby and I decided to head down to the New Jersey shore for the weekend.

I’ve been living in Upstate New York for 10 years now, and although I’ve been to Atlantic City before, I’ve never explored the shoreline. In fact, I’ve always had a very poor opinion of New Jersey, since my first experience there was finding myself in Elizabeth and Newark. I realize this makes me sound a little bit ignorant, but my opinion was surely reversed after this weekend.

First we drove way down south to Cape May. I LOVED CAPE MAY! It’s fantastically beautiful and laid back and relaxing. I would love to stay there sometime during the summer and use the beaches. We passed about 6 couples getting married on the beach there….just perfect!  I had the most delicious Manhattan Clam Chowder I’ve ever had!

Beautiful Victorian houses all throughout the town. So much to see and admire!

This is the Inn of Cape May. We randomly chose this spot for lunch. The dining room overlooks the ocean, and they had the best Manhattan Clam Chowder! Yum!

After we were done exploring Cape May, we drove slowly up the coast and stopped to look at all the cute towns. We stopped in Wildwoods, which has a huge boardwalk with lots of carnival rides, tshirt shops, etc. A fun place for kids and a fun place to visit (but I personally wouldn’t want to stay there).

They deep fry EVERYTHING there! Every 2 feet you ran into a little shop that will deep fry anything you can think of. I had never had a deep fried Oreo, and hubby loves Oreos so we had to give that a try…

MEH.  Disappointing.  Maybe a triple-stuffed oreo would be good, but I just found it lacking in flavor overall. Very dry. Fun to try, but I definitely won’t be doing that again.

We stayed the night at Bally’s in Atlantic City.  We got an upgrade to our room since they screwed up our reservation, and our room was very spacious. The best part by far was the use of the pool facilities ($10 per room, per day). Sunday we spent all morning swimming, sitting in the hot tub, using the saunas, etc. It was fantastic!

Dinner on Saturday was at Rainforest Cafe. I got fish tacos, but for some reason my gastric band wouldn’t allow me to keep a single bite down. It’s frustrating to waste money like that.

Lunch on Sunday we found a real gem — the Red Square, a Russian restaurant. It has walls (well, columns) made of ice! They have a bajillion types of vodkas, and a freezer where you can put on a bunch of russian furs and wrap up and go into the freezer to do a shot of your choice of vodka. Very swanky and fun! I ordered the shrimp cocktail, and it was divine! HUGE shrimps and a delicious mango salsa. So yummy. The Caesar salad was amazing too. Yummy all around.

I drank my face off, got lots of walking in (and climbing on rocks on the beach), gambled a little (and came home with money in my wallet!) and had a brilliant time!

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Weight-wise, I’m hanging in there constantly at 130 pounds. I shouldn’t be annoyed at that, but to be honest I’d be a lot more happy at 125.  All my clothes fit, but I feel like my body shape is kind of changing somehow. My butt and legs just feel bigger to me, and I feel like my pants are tighter in those areas. It could very well be all in my head, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m gaining weight. I get really panicky about it, but when I step on the scale it’s still within the maintenance zone. I’m finding it hard to rectify how I feel and the number on the scale. Since I know I have disordered eating issues and self-perception problems, it’s safer to rely on the number on the scale rather than how I feel, but it’s hard to ignore the feelings entirely.


Summertime Foodstuffs

by Christine on June 6th, 2011

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This weekend we bought a new gas grill, and I am so excited about it! Our last grill busted up due to improper maintenance (aka: we left it outside and all the important parts rusted out). This grill is smaller and cheaper, but yowza, I kind of prefer it! It heats up faster and is perfect for grilling for 2-4 people.

The purchase of this new gas grill is going to help me a LOT with my diet. For starters, I’ll be eating at home a lot more now instead of going out to eat. Considering I eat maybe 80% of my meals outside of home, any amount of eating at home is really an improvement.

With my lapband, I eat a lot of meats. Granted, I don’t eat a lot of meat (2-3 ounces works just fine) but meat is still the staple of my meals. Grilling out is healthy and delicious!

We also went to the grocery store this weekend, which was a Big Deal. We average going to the grocery store once every month, can you believe that? That’s mostly because, again, we eat most of our meals out, but hopefully that will change now.

Also, I have a boatload of veggies growing in my garden. In just a few weeks I’ll have more food than I could possibly hope to eat. It’s going to be a wonderful, healthy summertime eating fiesta at my house!

Weight Update

This morning I weighed in at 128.0, so the weight is slowing coming back down after a temporary increase. I hope to keep this momentum up, just a wee bit. It makes me feel a lot better to be within my maintenance range though.

Weekend Update

I live in Upstate New York, and you know, we don’t get very many perfect days. I’m talking mid-80 degrees, low humidity, lots of sunshine. I call them “San Diego days.”  Well, Saturday and Sunday were Perfect Days, so what did I do? I spent my Saturday at work, indoors! BOOHOO!  Oddly enough I wasn’t too upset about this though, and I realized it is because I love my new job. I’m happy here, and so it isn’t too bothersome to spend my weekend catching up on work that needed to get done.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing household chores, cleaning, maintenace, landscaping, etc. I planted more veggies and weeded some gardens. We fixed the outdoor hose/spigot. We put together our new grill. I cleaned the garage. We did errands. I paid bills & sorted the paperwork on the counter. I went through the mountains of tupperware and threw out anything that didn’t have an associated lid (or threw out lids without an associated container). We watched a few movies, played a few games, read a book. I went for a bicycle ride, hauled bags of dirt around. That’s a lot of stuff considering I worked for 6 hours on Saturday!

Today is another Perfect Day, except it is a little humid. For my lunch break I went rollerblading. It was awesome.

Here’s a new post from Emily!


Whoops! Who else is seeing the numbers go up?

by Christine on May 24th, 2011

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I knew this would happen at some point, but 6 months after reaching my goal weight, I have finally seen the scale go UP.  Really, 6 months in “maintenance” wasn’t too bad, but I also know a warning sign when I see it.

Today I weighed in at 131.0. My “goal weight” is 125, although I’ve been comfortably at 127 for most of the last 6 months.

Oh, it’s easy to chalk up the 6 pounds to a variety of things. What are the excuses I’ve used in the past?

It’s just salt bloating. Drink more water and it’ll go away.

It’s my period. It’ll go down when I’m done.

It has been more humid outside; surely it’s from the humidity.

But you know what? Excuses don’t get you very far in life. And I’m well aware of knowing when I need to get my head back into the game.

I’m not the only one that has experienced a weight gain lately. So have these wonderful, fantastic bloggers that I follow:

Oh yes. I just called you all out. And there are more of you out there, too. Are you courageous enough to step up, admit your failings, and commit yourself to getting back on track?

What am I doing to try to get back on track?

  1. Calorie-counting and food journaling every day.
  2. Pre-planning my meals every day.
  3. Cutting back on the chocolates at night, which have gotten a little out of hand.
  4. Watching portion sizes, which means weighing and measuring.
  5. Making a point to exercise more.

So far, so good. But the weight didn’t come on overnight, and I can’t expect it all to come off overnight either.


Kelly Osborne considering the gastric band for weight maintenance

by Christine on April 13th, 2011

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Kelly Osbourne: Gastric Band For TV Star Kelly Osbourne?

Monday April 11, 2011

KELLY Osbourne is desperate to stay slim.

According to a report from Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, the E! Fashion Police co-host  is considering getting a gastric band surgery to maintain her svelte figure.

“Kel’s at her wit’s end over her weight and is worried she’s putting back all the pounds she fought so hard to lose,” a source said.

“She’s recently been on holiday and put on almost a stone (14 pounds) while enjoying herself. She got a bit of a shock when she got home and realized she couldn’t fit into her new clothes.

“Kelly knows a gastric band would be drastic but she’s desperate to keep the weight off. Being the face of Madonna’s range just adds more pressure. She’s scared of getting axed in favor of someone skinny if she puts on more weight.”

Kelly — who split with her last boyfriend Luke Worrall after he reportedly cheated on her with both men and women — recently revealed she wants to have a baby with her gay best friend, because her mother Sharon Osbourne would “love it”.

“I’m fed up with straight men — I’d love a baby with my gay best friend Nate,” Kelly told Closer magazine. “We’d be the perfect parents and my mum would love it!”

Kelly –- who is the new face of Madonna and her daughter Lourdes’ clothing line Material Girl — recently revealed she is dating 26-year-old musician Rob Damiani, but the pair are planning to take things slowly.

“It’s true, I’m having fun getting to know someone new,” she said. “I met Rob over in the UK recently, and I want to take things slowly, so that means keeping some things private.”


Why do I bring this bit of drivel up?  I think this article is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, it’s interesting that a doctor would consider performing gastric banding surgery on Kelly Osborne when she is under the BMI criteria, which is currently 40.  (In the USA the current minimum BMI is 40. Likewise, in the UK, the NHS requires a 40 minimum BMI) Kelly is not currently overweight, so she doesn’t need the surgery in order to lose the weight. Interesting.

(Read a recent and related article about using the gastric band as a weight maintenance tool here.)

Secondly, the idea of using the gastric band for weight maintenance is an interesting one. In my own experience, the reason why I chose the gastric band is because hopefully the device will allow me to maintain my weight without the need for a yo-yo weight gain/loss for the rest of my life. I’ve done the whole yo-yo thing and it sucks. The gastric band really does give me some kind of peace of mind that I can lose weight and keep the weight off.

So should a major surgery like this be used simply for weight maintenance?  Why not? Other than the risks involved in the actual surgery, I don’t see how it can hurt to put some measures in place to ensure that you can live a healthy lifestyle for the long term.

But I want to take this even a step further: I think that the gastric band can be a successful device for treating those suffering from eating disorders, especially binge eating disorder and perhaps even bulimia.  The band prevents binging from occurring (seriously. You just can’t overindulge in a short time frame with a tight gastric band), so why can’t the device be used to help those suffering from binging-related disorders?  Hmmmm. Food for thought.

What do you think about using the gastric band or other weight loss devices in order to maintain your weight? What do you think about the idea of using the gastric band for treatment of some eating disorders?

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