Wedding #1: Beautiful Bride!

by Christine on August 1st, 2010

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The wedding on Friday was absolutely beautiful and amazing! The weather was drop-dead gorgeous: about 72 degrees and sunny with big, puffy clouds. They got married at a country club on a golf course.  You could see the Green Mountains in Vermont from the balcony!  The bride looked absolutely phenomenal.  She’s thin and fit and would look good in a paper tent, but this dress was no paper tent! It was a little bit lacy, a little beading work. Stunning, really!  They had a sand ceremony: the bride, groom, and the groom’s two children all had a glass with different colored sand in it. They poured the sand one at a time into a heart-shaped centerpiece. It was a lovely, symbolic ritual at the wedding, very meaningful! It is so nice to see the bride and groom get married. They are such nice people and are so compatible. I wish them many zillions of years of happiness together!

Afterwards was a cocktail hour, with lots of fried food as I predicted!  As planned, I bypassed all of the food and instead had a few drinks.  Then we sat down to dinner. We danced all throughout dinner, and I only picked at my salmon. I probably only ate 1/5th of my plate.  For desert, they had bought several different cakes for different appetites. I grabbed a HUGE piece of carrot cake. I took about four bites of it (absolutely divine!) and then handed the plate over to my friend Sue to munch on. Sharing a desert is a great way to avoid a few calories!

We danced for about three hours or so. We had a friendly rivalry going with Table 5, behind us. We kept finding ways to hoodwink each other and be silly.  For instance, I stole Jen’s glass of red wine and drank it all in a few big gulps, then handed her back the empty glass! They stole my camera and took naughty photos of things that should not be photographed! It was friendly banter back and forth.  At the end of the night, my hubby took the bride and groom, Sue and Joe, and ourselves home.

Saturday was a crazy busy day! We woke up early and went back to the country club to pick up miscellaneous things that didn’t fit in the car, such as the centerpieces and decorative plants. We dropped them off at the Bride and Groom’s house, then we went to the gym for a butt-kicking workout. After the workout we ran home, got the volleyball net and set it up in the bride and groom’s yard. Then we zoomed home and took our showers, then we back over for the picnic. They had SO MUCH FOOD, but unfortunately a lot of it I couldn’t eat: pasta, sandwiches, etc.  I had a little bit of salad and more doritos than I should have (only 2 or 3 handfuls). Doritos are cheesy crack, man!  Delicious!  We played a beanbag toss, played some volleyball, and went swimming at Sue and Joe’s house (they live next door).  We played beer pong and some drinking-versions of “A Minute to Win It.”  I challenged the groom’s 12 year old daughter to a drinking game, and when she lost I made her chug some water. She thought that was hilarious!

But then the craziness started.  I was quite drunk by the evening. Jack picked me up and pretended to throw me into the pool — I had my clothes on, not my swim suit! I fought him — I wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his neck and hung on for dear life. He kept trying to get me back, and I ended up biting him! Oh dear, that’s not very socially acceptable!  To get me back, Sue tricked me into retrieving something she pretended to drop, and Jack plowed into me and hurled me into the pool!  SPLASH!  I was drenched and freezing! My hubby was a bit mortified that I had bitten our friends, so he made us get up to leave.  When I woke up this morning I had an email from Sue: We found your camera in the bottom of our pool!

Oh no! My camera pretty expensive — about $400.  It’s deader than a doornail. So I won’t be posting any photos for a while until I am able to buy a replacement. Total bummer. I feel a little less bad about acting inappropriately since my camera got broken.

Today I woke up fairly early. My friend Allie wanted weight loss advice, so I told her we would go to the gym together.  I tried to kick her butt with some interval-training (jogging) followed by situps, planks, and leg-extension-squats.  Then we came home and I made us some salad and we discussed food and eating.  I hope that I was able to say something that was helpful to her. I know how frustrating it can be to want to lose weight and try so hard and to not have any results!

Now I’m absolutely exhausted. I want to go to sleep, but it’s only 8 p.m. I’ll read my book for an hour and then pass out early. I need to catch up on some rest!


Week updates and pics

by Christine on July 30th, 2010

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Howdy Revolutionists! The weekend is upon us, at last! How are you going to celebrate this lovely summer weekend?

I am celebrating by going to not one, but two wedding celebrations! The celebrations are for the same couple: they are getting married on Friday (tonight) with a small ceremony and then having a big, informal, outdoor picnic for many guests on Saturday. I can’t wait to see them get hitched at last! They are a wonderful couple and such good friends of ours.

The week has been a busy one. Tuesday I went over to the couple’s house to help them assemble their party favors (jelly beans in engraved shot glasses). Wednesday I saw a Sublime cover band at a local street festival. 40 oz to Freedom did a great job, and I boogied on down a lot!  Yesterday I went with the Bride to get our nails done. Today I came into work an hour and a half early so I can race home and get myself ready for the wedding. I’m wearing a new dress: it’s purple, and a size 6!! I’m so excited to wear my dress tonight! I’ll be sure to post pictures on Sunday!

(isn’t her engagement ring gorgeous? She designed it herself!)

I have been thinking this morning about what I will do at the wedding to make healthy food choices. I already sent in my food reservation card and ordered fish. I hoped it would be a healthier alternative to red meat or chicken. But I’m sure there will be finger foods during the cocktail hour, plus wedding cake! (I think they got cheesecake.) Not to mention four hours of open bar, which I’ve been known to take advantage of. Oh yeah, and Jelly beans that I helped assemble in the party favors!  So what’s my gameplan?  (1) No finger foods, especially because there is a dinner to come.  This is the most important rule, because this is where I can usually really lose track of how much I’m eating, plus finger foods are usually fried. It’s best to avoid entirely. (2) Only have half of the cake.  (3) Dance. A LOT. Burn those calories off!  (4) Give all the jelly beans to hubby, OR give them to the kids. The shot glass I’m keeping!

Saturday’s outdoor picnic will be a little easier to navigate food-wise, even though they are BBQ-ing and getting catering and food will be all around us! For starters, we only live two houses away, so I can run home for healthy food if I need to.  My plan is to wake up early and go to the gym prior to the picnic. Then we plan on swimming at their house and playing volleyball!  We can have fun, socialize, AND get exercise! How great is that?  Avoiding things like potato chips is going to be the hardest challenge (especially if there is guacamole!), but I don’t think that’ll be a problem because I feel certain that there will be salad and fresh veggies to munch on there. My gameplan is to stay totally active all day long!

You see, this whole weight-loss thing is, to a large extent, a mental challenge. It’s about preparing yourself, educating yourself, planning, and trying to make the healthy choice. It’s not about deprivation, but about how to navigate every-day scenarios and making the best possible healthy decisions that you can.

I had two food challenges this week that I think I circumnavigated okay. First, my office got ice cream cones for everyone! I looked at the boxes, and each pre-made cone was 250+ calories. Oh no!  Those calories were higher than I was comfortable with. I wanted to partake though. What did I do? I took one that had a cone attached. I ate the ice cream on the top of the cone, and then threw the rest away (about half of the cone).  Not bad!

eating ice cream at work

The second challenge was when we went out to see the band play. We stopped at a pub for beer and food. I felt like finger food, so I ordered a cheese platter! It was absolutely delicious! I have a hard time with bread though (it gets stuck in my band), so I used some of the nacho chips to put the cheese on. The platter was great because it had fresh fruit, too! I had LOTS of leftovers. I had some of the nachos, as well, while we were there.  There was absolutely nothing nutritional about the nachos, but I didn’t mind because, you know, sometimes, on special occasions, you need to live a little!  I didn’t overdo it. That’s important.  I doubt I broke 300 calories for the cheese and nachos.

cheese and nachos 40 Ounces to Freedom

Did you guys see my post over at Miz Fit yesterday? I talked about the importance of finding your target heart rate when working out. If you didn’t see it, check it out!

Thanks to the guest posting, I acquired a few more followers of my blog yesterday! I now have 50 followers! How exciting! Welcome everybody, and thank you for visiting! I will reciprocate and follow your blogs, as well!

In the words of the wonderful blogger Sean….have a good weekend, and make good choices everyone!

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