Trying on my wedding dress

by Christine on December 22nd, 2010

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One of the things I have been looking forward to is trying on my wedding dress to see how it feels on a much-thinner body.

Buying a wedding dress was an absolutely horrible experience for me. I went to every single wedding dress shop in the entire Upstate New York area and never found a dress that looked okay on me. Part of the problem is that most of the try-on dresses are only in a Size 6, and I was a Size 18 at the time, which means that the dresses wouldn’t even get past my boobs or hips. It was impossible to see if the dress would work for me or not.¬† David’s Bridal had dresses on the rack in a Size 18, but they all looked hideous on me. I ended up buying an okay dress at a consignment shop (for $150), but every time¬† I took self-pictures of me in the dress, all I saw was how fat I was. I bought a total of three wedding dresses (all very cheap, don’t worry), and hated every single one of them. I reached the point where I was more than willing to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a dress, just so long as I loved it and loved how I felt in it. I started going to really expensive wedding dress stores, but since I couldn’t even get the dresses over my head, it was impossible to see if the dress was nice on my body or not.

It didn’t help that I did all my wedding dress shopping alone. Every single one of those 10,000 stores I went to, I went to alone. I didn’t have anyone there with me to hold my hand, be a voice of reason, to tell me that “well, that wedding dress might work for you.” I was all alone, and I think that compounded the sadness of the wedding dress shopping experience.

In short, wedding dress shopping was an utterly miserable experience. I cried more in those few months than I have in my whole life. I put off the wedding for as long as I could. I thought about canceling our wedding plans. I talked to my soon-to-be husband about the idea of eloping in Vegas so we could wear Jeans and T-Shirts, anything to prevent the horrible wedding dress thing from happening.

We got married on a cruise ship, so it was a very low-key ceremony. I eventually found a dress that I thought looked tolerably okay on me. It was a prom dress from JC Penny ($60). When I see photos of our wedding, all I can remember is that horrible wedding dress experience, and how terribly unhappy I was with my body.

There are two things I couldn’t wait to do when I lost all this weight. The first thing was to try on that Size 18 JC Penny dress again and see how it looks on me now!

The second thing is…for our 10th wedding anniversary, I want to renew our vows, but I want to buy a real wedding dress to wear, and I want to feel pretty and sexy in it!

We got married less than 3 years ago, just a few months before my gastric banding surgery. 102 pounds later…what a difference it has made! Here are some pictures from yesterday!

(That picture above is me trying to bunch the dress up so it seems to fit a little better!)

Man, that felt REALLY good. I think I finally won the war with the wedding dress. Sure, a bit belated, but I finally did it. Take that, evil wedding dress!

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