Monday Morning: Back at it!

by Christine on August 16th, 2010

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Good morning, Revolutionists!

It’s Monday, and I’m back at work and in a far better mood than I was in on Monday.

I feel really good that I got some decent workouts in this weekend. Saturday I had a mediocre workout, but yesterday I jogged a 5K and had a decent time (36:20). I’m not breaking a personal best, nor am I astounding this workout community with my time.  However, I’m not a runner, so this time is comfortable and feels good to me. It’s more the act of merely going to the gym that I am most proud of. It’s so easy to fall out of the routine. I’m sure you all know exactly what I mean. I preceded the 5K with some leg-weights and followed the 5k with 200 situps and some light stretches.

(oh my word! I snapped the picture on the right when I was done working out, in the locker room. I had no idea that I get big bulgy veins in my forehead! EWWW!)

I got so much housework done yesterday! I weeded my gardens and discovered two giant sunflowers growing in my vegetable garden! I cleaned my bathroom cabinets out. I cleaned the kitchen cabinets out. Guess what I find in my kitchen cabinets? Leftover halloween candy! Can you guess what I did with the candy?

I also went in search of the dead chipmunk. You see, my cat seems to have a knack at catching the little buggers and then holding them captive in the house until they die.  I, too, have a propensity towards finding little critters in my house.  Well, using my nose, trying to follow the smells of decay, I finally found the little guy. He doesn’t seem to have died a pleasant death. I found him wrapped in the middle of a stack of blankets I like to use in the living room. I guess I’m going to have to triple-wash the blankets. SIGH. Does it make me a terrible sap that I cried when I found him, feeling sad for his animal-family that must be missing him?

Eating yesterday was okay. I had leftover black beans and mushrooms laying around, so I made a small pan of bean/taco dip. (Beans, mushrooms, onion, tomato, salsa, ground beef, taco cheese, all in layers.) It turned out delicious, but I know that it’s not a low-calorie dish (especially with that cheese!), so I limited myself to one-eighth of the small pan. Just a few bites, really.  I had a protein shake for lunch, and some 10-calorie jello with some canned fruit thrown in.

I also went shopping at Target and spent entirely too much money, although they were all items that we really did need, such as toilet paper and socks (poor hubby has holes in many of his socks) and deodorant.  $250, just gone, POOF, just like that! I found some gummy vitamin chews! I bought two — one kind for kids and one for adults. The kids chews are pretty darn tasty; I haven’t tried the adult type yet. I found it curious though — the kids chews have a wide range of vitamins, including Vitamin B, but the adult pills only had three vitamins, NOT Vitamin B! I can’t swallow big horse pills with the band, so I haven’t done any multi-vitamins in a long, long time. These chews are a great solution! Even if they don’t give me all of the supplement that I am lacking in my diet, at least it’s something. And something is better than nothing!

This morning I feel solidly back on track! I had some cheerios this morning, and have a bag of almonds prepared for my mid-morning snack. It’s pretty much a typically day! (1-cup cheerios = 100 calories.  1 handful of almonds = 100 calories.)

OH!!! I had a NSV!!! You see, I have an underwear problem. I have a big pile of underwear that mostly don’t fit me properly. Victoria Secret cotton briefs, size XL are so big that I can pull them up over my boobs, no joke. The size L droop in my butt so much the extra fabric hangs halfway down the back of my leg. The size M fit better, but are still pretty loose. Well, at Target yesterday I decided I would chance buying some undies in a size S. This morning, judgement time. THEY FIT!!!  Perfectly, actually.  So today I am wearing size S underwares, a size 6 skirt, a size S (Banana Republic) sweater….this is PERFECT! Heaven!  It’s the little things that make this whole journey so worthwhile!

The scale is still stuck at 138.0. That’s okay because (1) I know it’ll move downward soon, I can feel it, and (2) I’m eating well and exercising, doing everything right, (3) I’m PMS-ing (as if my Friday meltdown wasn’t indication enough!), and (4) although I am still working towards my goal of losing the last few pounds, I also know that I’m healthy, happy, feel so much better about myself….and that’s good.

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