Friends & Fun!

by Christine on February 7th, 2011

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Well, my Steelers didn’t win, but that didn’t keep our group from having a good time.  People started trickling over around 4 pm to play some board games, then more came over when the game was supposed to begin. All in all we had close to 30 people at the house. I had some food put out, and some other people brought food, too. We had enough food to feed an army, and today I brought my leftover bean dip into work to give away. I did extremely well with my eating–I had a few scoops of bean dip on potato chips, 2 beers, and a couple (1 handful) of peanuts. All in all, not bad at all!

Despite my restraint, the scale is still up a teensy bit.  The top end of my “maintenance range” is 125 pounds, but I’ve been holding steady at 126 for over a week now. It’s one pound; it’s NOT a big deal. But it’s also time to cut a little something out to shave two pounds off. That’s what maintenance is all about, right? Keep your perspective, keep an eye on the weight, and just tweak your diet here and there so that the weight stays within range, right?

Hubby wants to start P90X sometime in the next few weeks. I fully support him doing this, but I told him that I haven’t the need, time, or energy to adhere to the diet and daily exercise plan. I will, however, support him any way that I can, including periodic exercises and cooking him whatever healthy meals that he needs.

Today starts a new, busy week for me! We are hosting another get-together at our house on Tuesday, three work-related luncheons, skiing on Saturday, and perhaps a spa (swimming & relaxing) on Sunday if I can make the reservations.  With these work luncheons, it is very important that I plan ahead and make smart choices! Salad (dressing on the side), soup, and fish dishes are my healthy fall-back plans.

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