Job Interviews and NSV(s)!

by Christine on August 10th, 2010

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Happy Tuesday Revolutionists!

There’s so much going on, on the job front.  Last week I got a call from a job that I applied for (high-security, government, nuclear program) and was told that the HR manager would be calling me for a brief phone interview. On Friday, the HR manager called me. I was really flustered because the call came through at work, so I was rushing to shut the door, talk softly, turn off my music streaming on the interwebz, etc. In other words, my head wasn’t paying attention to the man on the other end of the phone, and I stuttered and stammered my way through one of the worst interviews I’ve ever had. I basically repeated everything he told me about the job description. Really, wretched. He only asked me one question, had me on the phone for approximately three minutes, then said, “Okay, yeah, well, I’ll be talking to Ms. HR Director and we’ll be in touch.”

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath.

Well, the (high security, government, nuclear) job called me back yesterday and scheduled an in-person interview! Needless to say, I was shocked that they called me. It shall be next week, and will take three hours. I’ll have to take a half a day off work that day.  I have a lot of preparation and background research I need to do in order to nail this interview properly, but I feel confident that I’ll do well.

Perceived Pros for Job #1:

  • Room for advancement and growth
  • Probably pays well, since it takes an act of god to get a job there
  • Job security (stable company)
  • Could commute to work with Hubby (save gas money!)

Perceived Cons for Job #1:

  • Probably not very flexible, in terms of schedule.
  • Work may not be challenging.
  • Large company = probably a lot of stupid big-company fighting that I would love to avoid.  I’ve discovered that communications staff get thrown into the middle of inter-department squabbling more often than not….
  • Crappy commute to work (because of traffic, not because of commuting with hubby!)
  • The job requirements are all things I can do in my sleep. Other than learning about the nuclear trade, I wouldn’t be developing any additional skills.
  • Offers zero management (no staff members working for me, probably no big projects to oversee, etc)
  • Requires a really in-depth FBI security check, which isn’t a problem at ALL, just a hassle.
  • Absolutely no interwebz surfing at work.

There is also Job #2, a managing editor position with a publishing company.  I got a call for an interview the day after I submitted my resume, no doubt due in part to the fact that I know someone that works there. I have my telephone interview with them today, then an in-person interview on Thursday.  While I do not have any direct publishing experience, which definitely plays against me, I feel very confident that I could do this job and do it well. Plus, my background and skills (such as technical editing and writing) that I bring to the table will be a definite plus.

Pros for Job #2:

  • Room for advancement and growth
  • I’ve always been interested in publishing. I’d be learning a new industry as well as new skills.
  • Offers management of projects and perhaps of people as well
  • Perhaps pays well?
  • Offers flexible schedule, which is a HUGE plus to me
  • It’s so close to home I could ride my bike there on a nice day! Easy commute!
  • The subject matter that I’d be in charge of publishing are things related to the building industry, such as building code handbooks, green design guidelines, etc. These are all topics that I’m familiar with (I used to work for an architecture/engineering firm) and will enjoy working on.

Cons for Job #2:

  • I hear that the company has been bought out several times, and each time it gets bought out they go and fire a bunch of people (and then restructure, then re-hire half of them back).  Sounds unstable.
  • I don’t have direct publishing experience and therefore may be diving into something way over my head.
  • I’m not sure that this job would build my resume in ways that I’d like it to. For instance, if this job didn’t pan out and I wanted to jump back into marketing, it would be harder to make the switch from editor/publishing than if I took Job 1.

Well, we’ll see how it pans out. I have to nail these interviews and learn much more about the organizations before I make any judgements about which job would be a good fit for me. My gut is telling me that Job #2 would be a good fit for me…

To prepare for the interviews, I went shopping yesterday to get a new business suit. I was very sad that I didn’t find a suit at Ann Taylor or Talbots, but I found a suit that perhaps isn’t as classy (aka: expensive) but looks FANTASTIC on me…at JC Penny! The suit was a fifth of the price ($80) I would have paid at Ann Taylor ($450). A win-win!

My NSV: I am solidly a Size 6! Every suit I tried on yesterday was a Size 6 and was clearly the correct size for me. I tried on an 8 and it was falling off me. I tried on a size 4 and could zip it up, but it felt like it was slicing my vagina in half. A little tight.  I’m close though! I have a feeling that if I can reach my goal weight (125), I will be a size 4. What a dream!  At Banana Republic all the shirts I tried on were in a Size Small! I was giddy with happiness over this NSV!  I remember how excited I was to be in a Size 6 for the first time (read here) and buying a pencil skirt for the first time!  For that matter, I remember how excited I was to be in a size 12! Wow, what a long way I’ve come on this weight-loss journey since I started.

Breakfast yesterday was almonds and Red Bull, then lunch was a can of soup like usual.  For dinner I had a homemade pork roast (tasted like ham, oddly enough…maybe 3 oz worth), with a side salad.  I had very few snacks in between meals, which is bad! My cals just barely topped 600, which is too few, even for me. Today the scale was up…salt bloat? Stress bloat? “Starving bloat?” (ha ha, like that Allan?) Perhaps I need to lock my scale away for the next 2 weeks until the interviews are over. I might make myself crazy over it, and I have enough on my plate to worry about at the moment without worrying about my weight. After a year and a half, you’d hope that I would have built good enough skills to monitor my weight without the use of a scale, yes? You’d think so, but I fear it’s not the case….

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