How many calories do you burn skiing?

by Christine on February 12th, 2011

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2,400 calories apparently.

5 hours of skiing, 125 pound woman.

Sweet!  Today we went to Gore mountain in the Adirondacks. We have a friend that is on ski patrol there, and he got us free lift tickets! Plus, Hubby is a phenomenal skiier, and an amazing teacher.  This was only the second–yes, count it SECOND–time skiing, ever! And at the end of the day I went down the blue hill, twice. Wahoo!

Food intake February 11, 2011

8 a.m.: Coffee with cream and sugar (168)
10 a.m.: Crackers and peanut butter (150)
1 p.m.: French Onion Soup (100) and a side salad (50)
6 p.m.: Soup (75)
9 p.m.: Coffee (168)
Total calories: 711

Food intake February 12, 2011 (so far)

6 a.m.: Coffee with cream and sugar (168), half a egg & cheese wrap (90)
11a.m.: Clam chowder soup (200), diet coke
5 p.m.: Coffee (168) and half a donut (110)

Total calories: 736 — but I still have to eat dinner! I’m starving!

Here’s a picture of me skiing last year (my first and only other time I’ve skied). Apparently I was wearing a Size XL pant…I had to buy Size Small this year! Amazing what one year makes! I’m about 60 pounds thinner than this time last year!

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