Revolutionary War Weekend

by Christine on September 19th, 2011

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Yesterday the hubby and I went to the Saratoga National Park, where the Battle of Saratoga was held in 1777.  The Park Service was having a demonstration with a few reenactors blasting off old cannons and whatnot. It was a perfect day, and it felt great to get in about 2 miles of walking. Hubby loved the cannons going off and asked the volunteers a bunch of questions about the metal properties, gunpowder, etc.

This past week was a really difficult one for me. My depression reached a definite low…the lowest I’ve been probably in 4 years or so. The anti-depressants really screwed me up too–made me really nauseous. Plus, I was so swollen I couldn’t get any food down. I hardly ate a thing for 2 weeks.

I lost a few pounds, but nothing really substantial, and I’m sure the weight will come right back on this week.

But on Friday something switched on my body, and “bam” like that I was fine to eat normally again. Go figure! On Saturday we went to the mall and stopped at a restaurant that has one of my favorite salads in the world. Oh, it felt great not just to be able to eat solid foods again, but to eat veggies and healthy food! It was fantastic! That salad tasted even better than normal.

Last night we made a steak for dinner. Nice thing about the band, is I eat so little, we only have to make one steak. I eat about 1/4 of it, and hubby eats the other 3/4 of it. It works out great. OMG the steak was so delicious! I had to cut it up into tiny bite-sized chunks, but it went down with no problems. I made a side dish of sauteed mushrooms & corn. Yummy! Add a glass of skim milk to that too.

Today is a new week, and I am feeling hopeful that it will be better than last week. I have some challenges ahead of me (some of the furniture in my house is getting “repossessed” by my in-laws, who want to take it down to Florida) but I feel good that I can get through the week okay. Last week I wasn’t really sure.

My task for this week is to really try to hammer out a financial plan to get us out of the debt that we can’t seem to dig ourselves out of. It might mean me taking up a part-time job during the holidays. I hope not, but it might be the best thing for me to do.


Strawberry Picking, Saratoga Walking, & Weight Gaining

by Christine on June 27th, 2011

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Good morning Revolutionists! It’s been a busy weekend here with me, as usual. Here’s a little sampling of the goings-on this morning:

Strawberry Picking

Yesterday a friend and I meant to go hiking in the Berkshires, but it was a little rainy on the way there, so we stopped at a farm and went strawberry picking instead!  Unfortuntely the weather totally cleared up and we SHOULD have gone hiking, but ah well, you can’t predict these things!

The rest of the weekend was just as fun. Friday I wandered off on my own. I went to Paneras for a salad for dinner, then went to the mall and bought a cute skirt on sale.  On Saturday we went to the gym (I had a great arm-weight workout!) and in the evening we went to a friend’s house for a housewarming party. I had  a hot dog (no bun) while I was there and a beer or two. Yesterday was strawberry picking + dinner at home (salad with grilled chicken).

Saratoga Walking Tour

This is a little belated, but last weekend we went on a walking tour of Saratoga Springs, as a free event with the Saratoga History Museum.  What a great event, and what a great day! The guides were funny and informative. The group were very friendly. And we even got into the usually-locked Gideon Putnam burial ground, which was cool for me since I’m kind of a local-history-phile.  Since then I’ve reached out the history museum to see if there is any way I can help to volunteer with the organization, and I’ve got a meeting with them on Thursday.

Weight Gaining!

Oh dear. After 6 months of maintaining my weight loss, the pounds and EXPLODING back on! Not creeping…exploding! We’re talking 10 pounds in the matter of two weeks people. What’s the culprit? The big one is the fact that I’m on a new birth control system, and boy it’s like my hormones were zapped with electro-shock therapy!!  I’m distressed utterly about the very sudden weight gain. When I have my surgery next week I am going to ask for a big fill to see if I can counteract the weight by using the band, but I’m not sure. If the weight gain is due to hormones, then no amount of portion-controlling myself is going to counteract the effects. Oh dear.  I’m a little flustered and at a loss for what to do about this. I’m watching what I’m eating, I’m hitting the gym (like I did on Saturday), and I’m trying to make smart choices…not that that seems to matter at the moment.

But in better news….

My new optometrist told me this morning that my eyes look amazing one year after my laser eye surgery! Woohoo! Although it was somewhat of a traumatic surgery, the outcome has been fantastic!  (read about that here if you are considering laser eye surgery.)

Then my surgeon’s office called to say that my port re-attachment surgery next week was approved by insurance! Hooray! So we’re all good to go! I told my doc’s new assistant that I want to have a fill on the day of the surgery, so I only have one week to go until then. I hope my weight gain can take a break until then!

Just for my own records (I like to periodically keep myself in check) here is my food journal from the weekend. I was consistently losing weight when my calories were approx. 800 per day; I think 1000 calories was a good “maintenance” level. Keeping that in mind…


8 a.m.: Coffee (168)
Cheerios (80)
Skim milk (23)
10 a.m.: 1/4 of a tuna sandwich (150)
12:30 Select Harvest Soup (160)
7 p.m: Paneras You Pick Two with tomato soup and classic cafe salad (387), diet coke
Total Calories: 968


9 a.m. Coffee (90)
10:30 a.m. Cheerios (80) and skim milk (23)
11:30 a.m.: Select Harvest Soup (150)
4 pm: Coffee (168) and a donut (168)
7 pm: 2 hot dogs, plain, no bun (140?), 1 beer (100)
Total Calories: 1011


9 a.m.: Cheerios (80) and skim milk (23)
11 am: small bag of Doritos (150)
1:30 pm: 6 inch subway sandwich, only 1 bun, ham and turkey, veggies, vinegar, cheese (250)
3 pm: Wine tasting (100), strawberries (15)
5 pm: 1 Beer (150)
7 pm: Grilled chicken homemade (100), side salad homemade (30), water
9 pm: Skim milk (120)
Total calories: 1018

As you can see, my choices have been less than stellar and could use vast improvement. Furthermore, my calories need to be cut down by 10-20% as well (which would inevitably happen if I wasn’t drinking so many calories.)  That being said, I’m not eating so much that 10 pounds should have magically appeared overnight….sigh


Reward Day! Massage, Crepes, & Party!

by Christine on August 29th, 2010

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Friday after work I met up with my friend Billi. She’s a sweetheart, and it was so nice to catch up with her!

We met at a restaurant and we shared an appetizer (bruchetta. OMG this restaurant has to-die-for bruchetta. I had 2 small slices) and then we decided instead of a meal we would split two deserts! We shared a canoli and some carrot cake.

Afterwards, I went up to Saratoga to the racino. I watched the harness track races for a little bit and lost $20 in the slot machines.  It was a relaxing way to pass a few hours.

I couldn’t wait for Saturday though! Saturday was my reward day! For losing 80 pounds, I wanted to reward myself with a 1 hour massage + mineral bath + sauna time.  My friend Danielle agreed to go with me. We went up to Saratoga Springs and oh, what a beautiful day it was! 70 degrees and sunny and absolutely perfect.  The sauna was warm and wonderful. The mineral bath was warm and relaxing. The massage was PERFECT and felt oh-so-good! I was particularly curious to know how the massage would feel after losing 80 pounds. Indeed I could tell a difference! Before I would have to tell the masseuse “please feel free to really press hard and get in there” because, let’s face it, there was a substantial amount of fat protecting against the muscles! This time I didn’t have to tell the masseuse that.  I could feel it in my muscles even more than before. The massage felt better this time than ever before!

Afterwards we were saying what a value the massage was. The Crystal Spa offers the 1 hour massage + mineral bath + sauna for only $90. That’s a real bargain! But I don’t want to have it all the time; some things are meant to be a real treat and reward, and massages are something that I like to keep in that “special circumstance” scenario.  I wish that going out to restaurants to eat is also something that is revered as a special occasion thing, but unfortunately it’s so commonplace with my household that it’s not special at all. I would like to try to change that little by little, if possible.

Afterwards we headed to downtown Saratoga for a special lunch. I really wanted a crepe to finish off the reward!  Ravenous is a wonderful crepe restaurant with real authentic French crepes, just like the ones I used to eat when I lived in Paris!  I couldn’t wait to order my favorite: nutella + banana.  Danielle ordered asparagus + goat cheese + tomatoes.  Both were delicious!

After a little bit of shopping downtown, we headed home to go to our neighbor’s pool party.

Before I went to the party, I wanted to make darn sure that I had healthy food on hand to munch on. I made a two-avocado bowl of fresh guacamole (I make awesome guac! It was devoured within seconds) and a large bowl of gazpacho soup.  I’m so glad that I had the foresight to bring over some healthy foods because there was nothing healthy to be found there! I had about 3 scoops of my guac with some nacho chips, plus two bowls of my gazpacho. I had 2 beers while I was there too (over the course of 8 hours) plus two butterscotch shots. I also managed to play a little volleyball and swim a little bit. I can’t call any of that really exercising, but I at least got a little movement in.

As a surprise, my hubby shaved his beard off! In all the years that I’ve known him, this is only the 2nd time he’s been beard-free. It was strange, like looking at a stranger, but nope, that’s still my awesome hubby! This morning he was proud to share that he’s lost almost 30 pounds!  I’m so proud of him!

I only have 12 pounds to go until I get to my goal of losing 100 pounds. This morning the scale was at 137.2.  I can lose this last 12 pounds, but I need to really focus on this and watch my eating better. My goal for reaching my 100 pound lost goal? Las Vegas baby!!  My 2-year bandiversary is at the end of February, and I would love to be at my goal weight by then.

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