Running victory & delicious food!

by Christine on November 3rd, 2010

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Happy Wednesday Revolutionists!

I am writing this from Starbucks. I’m enjoying a small Gingerbread Latte, a treat for myself! I love going to a coffee shop, listening in on the conversations around me, the accoustic blends on the radio (currently jazz, at this Starbucks), watching the people come and go. I like asking myself, “Where are they going? Are they having a good day? What’s their story?” People watching is great fun!

If Sal & his wife are reading this…HELLO!!!  Sal’s wife is having the gastric banding surgery in a week or so. I wish you TONS of luck, and if you need anything please let me know!

Congrats to my blogger-friend SHANE who won his local election yesterday! He’s the newest Justice of the Peace for Crawford County! Congrats Shane, I’m very proud of you! This is going to be a fantastic opportunity for growth as you go through law school. Next step: Oklahoma Attorney General!  I love Shane’s positive outlook on life. He is constantly reminding me that anything is possible. It’s exciting to see his weight-loss transformation go further than just his weight: he’s tackling physical challenges, challenges at the law firm where he works, going to law school…he’s now a public servant, and he does it all while being a fantastic father and husband. Thank you Shane for inspiring me every day!

This morning the alarm went off at 8 a.m. and I really wanted to turn it off and sleep in. But no! I forced myself to wake up, throw some workout clothes on, and go to the gym. The fact that I had to let me car run for 10 minutes to warm up and eliminate the frost didn’t help my motivation.  I wanted to push myself further on the treadmill, further than I’ve ever gone before. To date, the furthest I’ve gone is 4 miles. Today I did six miles total, five of those miles jogging. Despite the fact that my back is hurting like a crazyperson and I may have really wrecked my back good….I felt amazing! I busted my distance-record! I feel fierce, like I can conquor anything! It reminded me of the time I climbed Mount Fuji as a 200+ pound person….real exhileration! (If you haven’t read that story, read it here!)

I am “training” (I use that term loosely, since I really haven’t got the foggiest idea what the hell I’m doing) for a half marathon, which I will run/walk/crawl at the gym, on my own, on December 5th. I’m still looking for participants to push themselves on that day! If you’re game, let me know!!! I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to go from 6 miles run today to 13.1 miles run in a moth’s time, but it’s going to happen one way or the other. Because I want it to. Because I can do anything if I set my mind to it!

When I got back from the gym, I had a mini-victory: the scale flickered at 127.8 (but finally rested on 128). Considering I had a bottle and a half of water inside me at that point, I consider that nearly a one-pound loss! I can’t believe I have only TWO POUNDS TO GO TO MY GOAL WEIGHT!  That knowledge is blowing my mind.  100 pounds lost is so close I can touch it!

I met a friend for lunch today at a new Thai restaurant called Blue Spice. Oh, the food was absolutely delicious! The soup that comes with the meal was a light miso-broth soup with some tofu, clear noodles, garlic and ginger was mind-blowingly good. I wanted to savor every single bite. Light, clear brothy soup like that is very low in calories too, which is an added bonus. For my meal I ordered the salmon in some kind of coconut curry sauce, with a few mushrooms and peas on it. (I did not eat the rice because I already had carbs–with the clear noodles in the soup and peas on the salmon). Holy smokes was this dish delicious! I ate about half of the salmon and absolutely cannot wait to eat the rest for dinner tonight.

I’m having another loose skin “problem.” I think I’ve lost weight slowly enough that my skin has bounced back pretty well from 100 pounds weight loss. I DO have some loose skin on my arms (near my armpit), my legs, boobs, and my abdomen.  This last week I’ve notice another pocket of loose skin: my belly, just above the belly button. The loose skin literally droops and drips, and resembles a shriveled up sundried tomato. It’s quite gross and nasty, but I’m viewing this as a victory: it’s lose skin, but it is NOT FAT.  Overall, I think I’m pretty lucky to have a little loose skin as I do, so I just need to keep this bigger perspective in mind. I would take the loose skin any day over being overweight, with taught skin. This is a consequence of weight loss that I’m wholly willing to accept.  Does that count as a Non-Scale Victory (NSV)?

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