A nice relaxing weekend & a fashion change

by Christine on May 9th, 2011

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Wow, I don’t often get to say that I had a relaxing weekend, but I did! Now, I wasn’t lazy (not by any stretch of the imagination!)…I got a lot of work done, but I also got plenty of R&R time in as well.  Friday I went to the mall for a little “me-time,” followed by a grocery store run.  Saturday I did a ton of yardwork and got my vegetable garden started. In the evening we watched the Boston Celtics kick some basketball butt. On Sunday we took my Mother-in-Law and Father-In-Law to Olana, an historic home near Hudson, New York.  It was Mother’s Day as well as a my Father in law’s birthday! We did the house tour followed by a picnic outside on the grounds. It was very nice! Last night we had friends come over to watch A Game of Thrones HBO mini-series.

A fashion change

This past week I was sitting on the couch catching up on some Biggest Loser re-runs. I keep saying that I’m going to stop watching TBL, but I can’t seem to let it go. I think I have a hard time giving it up because I still relate to the mindset of the contestants going through this major physical change. I’ve lost the same amount of weight as a lot of the female contestants on the show, and it’s a big, big change!  This year the makeover show really did a great job…the women looked better than ever in their ballgowns! I remember the change, when it became possible to wear beautiful clothes and finally feel pretty in them. I was a bit overwhelmed and cried my head off on the couch.

Mostly, I remember shopping for my wedding dress.  I really wanted a beautiful wedding dress that I would look amazing in. Instead, I was so fat I couldn’t fit into any of the dresses in the store.I never felt so completely ugly and worthless as I did when I was shopping for my wedding dress. In the end I sold myself completely short by getting a JC Penny Prom Dress. When I was watching the Biggest Loser Episode, I remembered that miserable dress experience, and I was so happy that they all looked so beautiful in their formalwear.

On Friday night I went to the mall to go shopping. I’ve been fitting into a Size 2 or 4 lately, and it’s been so exciting to buy clothes in this ridiculously small size. Trying on clothes is a radically different experience these days, too! I can pick anything off the rack and it fits; the question is now “Do I like this item of clothing” instead of “does this fit me okay?”  It a much different shopping experience.

On Friday I bought a dress in a Size 6, and for once I was actually okay buying something a little bigger than I normally wear. I mean, don’t we all get wrapped up in what size we are and the number on that tag? I remember when I was bigger and I was wearing a Size 22, there was no way in hell I would buy any piece of clothing bigger than a 22. No way jose. I couldn’t bring myself to accept the fact that I was REALLY a Size 24 or 26 (at least in that particular style of clothing). No, it was either a 22 or less; no comprimising on that subject.

These days, the size on the tag is becoming less and less important to me. I know I look good and I feel healthy. I’m active and I can do all the things that I like to do. My clothes fit me; I haven’t gained any weight. The Size 6 doesn’t define me: it doesn’t mean that I’m gaining my weight back.

It was a very strange mindset change when it comes to fashion!

Really, this whole past year has been quite revolutionary for me when it comes to fashion. Probably the biggest change is that I CARE: I do my hair every day, even do my makeup a few times a week. I wear cute clothes and accessorize when I can. When I was overweight I felt ugly, and that definitely reflected in my fashion image. I was lucky if I showered at all; I just put my hair up every day. I never did my makeup, and I wore big baggy clothes that were comfortable rather than clothes that actually fit my body shape.

Lots of changes!

Food and diet updates

I’m still doing okay with my food and diet.  Friday I had had a salad for lunch and ate my leftover salad for dinner. (One “normal” size salad order at a restaurant can last me 3-4 meals!)  Saturday I made meatballs & sauce for lunch, then we had ice cream for dinner.  Sunday we had a picnic for lunch (I had hummus & pita bread, a few vegetables, a little fresh fruit salad, with sparkling grape juice) and for dinner we made homemade pizza (I had 1 slice).  Fresh popcorn (no butter) for a snack!

My weight goes up and down, but still stays within the range.

Here are some photos of our outing to Olana yesterday. Aren’t my in-laws adorable???

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