Non Scale Victory (NSV) Tuesday

by Christine on July 20th, 2010

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Today I woke up with a sore throat and a small cough. Boy, that just sucks! I hope I’m not getting sick — I have a party in NYC this weekend that I don’t want to miss!I am extremely excited to go shopping for clothes with girlfriends this week. Karen has impeccable, sexy style; I hope she can fix drab old me up with something a little more glam than usual!

The last week I did extremely well following my food plan. I had soup as planned, salads for dinner. I drank a TON of water for the PEWC 64-ounce Water Challenge.  Actually, I got close or met the goal every day except for two days last week, which is a big accomplishment for me. I am back on track today and am chugging my water.

Despite all these successes, the scale hasn’t budged. I am officially on a bona fide plateau, everyone, and it really sucks. My first gut reaction is to reach for the phone and make an appointment with my surgeon for another fill.  However, I know that’s not a reasonable solution; my band is already at the “sweet-spot.” I don’t need another fill to make me tighter; I won’t get the calories I need to stay healthy. However, getting a fill would be the easy way out at this point, and I don’t want to give in. I hope I can do this the old-fashioned, hard way: with proper attention to my diet and exercise.

So to cheer me up today, I wanted to celebrate some non-scale victories (NSVs) I’ve had in the last week!

  1. Yesterday I had not one. Not two. But FOUR men “check me out” at the convenience store. Hey, I”ll take what I can get.  Getting looks make me feel a bit awkward because I’m really not used to it, but looks also make me feel good inside. Now I just have to work on attaining eye contact with my fellow human beings….
  2. Three people at work told me that I look like I’ve lost weight. When I thought about it, I think I’ve lost about 30 pounds since starting this job in January.
  3. At the bachelorette party on Saturday, the bride-to-be said, “You’re melting away!”
  4. On Friday, one of my good friends that I see fairly regularly said, “Woah, you look way skinnier than the last time I saw you!”
  5. I discovered a bone that I didn’t even know existed! It’s under my collar bones (which emerged only a few months ago) and above my breasts. I suppose it’s the top of my breastbone? Last night I noticed it in the mirror. My skin is so thin (aka: there’s VERY LITTLE FAT under the skin) in my chest area that I could see this new bone pretty clearly. I was like woah! What the hell is that?
  6. My legs are looking more and more like a mess, especially in the upper thigh. The skin is hanging and jiggly and is all-around unsightly. Although this is a negative, I realize that it’s like that because I’ve lost enough weight that my skin isn’t held taught from the fat. And hey, that’s all good.  (Anyone know if they do tummy-tuck style surgery on legs?)
  7. I’ve lost 38 inches so far over my whole body! (neck, arm, chest, waist, hips, thigh)
  8. When I stand in the mirror, looking at my body in nothing but underwear, the undies don’t dig into my skin. I don’t have “love handles” and a big fatty doughnut around my waist. For once in my life, my hip area is starting to look, well…smooth.
  9. When I reach behind me to scratch my back, I can feel vertebrae. Real-life spine. On me. I don’t think it’s visible, but I can feel it pretty clearly.


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