by Christine on May 25th, 2010

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Today it was really hot. It was 93 degrees and I have a very low tolerance for heat.

It was super hot outside

So I went outside to my shed and got two of the lightest window air conditioning units that I could carry. I hauled them inside and put them in the window. I didn’t even drop them out the back! Hooray!

Window AC

I turned that bad boy, and all of a sudden THIS flies out into my face! Not one, not two, but FOUR!


ACK!!! I screamed!

Oh no!

Ack! Cried Arya!

After I took a moment to collect myself, I realized that it was a NEST OF MICE that flew out into my face!

Arya has just hunted down a mom or dad that also flew out into my face and promptly carried the mouse to the garage where she stared at me with a look of, “now what do I do with it?”

I scooped out a few babies and took them outside.

I need to decontaminate myself!


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