Wino weekend

by Christine on December 12th, 2011

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This weekend I went with a friend on a wine tour in the Mid-Hudson River valley area.  We were sort-of, kind-of following the Shawangunk Wine Trail, but with a few additions thrown in. A few wineries are not on the official Shawngunk Wine Trail, but are worth visiting nonetheless, such as Robibero Winery & Demorest Hill Vineyards. This weekend was the Wreath Fineries wine tour — which means for a big whopping lump sum you get free tastings at all the Shawangunk Wine Trail wineries, plus a little food at each place. Plus they give you a little wreath at the start of the tour, and each winery has a little ornament to put on your wreath. And oh yeah, you get to keep a souvenir glass too.  Well, we had intended on signing up for the tour this Saturday, but tickets were sold out. No big deal–we would still do the tour, except pass on the wreath and pay for tastings at each winery, like normal.

Well, we were at our first winery (Adair Winery) when we chatted with a very nice couple. Turns out his brother-in-law and wife couldn’t make the tour, so they gave us their wine tour ticket. Furthermore, it was a 2-day ticket, which was even more expensive!  THANK YOU VITO! It was a really unexpected, lovely gift! (They wouldn’t take any money for the tickets, either.) What nice people you run into on the wine trail!

My favorite winery is Demorest Hill, which is not on the official route. The cutest little old Italian man runs the place, and he makes something ridiculous like 60 or 70 types of wines, spirits, vinegars, etc.  Delicious! I love that place.

We stayed at the Thayer Hotel at West Point Military Academy, which is a wonderful hotel that looks a little bit like a midevil castle. Very pretty location.

I did a great job packing snacks for the trail. In addition to the little snacks they had at each place (I do believe Applewood Winery would win the award for best snack…a spicy cheesecake that was really fantastic!) I had packed some cheese, pepperoni and crackers, some carrots and grapes, bottles of water, packages of almonds, etc.  I didn’t overdo it during the trail or afterwards at dinner….I was holding steady at my maintenance range of 126.0 this morning.

Showing off my new hands-free wine cozy! hahahaha! So tacky but so much fun! (And holy crap when did I get SKINNY, people?? That’s a padded ski jacket I’m wearing there….and I don’t look like that kid from A Christmas Carol. Freaky!!!)


Chickens!! Omg, one winery had chickens. I hopped out of the car and tried to chase one down to pet him, but he wouldn’t let me get close. What a chicken chicken! Bawk bawk!  See, you might find exercise at the oddest times when you’re on a wine trail. You better be prepared!

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