Why I do this here (W.I.D.T.H.)

by Christine on September 15th, 2010

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The amazing and clever Jack Sh*t coined the “Why I do this here” program a few months ago. This is my take on it, but you should read his — the responses are insightful and wonderful!

Or, perhaps more importantly, what are you going to do today to ensure that you lose weight?

Today I started by pre-planning all of my meals to ensure that I don’t eat too much. My plan for today is:

8 a.m.: almonds (60 calories), red bull (220)
10 a.m.: Half a Cucumber (12) with 2 tbs low-fat ranch dressing (66)
Noon: 1 salad (30) with tuna fish (70) and LF ranch dressing (66); some leftover minestrone soup (50)
2 p.m.: 1 applesauce cup (50)
6 p.m.: 2 oz grilled chicken (100) with some spinach (7) and cannolli beans (60) and EVOO (60)
Total calories: 851, right on target

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