My weekend with Morgan Freeman & John Williams

by Christine on August 22nd, 2011

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Saturday I had the fantastic opportunity to go to Tanglewood to see the Boston Pops play, with the amazing John Williams conducting, in an event called “Film Night.” This is the second year we have gone to Tanglewood to see John Williams conduct. I have to admit: I rather idolize John Williams. His was the first autograph I got when I started my autograph-collecting hobby (I now have hundreds or thousands of autographs), and his autograph is proudly displayed in my living room.

For those that don’t know John Williams — he’s a music god, especially in the film industry. He wrote the music for nearly every memorable, modern block-buster movie: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Jaws, Close Encounters, Jurassic Park, Superman, Sabrina, E.T., and so many others.  He conducted the Boston Pops for many years, and he is invited to come back as a guest conductor in the summertime at Tanglewood. So exciting!

They had all kinds of film arrangements: a “Hooray for Hollywood” compilation, with snippets from many different movies. They did a montage of Western movies and music, and they also did an Audrey Hepburn celebration to the music of Sabrina. They performed a few pieces from Schindler’s List.  They also performed two of my favorite film scores: the John Dunbar theme from Dances with Wolves, and Por Una Cabeza from Scent of a Woman.

But there were two highlights of the evening for me.  The first was a special reading by Morgan Freeman. He came on stage to read snippets from Henry Faulkner’s “The Reivers.” While Morgan Freeman was reading, the Pops were playing a John Williams original score in the background. Freeman would pause at key spots, and the music would take over and carry the story along. Oh, it was fantastic!

And of course…the end of the evening culminated in the Throne Room Theme from Star Wars, with images from the Star Wars movies and images of Williams recording the music with the studio orchestras in from the 1970s-2000s.  Fantastic!!

It was a busy weekend, even aside from the concert in Massachusetts. On Saturday afternoon we went down to Kingston to the Hickory BBQ Smokehouse for a birthday lunch for one of Aaron’s friends.  (I had a salad with BBQ pulled pork on top. Delicious!)  On Sunday I went out with a friend to Northampton, Mass to hit a few wineries. We ended up at Godard’s Red Hen Farm Winery to sample some wines.  It’s a new winery, but the wines were surprisingly good, and the owner was fantastic! He told us all about his process, his equipment, his grapes. He even gave us a tour of the back room where the magic all happens. A nice little place to stop if you’re in that neck of the woods. We also stopped at the Northampton Brewery for lunch. The beer was very hoppy (if you like bitter beers, this is a great place to stop!)  I had a cup of clear brothy soup that was fantastic, plus a green salad that was a big disappointment.

My weight today is up another pound today, even though I didn’t consume a lot of calories on Saturday and Sunday. It’s starting to get me down, and I think I’m going to schedule another fill with my doctor for another week or two.  It’s very frustrating.


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