Taco Night & Silly Pics

by Christine on August 12th, 2010

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Yesterday I was having a hankering for some tacos, so I decided to whip something up. First, I went into my garden to get a fresh tomato.

Then I chopped up some mushrooms and onion and threw them in a frying pan, with a little Pam.  I opened a can of black beans and threw in three small spoonfuls.

When they were done, I threw in a package of sauce, with 3/4 cups of water and let the sauce cook down a bit to thicken up. While that was going on, I chopped up a tomato and a small thing of lettuce. I threw two shells in the toaster oven.

I served it up!

Always always eat on small dishes! It keeps your portion sizes in check.  (I had plenty of leftover sauce for a salad later in the week!)

2 taco shells = 100 calories
1 tomato = 16 calories
Lettuce: 2 calories
Mushrooms = 8 calories
Onions = 3 calories
Black beans = 15 calories, perhaps
Sauce = 20 calories
Total meal: 164 calories

Today is my in-person interview! I hope I do well, that I love the people, and that the job will be a perfect fit. Oh yeah, it would be nice if it pays a shitton of money too. In my best James Bond pose….

Yes, I’m looking at YOU!

I know, I’m silly!! Like, DUH!

(the kitten calendar in the background is very threatening, yes?)

The scale this morning is staying pretty much the same. Salty taco sauce yesterday is one of several contributing factors. I am doing my very best to stay on target with my eating, but I know I’m going over my calories a little bit the last few day. Yesterday I had 720 calories, which is under my calories just a smidgen (I needed to compensate for the ice cream the day before) but I didn’t work out like I should have. Instead I stayed home to sort through my design and writing portfolio. That’s not a task that I could put off, so I don’t feel bad about my priority in this instance. But do I feel bad about not going to the gym? You bet I do. There’s only so many hours in a day…

For the next three days I will be tout seule! My hubby is going out of town for a card tournament.  For years he mentored a group of high school kids that play the Star Wars Collectible Card Game (CCG).  The kids are all grown up now…graduated from college, have jobs, are getting married and having children! And what a remarkable group of kids they are too — one is a professional violin and viola player (he was concertmaster at Julliard!); one is literally a rocket scientist; one is a math professor at a university; one is a professional poker player in Las Vegas; etc. It’s awesome to see where they all ended up, and they almost all attribute their success to my husband teaching them how to play this incredibly complex card game.  Well, the national championship is this weekend in Philly, and my hubby and “the kids” are going down to kick some world-wide ass!  Go hubby go!

Isn’t he adorable? That’s one of my favorite pictures of him. Someone said that he looks a little like Fozzie Bear. Yeah,  can see the resemblance!

So what shall I do while the hubby is gone? Hopefully a lot of relaxing!  Friday I may go to hear the symphony play. (That viola player card player got me comp tickets to the show on Friday, although he won’t be there because he’s playing in the tournament!)  Saturday I might go to the race track and do some gambling and walking around.  Both days I fully intend on going to the gym!

I also have another random act of kindness planned….

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