I did it!! Half marathon done!!

by Christine on December 5th, 2010

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I did it! I did my half marathon! 13.1 miles, and my back is screaming in agony but hey, I did it!!  I did it in under 3 hours, too, which clearly doesn’t win any awards, but I’m pretty darn proud of myself anyway. Some pictures along the way….

Above: Self-portrait! Starting off…3 miles into it….

Above: Hubby’s photography skillz. Me jogging away!

Above: Only two miles left to go….

Victory dance!! I did it!

Okay, I’m off to take some Tylenol and lay flat on the ground for an hour while watching cheezy holiday movies!!!

Good luck to Shane, Patrick, Libby, and Karen as they complete their own challenges today! I already heard from Shane today and he got 10 miles done today! I’m so proud of him! Shane is kicking butt!!!


A little confession + Half marathon training day

by Christine on November 30th, 2010

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Okay I have a tiny little confession to make.

This morning I found the scale (that hubby hid on me) and weighed myself. I was at 127.2, which was disappointing because I thought perhaps I was at my goal weight already (125). DANG!

But this is not the end of the world. I have two pounds to lose in two weeks. I KNOW I can do this.

So what has prevented me from being at my goal weight already? I think it can all be boiled down to one major thing: Sugar.  I’ve been on a chocolate kick lately, and I have been eating a little chocolate every night before going to bed. Don’t get  me wrong, I only eat a TINY little bit, so I’m not doing any major damage to my lifestyle. That being said, I think the extra calories aren’t doing me any favors. Plus, there is no reason why I have a “treat” every day. Every 2-3 days would be perfectly sufficient.

December 12th is my OFFICIAL weigh-in, when I am hoping to be at my final goal weight. That gives me about two weeks to really buckle down and pay attention. My plan is this:

(1) Count calories every day. I do this already–I’ve been doing it for so long I’m not sure that I could actually stop doing it at this point. But I know that I haven’t been entirely honest with my calorie-counting either, such as the little chocolate nibbles at night (approx. 50 calories worth) and a little sugar in my coffee (30 calories or thereabouts). Those little cheats throughout the day really add up. So for the next two weeks I’m going to count it all and be very strict with myself.

(2) Stop all the excess sugar already. No more chocolate at night. No more sugar in my coffee. No more nibbles here-and-there. I’m stopping it all for the next two weeks. Oh, I’m going to go through some major sugar withdrawl. Hell, I know I’m a sugar junkie; I’m not going to lie to you or to myself. But I’m going to do my best to stop it.  Instead, if I get a chocolate or sugar craving, I’m going to eat some protein: almonds and tuna fish, primarily.  I will also feel free to consume fatty foods (cheese, cream, butter, etc) but in moderation of course; I have a calorie limit to maintain, after all, and high-fat foods will make me reach my maximum calorie limit early. No, I mean to limit those high-fat foods, but I’m still going to eat them. They are, after all, very good for you in limited quantities.

That’s it. Two steps. I know that if I can stop with the sugar, then I will be able to meet my goal weight easily. Today I have already begun, and it’s been a good day!

This morning I went to the gym for my Last Chance Workout before THIS SUNDAY’S HALF MARATHON DAY!  I am very excited about this! I already have a list put together of items I don’t want to forget to bring with me (extra water bottle, extra pair of socks, pen and pencil, etc.).  Today’s gym day was heavy on weights, and I really wrecked myself on a few machines! It felt great, and I expect that I will be very sore tomorrow. I finished up with 2 miles on the treadmill, a very light cardio day considering I’m going to be going 13.1 miles on Sunday!  I am going to be supported by:

Thank you, all four, who are helping to motivate, inspire, and encourage me! I am going to tape a notecard with your names on my treadmill so when my brain wants to quit on me on Sunday, I will look at that card and remember you four who are going to be working out the same day as me! WE CAN DO THIS! If anyone else is interested in participating by jogging a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon, let me know!!  The goal is to push yourself to the next level, so do whatever works best for you.

I have two people who are going to be at the gym with me to help support me in-person, too: my hubby and my friend Peter. They have offered to come by for an hour or so and jog along with me, so I won’t be alone for the duration of my half-marathon. That’s so nice of them!! I need all the support I can get.

Allan, from Almost Gastric Bypass, is also helping me out. I’ve been searching everywhere for the gatorade gel stuff that helps fuel you during your workout. I’m concerned that I might get dizzy during the half-marathon (because I eat so little), so I’ve been trying to find those gels to keep my body fueled up. I can’t find them anywhere, but Allan is a sweetheart and agreed to send me a few. THANK YOU!!!

I also hope that getting this half-marathon behind me will help push my body over the edge so that I am at my goal weight on the 12th! Now, remember that exercise will not magically burn those “bad calories” you are munching on, but every little bit of exercise helps you be fit and healthy!

Okay I’m going to wrap up this up with a few pictures our Christmas Tree Decorating this past weekend!


Half marathon training day

by Christine on October 25th, 2010

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Happy Monday, Revolutionists!

On December 5th, I have pledged to do a half marathon. That’s 13.1 miles, which I will be doing at the gym on the treadmill.  Now, keep in mind that I have never ran in a 5k race, much less a 10K or a half marathon.  (I’ve done a 5k on the treadmill at the gym, but that’s it.)  What on earth makes me think that I can accomplish a half marathon in a month’s time?  Because I want to, that’s what. I set it out as a goal a few months ago (after a shout-out from Miz Fit, although I think since then she has decided not to compete in her marathon that day, I’m not sure). Either way, I made a pledge to myself to DO IT, and so I shall!

My guidelines are this: Walk, jog, or crawl through the finish line. I can do it all at once, spread out over the course of the day (7 miles in the morning, 6 miles in the evening), or however else I feel like doing it. But I *WILL* do 13.1 miles that day, in some way shape or form.

I encourage all of you to help me out and make a similar pledge! If you’re not ready for a half marathon, maybe you can pledge to do a 5k, or a 10k! Any support that I can get would be awesome though! I think (I hope!) I have convinced Shane to play along: Will you take up the challenge too? After all, that’s the underlying point of this website: if you can challenge yourself, you can achieve it! That goes for weight loss as well as any other kind of personal challenge!

Today I did 2 miles on the treadmill, but I felt like I could run forever. My heart felt strong, and I didn’t get any side-stitches. I stopped myself short on purpose because I wanted to do some low-resistance bicycle riding as well, as part of my self-given physical therapy for my knee.  Tomorrow I’ll do strength training and another 2 miles. Then Thursday I aim to get 5 miles in at once.  That’s my immediate “training” plan.

If you haven’t read my “Holiday Planning” post, you should, especially with Halloween right around the corner! Check it out today!

Today I also storyboarded all of Part 1 of my book and wrote a little today; hopefully I can make big progress on this section this week!  I also browsed for jobs in my area, but didn’t find anything worth applying to. Maybe next week.

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