Arthritis & Fun Discovery at the Archives!

by Christine on October 14th, 2010

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This morning I had a doctor’s appointment with my GP. I hadn’t seen her in about 9 months or so, and boy was she astonished to see my weight loss! She said a number of times that she is “very proud” of me, which felt so good to hear someone say! She knows how hard and how long I struggled to lose weight before my surgery.  She told me, “I hope you don’t plan on losing any more weight,” to which I said, “Only five more pounds! I want to make it to 100 pounds lost, even!” She said that is fine, but doesn’t recommend losing much more than that. That’s a first for me….hearing my doctor tell me that I don’t NEED to lose any more weight! Weird!

I had a whole list of things to talk about with her, one of which has been my achy knees. My knees crack and pop all over the place, and I’ve always known that I would get arthritis someday in the joints. I just never realized that it would be so soon! She told me that I do indeed have arthritis, but that certain exercises, such as a stationary bicycle (with low resistance) would help file away some of the bones that are scraping together and could actually make my knees feel BETTER. I’m glad I brought it up so I could hear suggestions like that!

She also took my blood to examine my nutritional levels (I have concerns about this, since I eat so little these days) and my thyroid levels.

After that, I went to a local museum and historical preservation center to gather info for my book. I’m researching a masterpiece of architecture, the Old Grand Union Hotel in Saratoga Springs.  Today’s research was so productive! For starters, I believe I have discovered that the architecture of the Grand Union hotel was a total rip-off of another area hotel! I got to browse through the hotel register for that original hotel (the Sans Souci) and I found all kinds of interesting tidbits in that book. Dating back to 1803 or thereabouts, the hotel registered even showed the owner of the hotel paying for his hotel room, wine, and cigars. No freebies for him, even though he was the owner! What a riot! The historian didn’t even know about that entry, and she was eager to check it out.  I also found proof that the wife of the Grand Union owner visited the Sans Souci at paid for dinner there, at least once.

Geek stuff, I know, but it’s totally fascinating for me.

The Grand Union hotel is where the country’s most elite came to stay and play. From the very beginning, princes and presidents came to stay there. Later in the 1800s, the hotel is where the Carnegies, Rockafellers, Astors, Vanderbilts all came to indulge in the casino, the race track, the theater, and general socializing and LOTS of debauchery. It’s where the biggest business deals in the history of the United States were made. Pics of the beautiful Grand Union Hotel:

Grand Union Hotel

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