XN Challenge update

by Christine on August 8th, 2011

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Four days, and so far it’s been mostly a success.

Day 1: Walked with the hubby, so that was a success.

Day 2: Golfed for work.

Day 3: Fail. No excuse.

Day 4: Went to the gym with hubby. Success.

Well, that’s three out of four days of successes, which is good I guess.

It was pretty much a topsy-turvey weekend for me. Not all good; not all bad. I’m working on moving past shitty days  and embracing Joyful living, but it doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s hard, hard, hard. Weekends like this make me wish that I belonged to some kind of religious community (preferably Buddhist, I think). Not one that preaches that some kind of diety in the sky will swoop down and make everything alright, but one that teaches how to find inner peace and joy within your own mind.  Such a way of living would probably help with the weight loss conundrum as well.

The plan this week is to continue moving forwards with the XN Exercise Challenge and try to re-instill some healthy workout habits into my lifestyle. That’s going to involve re-prioritizing other events in my life to fit exercise in, but I think it will be healthy and good. I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s something that happened last night that might help other banders or weight-loss-seekers who find themselves in a similar situation. Hubby and I were out walking last night with our neighbor friends, and they invited us over for pizza at their house. We wanted to socialize, but I didn’t want the pizza (can’t do it with the band, and it’s not healthy for weight loss anyway). We agreed, but I just brought over my own food (a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup) that I heated up at their house. Was it awkward? Kind of, but nobody was offended and I didn’t end up going to bed feeling guilty that I ate crappy food for dinner.

Things I am grateful and joyful about today:

My wonderful husband. A healthy family. A job with a paycheck. My car maybe getting fixed, and cash in my wallet to pay for the repairs.


Canoeing and having fun with friends

by Christine on May 16th, 2011

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Calories burned canoeing (moderate) = 413 per hour (130 pound woman)

Calories burned canoeing (vigorous) = 708 per hour (130 pound woman)

Well, I can’t say that I really canoed all that moderately. While we have gone whitewater canoeing before, we did not this time. Mostly I sat back in my chair and sipped on a diet coke and laughed at friends acting goofy. We were out for about three hours. But it was rather chilly out, so perhaps I made up for the lack of exercise by shivering? I also helped haul the canoes on and off the cars and in and out of the water.

Read about last autumn’s canoeing trip with my cat here!

Thursday after work I went to the driving range to work on my golf swing. Man, it was a good thing I did because I was seriously out of practice! I hit two big buckets of balls and spent about an hour and a half swinging. I’ve been incredibly sore since then, mostly in my quads (100 squats!) and my back (swinging).  On Friday I played golf for work and mostly sucked, but had a great time anyway!

Calories burned at the driving range = 177 per hour (130 pound woman)

Calories burned golfing with golf cart = 207 per hour (130 pound woman)

It doesn’t sound like a lot of exercise, but it adds up!  My point is this: You don’t have to be miserable sweating behind a treadmill to get some exercise! You should find some excuse to get outside and PLAY! Have fun! Giggle a lot.  It’s funny how exercise creeps up on you while you’re doing that!

I’m excited for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas! This is my reward for reaching my goal weight, and I’m proud to say that since reaching my goal in December, I have managed to keep my weight off for five months! That’s something to celebrate!

I also bought a new pair of downhill skis at a garage sale this weekend! $25 for a really nice, only gently-used pair of skis. I can’t wait to take the out for a whirl this winter!

I should get my rollerblades back from the cycling store this week, too. I desperately needed new wheels put on them. I haven’t replaced the wheels since purchasing the blades 10 years ago in Paris. I can’t wait to rollerblade at lunchtime when the weather gets nicer!

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