Catching a cold!

by Christine on August 30th, 2010

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Cough cough! Sniff sniff! Yup, looks like I’m catching a cold! I actually started feeling miserable on Saturday, but it kicked into full gear by last night. Once upon a time, when I was bigger-and-getting-bigger, I NEVER got sick. I was like the freaking Super Immune Hulk. Not so much anymore! I guess last autumn’s bout with malaria, Lyme disease, mono, and god knows what else kicked my immune system’s butt for good. Needless to say, I’m subsisting on Nyquil and Dayquil.

Did you know that there are about 100 calories in 2 tbs of Nyquil? Remember those “liquid calories” the next time you’re sick. And there are about 15 calories per cough drop. That’s 13 cough drops to rack up an extra 200 calories on your daily Calorie Savings and Trust spreadsheet.

Yesterday I made a big pot of gazpacho soup again.  It’s easy as pie to make! First, throw all your veggies that are mostly-overripe, not “gross,” but that aren’t crisp anymore, and throw all of it into a blender or juicer. Throw in a cup of water just to make sure it blends up nicely, and make a smoothie out of it.  Stick the puree over a seive, drain it good, and get all the liquid out.  For calories, estimate one-third of the calories per veggie item you throw in. For instance, if you throw in a 30 calorie tomato, after the blending process it’s probably worth 10 calories. (Most of the calories are in the pulp, which you will throw out.)

Next, throw in a small can of tomato juice.  A little can like the one pictured has 70 calories for the whole can.  Now add 1/4 cup red wine vinegar (0 calories), 1/4 cup of lemon juice (13 calories).  For seasoning add a dash of garlic salt, dill, cilantro, basil.  If you like some chunks in there, dice up a 1/4 cucumber really small (6 calories) and some yellow onion (15 calories) and half a sweet tomato (6 calories).  Drizzle a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil on top if you wish….a little EVOO is great for gall bladder function. Serve it up cold. If you decide to eat the whole soup, that’s 180 calories, but it’s a lot of soup and I can make that last for 2-3 meals. What a calorie value, and it’s chok-full of vitamins and nutrients!

Yesterday I tried a protein bar. Now, I hate protein bars.  You know, Cliff bars and all that stuff? They taste like really horrible cardboard, and they are so full of calories that they’re devastating for any weight-loss plan. (Most people don’t understand that they are mean to be an entire meal replacement, not a snack!) Because we were out hiking, I decided to give one a try. After all, they’re easy to eat on a trail.  I love Snickers, and saw this on the shelf:

At 280 calories, it was pushing my calorie bank pretty close to the edge. At 21 g protein, it offered a healthy dose of protein, and I’m all good with that. But damn if the stuff didn’t taste like cardboard! I ate half and declared it a very poor use of my calorie bank, so I threw the rest out. In the future, I will bring a handful of raw almonds and perhaps one almond toffee chew for some sugar. That is a much better value for your calories.

So yesterday’s calories went down like this:

Breakfast: small skim milk (91)
11 a.m.: Half a snickers protein bar (140 calories), lots of water
3 p.m.:  About 4 oz seared ahi tuna steak (140) with ginger soy sauce (50?) and seaweed (wakame? 10), diet pepsi for the caffeine (restaurant in Woodstock, NY. Fantastic!)
7 p.m.: Homemade gazpacho soup (75 calories), water
9 p.m.: Nyquil (150) and 1 cough drop (15 calories)
9:30 p.m.: Some popcorn (100 calories)

Total calories: 771 calories
Exercise: 1.5 hours hiking

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