Gastric Band Surgery Q&A Part 2

by Christine on October 4th, 2011

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Periodically I go into the Google Analytics of my website and discover that some viewers are asking questions about the gastric banding surgery and looking for the answers at my website. Here is the lastest group of “Questions and Answers” about the gastric banding surgery that might be of use to new bandsters.  This is Part 2 of the Q&A. Read Part 1 of the Q&A here.


How do I know if my gastric band is too tight?
If you cannot take a swig of water immediately after a fill, then your gastric band is definitely too tight. That’s the easy part.  However, finding the right balance between “tight enough to lose weight and be happy” and “too tight” might be a difficult balance to achieve. I know that I struggle with this almost 3 years after surgery! If you are finding that you cannot eat enough calories to survive (you know, if you’re dizzy and having a hard time concentrating because you’re not eating enough), then your band is too tight. If you find yourself choosing protein shakes, milkshakes, ice cream, and soup all the time because anything more solid than that is painful, then your band is too tight. If you find yourself barfing during most meals because your food is always getting stuck, then your band is probably too tight.

All that being said, I like to have my band pretty tight—maybe even tighter than most people. I know that I can’t eat certain foods, especially breads and pastas. Just because I can’t eat certain foods doesn’t mean that my band is too tight. I know a lot of bandsters that can no longer eat steaks or dry chicken. Again, this is normal and not necessarily an indication that the band is too tight. On the other hand, if you simply cannot be happy unless you have steak, and you find your band too tight to eat steak, then you might want to consider getting some saline taken out.

All in all, there’s no real hard and fast rule about finding whether the band is too tight or not. It’s really a matter of personal preference. However, a good rule of thumb is that if you cannot swallow any liquid, or if you have problems eating solid foods of any kind, then you should definitely loosen your band a bit. Other than that, it’s a matter of what you can live with or not.


How long is the gastric band waiting list?
Honestly, I think it depends on what region of the world you live in, what hospital you are going to, what surgeon you are seeing, etc. I know in the UK, the country only allocates a certain amount of money for the gastric band surgery, and so you might be on the waiting list for quite a while. According to the waiting list in the UK can vary from anywhere between 3 months to four years.

I was banded in upstate New York, USA. I was not placed on any waiting list. Once I completed all my pre-surgery testing and requirements, I was immediately put on the pre-surgery diet. My surgeons gave me 2 months to lose 25 pounds on the pre-surgery protein shake diet, and as soon as I lost that weight I had my surgery. And yes, my insurance paid for the surgery in its entirety, but that really depends on your insurance carrier, your health background, the hospital you’re going to, and a lot of other factors.

I really recommend you check out the forums at, especially the regional forums to inquire about this question.  (FYI, is free to use and is a fantastic resource for anyone considering the banding surgery.)


Does gastric banding hurt?
Yes, the surgery itself does. But I personally found it to be a tolerable pain, that did not last very long (only a few days…maybe 7-10 days) and went away little by little, every day.  I’ve read other blogs from banders that found the pain to be too much, too intense, and last too long. I think part of the pain has to do with your tolerance, as well as your surgeon’s capabilities.

The band should not hurt once your body has healed from the surgery. If you are in pain several week or months following your surgery, you should definitely talk to your surgeon to find out what’s going on.

Will throwing up hurt the gastric band?
Fantastic question!

In my personal opinion and experience, I think all bandsters experience purging/throwing up due to food getting stuck in the band. Bandsters have all kinds of terminology for this experience, such as “sliming” or “B/Ping” etc.  This is a very common occurrence, especially once the band gets close to your “sweet spot,” which is the optimal tightness that allows you to live and eat happily but still allow you to lose weight.

Despite the common occurrence of the purging episodes, throwing up can hurt the gastric band, so you should really be careful about it. I believe the band is most vulnerable during the early stages of the process, when the band is deflated and fits loosely on the stomach. If you have a violent barfing episode, the heaving of the stomach can dislodge the location of the band around the stomach, thereby reducing the effectiveness of it. If the band becomes dislodged, you might not realize it right away. The doctor can find if the band has moved by using an X-Ray, or if after a few weeks or months you are not losing weight.

However, it also makes sense to me that barfing can hurt the band if it is filled with saline and tighter. When you are heaving, your stomach might press against the band with such a force that it could rupture the band. (Think of it like squeezing against a full balloon. What happens? The balloon explodes!) If your band “pops” like a balloon, the only way to fix this is by replacing it with another surgery.

All that being said, I’ve personally never heard of anyone having these problems – either band slippage or band “poppage”—because of a barfing episode. It’s just something to be aware of and watch out for. I think this is relatively rare.


Why has the gastric band come loose?
Oh dear! Your gastric band may have come loose for a number of reasons. Perhaps there’s a leak in the band itself, in the tube, or the port, or in any of the connections. There’s a lot of ways a leak can occur in the whole gastric band mechanical system. The band could also be loose if it merely has slipped from its ideal location. For instance, if it slips up the stomach, you probably would feel like it is very loose.

These are very serious causes, and only your surgeon can fix these problems if they occur. However, there might be a fairly simple reason for your band feeling a little looser. Your band is a semi-permeable membrane, which means that your band can actually absorb and release liquid through its lining! A lot of bandsters feel like their bands get tighter when they are stressed out, or feel like they get looser when they are dehydrated, like after a night of drinking. Therefore your band might feel a little bit loose just because you’re dehydrated. Eat something salty and drink a lot of water and see if your band feels any better in a day or two.

If you suddenly feel like your band is much looser than it was before, then you really should make an appointment to see your surgeon. He can check to see the saline level in the band or do an X-ray to see if the band has slipped, both of which are fairly painless and non-invasive tests.


Does a gastric band affect pregnancy?
The gastric band does not have to negatively affect pregnancy, but it’s important to understand the unique concerns that expecting mothers might have. Read my article about pregnancy and the gastric band here.


Can gastric band slip and then go back again?
If your gastric band has slipped from its location around your stomach, it’s possible but unlikely that it would go back again. If it slips, it is most likely to stay “slipped” until your surgeon goes back to replace it in the correct location.  Sorry! I stand corrected! See Angela’s comment at the very end of this post. Angela said that this very thing happened to her…her band slipped out of place. She had an un-fill, and then the problem corrected itself.  I had no idea that this was possible. Interesting, and thank you for sharing Angela!


Can you feel the gastric band through the skin?
No, you cannot feel the gastric band through the skin, but you may be able to feel the gastric band’s port through the skin. The port is the receptacle where your surgeons inject the saline. Read more about the components of the gastric band system in this article.


Gastric banding menus
Here are some resources for finding out what to eat –or not eat!—with the gastric band:

  •  This page lists the post-surgery diet requirements, as well as a list of foods that are typically not processed well by band patients.
  • Here is a list of mushy food ideas.
  • This forum has a lot of great food ideas.
  • This website has some food ideas.  


How much food can I eat during the mushy stage?
You should only be eating no more than a cup of mushy foods at any given sitting.


How do you locate the lap band port to make it unnoticeable?
It’s unlikely that a severely overweight person can see the port through their skin. However, as you lose weight and get closer to your goal weight, the port may become noticeable, either by touch or by site. I had many talks with my surgeon about this very topic of moving my port (which had become dislocated) to a place less noticeable. There are a variety of locations where your surgeon can put the port to minimize its appearance through your skin, from putting it under the abdomen, moving it to your side, etc.  Read about these options in more detail here.


Will the port from my gastric band protrude if I lose a lot of weight?
It might, possibly yes.  See this page for some ideas about moving the port if it is really bothering you.    Please note that the different banding systems have a different profile port. For instance, the Lap Band system uses a port that has a higher profile, which means that it sticks out further than other systems.  I have a Realize Band system, which uses a smaller profile port, which means that it’s flatter and thinner than the Lap Band system. However, many surgeons find the Realize Band port to be difficult to access when the patient is very overweight and has a lot of fat covering the port. It’s difficult to find where the port is because it is so much flatter, so the doctor might have to jab around with the needle a little more to find the injection site. Even more reason to find a surgeon with a  lot of experience, so you can minimize the needle-jabbing process!   My surgeon told me that a lot of doctors put a smaller profile port on male patients and a higher profile port on female patients. Doctors do this based on their experience and comfort level. You should discuss the type of hardware that he’s putting in you before your surgery, so you are aware of what you’re getting. Don’t forget that you can have an opinion about what kind of system you receive from your surgeon!


Relaxing 4th of July! (weekend in pictures)

by Christine on July 5th, 2011

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Our long 4th of July weekend was very nice. Here’s a little re-cap!


Friday I was on my own. I went up to the Saratoga Springs State Park and had some Paneras (the vegetarian black bean soup…yum!) picnic-style on the lawn and read a book for a while. The State Park is one of my favorite places to hang out. The people-watching is fantastic, and the beautiful buildings (like the Hall of Springs) are amazing!  I wandered into the Hall of Springs once, a few years ago, on accident. A wedding was going on there, and oh, how beautiful it was! The room was lit with sparkling Christmas lights and it was like walking straight into some beautiful fairy tale.

When I was done eating and the sun went down, I went over to the Harness Track and won $50! Woohoo!



Saturday we relaxed around the house; hubby mowed the lawn and I did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and paid the bills.  Then we headed out to an historic house on the Hudson River called Clermont. What a great little estate! It’s just south of Olana (which I visited on Mother’s Day, read about that here) and is the home of a surprisingly not-well-known but very important person in American History!  It was the home of Robert Livingston, who was one of the creators of the Declaration of Independence, a co-patent owner of the Steamboat, Chancellor of NYS, and was the guy that swore President Washington into office.  I was surprised I had never heard of the guy. The house was wonderful, and our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my crazy questions.

Afterwards we went down to Hudson and did some shopping. I got a great antique necklace for $10, my good bargain of the weekend! Then we stopped at a pub for some late food (I had some fish…very healthy!)  Hudson has a ton of antique stores and one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. It’s a great day trip from Albany!

Then we ran home, change, and headed out to hear some live  music. A friend of ours, Allie, plays trombone in a few bands, and she was getting together with some old friends in a ska band, the Mixers. We had a great time listening to them skank!


Sunday was our really lazy day.  We got up and enjoyed our morning just lounging around. Then we headed up to Saratoga Springs again for the Saratoga History Museum exhibit opening. They have an exhibit about the Ghosts of Saratoga, which was based on the Ghost Hunters episode. In the tv show, the ghost hunters investigated paranormal activity at the Canfield Casino, which is where the history museum is located. They have a fantastic exhibit of clothing from the 1800s as well. The turnout was huge, and I got to meet a few board members. All in all, a wonderful outing!

We grabbed food in Saratoga (I had a greek salad at Circus Cafe. Delicious!) and then headed home. Unfortunately it was rainy on Sunday, so we couldn’t do anything fun and outdoorsy. We took a long nap and hung around home until the evening, when we went over to a friend’s house. He was having a backyard BBQ party, and we hung out and chatted with some old friends and watched our friends set off (illegalcoughcough) fireworks! John built a dirtbike track in his back yard, so it was a bunch of drunkassed fools driving around on dirtbikes and John’s expensive corvette convertible, setting fireworks off in the woods, and blowing shit up. You gotta love this group of guys. They definitely will never grow up!  The cops drove by and waved a few times, so all must have been good.

oooooh that’s a big group of troublemakers right there!


Finally, the 4th was upon us!  I went out in the morning and ran some errands. I discovered that I really don’t have any shorts that fit me, so I went out to buy a pair…and bought a few sale items in the process, really more $$ than I bargained for.  Hubby and I played frisbee and catch in the yard.  In the evening we cooked a dinner at home (grilled chicken + corn for me) and then headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings just to have a beer and play some electronic trivia. We had a friend join us and we chatted for a long time there until we left to do some grocery shopping. It was LATE when we got home!


My weight has stabilized, kind of, I think, thank GOD.  In fact, if anything I lost 3 pounds over the weekend. Still up (way too much) but at least the freakshow has halted for a few days.


I get my port replaced tomorrow at 11:30! I’ll post information about that tomorrow. I’m hoping that it’s no-big-deal, is painless, and has a quick healing time. I’m REALLY hoping that they don’t pump that gas inside of me because that stuff HURT last time!  Wish me luck!

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