142.0 (83 pounds lost): Give and Take + Food Journal

by Christine on June 23rd, 2010

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balancing actYesterday was like any other day. I got up, got dressed, went to work. I asked to come in a little bit early so that I could leave a half an hour early because I had a prior obligation to attend after work. Whenever I ask for schedule flexibility like that, my boss always sighs and gives me this look, but then says okay. I feel like it’s asking for a HUGE favor. I hate asking, but I have such a busy life outside of work that I need the flexibility in order to make my busy life work.

As I was sitting at my desk yesterday, I was surrounded by projects that have immediate due dates (oh, how I love working with tight deadlines!) and I realized that I need to allow a little give-and-take flexibility back to my workplace. Just as my boss has been reluctantly accommodating towards my requests for flexibility, I need to do the same. Consequently I came in an hour early today and will do so again tomorrow. I will donate a little extra time to say “thank you” for them being accommodating to me.  Unfortunately my boss doesn’t arrive until much later in the day, so this morning I needed to point out to her that I was donating the extra time in the interest of getting these projects done. That conversation felt awkward, but it was better than just hoping she would find out about it.

This whole idea of give-and-take can be applied to dieting and fitness as well. Sometimes it is not possible to eat perfectly every day. (Who would want to?) Sometimes you just can’t get a workout in. Still, you need to eat healthfully as often as possible and exercise when you get. Your schedule needs to be flexible and accommodating. If you don’t give yourself a little give-and-take, you’re going to burn out, get frustrated, and eventually give up and quit on yourself. That’s not fair to you. You deserve more compassion from yourself!

Here is a downloadable PDF of last week’s food journal, for anyone that is interested. It was a less than stellar eating week because I was so busy, but it shows that you don’t have to be perfect to still lose weight. I lost two pounds last week even though I drank alcohol, ate potato chips, and indulged at Carmine’s in New York City. It’s possible, you guys! Just be flexible with yourself and don’t give up!

June 14 Food Journal (CLICK HERE) PDF icon
(two pound loss)

I was looking over some of my past posts, and I found one from a year ago (June 22, 2009) that cracked me up:

OMG yesterday I puked THREE times!! The band is really wigging me out. Yesterday I got home and got the munchies so I pulled out a bag o baby carrots to dive into. Safe food, right? I had FIVE baby carrots and they got stuck in my band so I had to puke them up. Very curious bright orangeness. This whole puking thing is really new to me since I’ve never been been able to puke-on-command before. Do others find that the smell/taste of the vomit in your throat makes you want to puke more? *shivers*

It’s making me want to eat more soup and applesauce and stuff that doesn’t get stuck in the lapband. I know it’s breads that typically get stuck easier, and I should avoid those. That’s hard because mentally I WANT the carbs but I’m starting to avoid them now because of the stuck-ness factor. Oh….and here’s something I learned. I’m not supposed to drink anything during dinner at all….but you know, when a food gets stuck in your throat, you have a natural instinct to want to wash it down and push it through the “stuck” part, right? Well, when you have the band…and you’ve got bread stuck on it…and then you add a little water or something, that bread EXPANDS and gets stuck worse! It’s been quite tricky for me to get the hang of.

On a downside…the scale was UP a pound today! (I’m sure it’s just because it’s humid and gross outside.) Fucking body!

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: 1 banana (105 cals), water water
Snack: water water
Lunch: Moe’s….1 burrito thing with rice, black beans, steak, salsa, guacamole, lettuce. I only had half of it, so (340 cals), lots of water. A few chips with salsa (100 cals tops) but those got “stuck” too so I didn’t eat much.
Dinner: the other half the burrito (340) and a cosmo (120)
Snack: carrots which I puked up (0)
Total cals: 1005

Really Christine? 1000 calories?  Burritos and carrots? What on earth was I thinking? Still, my posts from this time period (June) show that I was not losing weight since my surgery in February.  I was really frustrated and wanted to give up on myself. I’m glad that I stuck it out!

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