Steelers Sunday

by Christine on November 28th, 2010

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Today we wanted to watch the Steelers game, but of course it wasn’t televised in our area so we had to finda bar to watch it. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game and we were there for four hours!! Yikes! I was pleasantly surprised to see a healthy option on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu….four baked chicken tenders (170 calories) with a side of any wild wings sauce on the side (30 calories maybe), and salad instead of french fries, with fat-free balsamic dressing (50 calories)! Delicious and low-calorie!

Oh yeah, and the Steelers won in overtime HOORAY!

As if four hours in a restaurant wasn’t enough time sitting, I then I met a friend for dinner at Chilis.  Chilis has numerous healthy options on their menu, but today I found another one! I got a side order of black beans (100 calories) and a side order of 3 shrimps (80). What a great deal!  I confess that I really wanted the Quesadilla Explosion Salad because it’s one of my favorite! This is a really high-calorie monster though. I asked the waitress if I could only order a half-portion and she told me no, that wasn’t possible. I didn’t want to pay $10 for a salad that I would only eat 1/4 of, so I opted for the beans and shrimp instead. (That dish cost me $4, by the way.)

What today’s lesson reinforced for me was that it is possible to spend time–lots of time!–at your favorite restaurants and still make healthy eating choices.

Tonight I have a lot of paperwork and bills to get through. Blah! Maybe I’ll throw some situps in the mix.

Today’s total calories:

Breakfast: 1 eggo waffle (70) and some maple syrup (70)
Lunch: 3 grilled chicken strips (130) and some sauce (30, I didn’t use much) and a side salad (50 at most), 1 beer (200)
Dinner: Shrimp (80) and black beans (100), 1 martini (150)
Snack: 1 cookie (50)
Total calories: 885 calories


Clothes Shopping & Dinner Decisions

by Christine on July 22nd, 2010

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I went out shopping for clothes for the bachelorette party.  I asked two friends to go with me – the stunning-gorgeous bachelorette herself, and her extremely beautiful and totally sweet friend Karen. I was lucky – it was like getting a personal shopper to take me out!

Although my weight loss has admittedly slowed down, I’m still quite unsure what size I am when it comes to clothes, what clothes look good on me, and what is “appropriate” for a 32 year old woman to wear out dancing in NYC.  Today, I wanted to break out of my comfort zone and try on some clothes that I’ve never worn before.

First, Karen wanted to go into stores that I had previously designated as “Teeny-Bopper” stores and avoided like the plague.  The stores are even labeled on the mall map as “Children’s Fashions.”  Stores like Bebe, Cache, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe.

Okay, first of all, children should not be wearing clothes that are so…revealing.  Just sayin’. Secondly, Karen threw a few things at me, with a happy “Try this one on!” to accompany the clothes. I swore to myself that I would try anything and everything on, so I acquiesced every single time.  Once I picked up a dress and Karen said, “Try it, but get it in a size smaller. That’s too big already, I can tell.”  Happy!

This might be a first, but:

  • Everything fit.  Everything.
  • Everything looked good.
  • I looked sexy!

It was exhilarating!  I opted for a skirt (Forever 21, $10) that was far too short to be decent and a shirt that slings over one shoulder (Forever 21, $22). I’m going to need to be drunk to pull this off,  so help me god.  I have to say, at least it’s mostly comfortable. And the shirt emphasizes my newly-skinny arms and collarbones!  Now I just need to find shoes and accessories to go with this outfit!

Afterwards, we were starving. It was 9 p.m. and we had been shopping for four hours. Plus, I hadn’t eaten much in the daytime: only a bowl of cereal, since I wasn’t feeling well.  We went to Houlihans. The restaurant now has calories posted in the menu, which I love!  Karen and Danielle didn’t like to see the calories, but I loved it. It made deciding so much easier.

I narrowed it down based on calories:  the ahi tuna wontons, the Tuscan side salad, or a bowl of French onion soup. All were well under 300 calories. I could have even combined two of the above items, but instead I decided that I wanted a cosmo.  So, with a mixed drink, that allowed me only the calories for one “main dish.” I opted for the side salad (the greens just sounded good to me), and for 231 calories it was absolutely delicious! The beans were terrific, and the salsa was decidedly yummy. It came with goat cheese, too – what could be better?  It came with two crispy bread pieces, like you would get with Bruchetta. I had one of them but left the other on the plate.

All in all, it was a good shopping day and a good dining-out day. I didn’t break the calorie bank, and I had a good time with friends.

When I got home, I asked Hubby about my newly-discovered bone under my collarbones. He said, “Oh yeah, I can see it even from over here. It stands out pretty well!”  Yay for…sternums or whatever it is!

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