I’ve Got Less Junk in My Trunk

by Christine on September 7th, 2010

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Did you guys see it in that group photo I posted yesterday, at the race track?

Not only was I not squished in the grandstand seats…but I actually had ample room to twist, turn, and get comfy in the seat. I had plenty of seat this time! Last year at the track I was squished into the grandstand seats, like a sardine.

Yesterday, a woman came and sat down next to me in those stands. She was a large woman, and she was trying very hard not to take up lots of room, but she couldn’t help but to spill over a little into my seat. It was not a big problem — I had enough room to spare — but I felt bad for her nonetheless. I’ve been there, and I know how uncomfortable that can be.  My pity only goes so far for her though — while I was sitting there she had two sausages on buns, a basket of nachos and cheese, and a large soda.

I was looking at the schedule for this week, and lo and behold, I’ve actually got nothing going on this week! Miraculous! Plus, this weekend is currently unplanned as well. I can’t wait! I can finally catch up on some much-needed gym time and housework. I’ve been sitting here this morning trying to think of all the things I would like to get caught up on this week. I have some paperwork to sort through and a ton of autographs to scan in. I’d like to cook at least two healthy dinners, play a board game with my hubby, and finish this book that’s been monopolizing my time.  The basement (“the man cave”) is a disaster, and with hubby’s okay I’d like to get in there to organize, clean, and throw a bunch of stuff of mine out that I know I will never use.  He doesn’t need my junk cluttering up the man cave! If I have enough time, I’d like to pull out some fall decorations and decorate a bit upstairs with some fall foliage. Maybe I’ll even do an art project with some dried maple leaves I pressed last year!  Oh, the possibilities are endless!

For my workout this week, I think I will take a page from Patrick and Shane’s playbook and get some exercise in outdoors because the weather is supposed to be ideal! There’s a small elementary school near my house that I want to use. There’s a basketball hoop, a volleyball net, a general playground, and a HUGE parking lot. I’m thinking of doing some bootcamp drills (squats/lunges, suicides, crab/bear crawls, rump rope) with something fun thrown in for good measure.   Does anyone have any suggestions for having silly cardiovascular fun outdoors, in a big old parking lot? Like…hopscotch or anything like that?

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