P90X-ing my night

by Christine on March 14th, 2011

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Good morning Revolutionists!

I haven’t updated my blog in about a week! Yikes! Mostly that is because I didn’t have very much to share, but that’s still not an excuse to go AWOL.  Sorry about that! Here’s a little recap of my boring but busy week:

Wednesday after work I went snowshoeing with a friend. We went on a local golf course and walked 9 hilly holes, which took about an hour and a half. It was dark when we got done.  We went out to dinner afterwards and split two appetizers; I had diet sod, some cheese fondue, and some ahi tuna appetizer thing that was delicious. I got home late and fell right asleep.

Thursday I had an appointment with another surgeon at another hospital to discuss options with my port. He highly recommended that I simply re-attach it the way it was always supposed to be, in the same spot, etc.  He gave good reasons why he thought other re-attachment locations would be a bad idea and risky, and I tend to agree with him. I will contact my surgeon this week to schedule a port-reattachment surgery. Man, this has been a long time in coming! Thursday evening we met friends at the local bar for pub trivia. Our team won both at halftime as well as at the end of the night. That meant we got two sets of prizes. We wanted to be good sports, so we gave away one set of prizes to the #2 team.

Friday morning I went to a local event…Global Foundries is building a huge facility in town–it’s the largest commercial building project nation-wide. The meeting was like a Chamber of Commerce event, with 500 people attending, trying to learn how they can get a piece of the work. I met some interesting people while I was there, although I don’t think I met the right people that could potentially give my company work. I must work on my networking skills!

Friday night, after work, we went to a friend’s house to play board games. It was fun, and I got to see some friends I don’t normally get to see. We didn’t get home until about 1 a.m.

Saturday I spent all day writing my book–remember that book I was working on while I was unemployed? Well, I still want to finish it someday, so I spent the day working on it. Then we had dinner with the in-laws, then we met friends for karaoke at a local bar. It was a really packed day, and I was absolutely exhausted by the time we got home.

Sunday we were supposed to go skiing, but I was simply too tired from my hectic schedule. We opted to stay home and sleep in, which was absolutely wonderful and perfect! I spent the day reading the rest of a book on the couch, cleaning the house, and doing some errands around town. I baked some chicken for dinner, with a small side of sauteed vegetables.

Overall, I’ve been eating out at restaurants way too much! I have a fridge full of leftovers that I will never get to. Examples:

  • Thursday I had lunch at a greek restaurant. I had one-third of a salad with gyro meat on top.
  • Thursday night we went to trivia at the local pub. I had chicken tenders (fried) with honey mustard dressing. (don’t worry, I only had three chicken tenders, since they were fried. I did not eat any of my french fries.)
  • Friday I had a garden salad for lunch from a little deli and have TONS of leftovers from it.
  • Friday for dinner I stopped at Paneras for some soup to eat at board game night. John had ordered pizza, which I can’t really eat. Soup was better. I also had some chocolate chip cookies while I was there. BAD!
  • Saturday I had baked fish and a beer at a restaurant while writing my book.
  • Saturday for dinner we went out with the in-laws. I had half a cheeseburger ( no bun) and a small side salad instead of french fries. Hubby ate the other half of my burger.
  • Sunday I skipped lunch and baked a chicken breast for dinner. No eating out!

That’s a LOT of eating out!! It’s expensive, and it’s very hard to control your calories when you do that much outside eating.

My weight is still holding “steady” at three-pounds higher than my goal weight. Not a tragedy, but I’m frustrated that the weight won’t come back down. Surely my dining-out and busy schedule don’t help at all!

At least I got a little bit of exercise in. Last night hubby started P90X, which is a workout video series that is kind of geared towards men.  We did Day 1 of it, and I enjoyed the arm weight strength training. I intend to do Day 2 with the hubby as well and perhaps go hiking or snowshoeing again on Wednesday if the weather holds up!


Dining out

by Christine on August 17th, 2010

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Yesterday I had plans to go out to dinner with friends. I wanted to take Jack out to dinner (and his lovely girlfriend, Jen) to say thank you for forwarding my resume to the publishing place. He works there and was able to send my resume to just the right person, plus put in a good word. When someone does you a favor, it’s polite to say “thank you.”  I told Jack to pick out a restaurant that they’d like to go to.

Unfortunately I had to play socialite without my husband at my side. He had work on the other side of the state. To chaperone us, I invited some mutual friends along.  Although I think I have learned how to play the part of gracious host very well over the years, it is not something that comes naturally to me. I’m an introvert by nature, with an ability to mask it and make others feel at home. I did well in that capacity yesterday, although at times I got nervous and said the most ridiculous things. Sometimes I wonder whether my brain is truly attached to this body….

Knowing I was up against restaurant food, I did some pre-planning. We were going to Wheatfields, a Saratoga Springs landmark restaurant. Fortunately they have their menu online for perusal.  This is where things got tricky for me, especially now that I have the gastric band to contend with.

What sounded really good? The orange roughy. But at $28, it was an expensive choice, and I knew that I would only eat a quarter of it. Fish doesn’t re-heat well, and the next few days are so busy that I’ll not likely have the opportunity to eat the leftovers. So, it’s mostly a waste of money.

I just can’t do pizza. Period. I can’t do lasagna. Or gnocci. I can’t do most pastas at all, actually. The appetizer with olives and cheese sounded do-able and at $9 was a reasonable price, but I had several cheese items the day before, and I was conscious that getting a cheese platter as a meal would definitely be overdoing it.  I could do the chicken or pork chop, but to be honest that didn’t even sound good to me.

Weighing the options, I finally settled on the three-cheese ravioli for $12, knowing that I was taking a risk with the pasta. I had one ravioli, and then felt the “bottled-up” feeling kick in. I had to slow down. One ravioli, and I look and everyone is finishing up their dishes. Oh no, hurry up and digest, stupid body! I took another ravioli and opened it up to eat the mushy riccotta cheese, discarding the pasta outside.

Two raviolis in 90 minutes. It might be a record. It’s been several months, maybe a year, since I had a pasta dish. Now I remember why.

Needless to say I have a lot of leftovers.

At $120 (for my, Jack, and Jen’s meals), I was partially glad that my hubby hadn’t been able to join us. It was well worth the money for the career help.

(In other hubby news, he came in 8th at Star Wars CCG Worlds!!)

I found something really strange after the meal. When I ate that ravioli, I was STUFFED. 30 minutes later I was STARVING.  I finally acquiesced and had another ravioli when I got home, which left me feeling STUFFED again. 30 minutes later I was STARVING.  I finally realized that it was the empty carb from the pasta that was making me so hungry. I hadn’t experienced this ravenous hunger like that in a long time, probably because I hadn’t had pasta in so long. So beware of your pastas! It’ll fill you up temporarily and then leave you starving for more food soon after!

I do keep track of how much I eat every day. I can finally just do this in my head, but I do it every day nonetheless. I don’t often post my food intake on here, but I will, just for some variety. Final tally for the day:

8 a.m.: 1 cup cheerios (100) plus skim milk (30)
10 am: almonds (100), Red Bull (110)
Noon: Canned veggie soup (90), water
2 pm:  Tunafish (70) with brown mustard, water
7 p.m.: 1 glass chianti (130) and 1.5 raviolis (80???)
9 p.m.: Another leftover ravioli (50??), 1 small piece of chocolate (60)

Total calories: 820, right on target.


Week updates and pics

by Christine on July 30th, 2010

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Howdy Revolutionists! The weekend is upon us, at last! How are you going to celebrate this lovely summer weekend?

I am celebrating by going to not one, but two wedding celebrations! The celebrations are for the same couple: they are getting married on Friday (tonight) with a small ceremony and then having a big, informal, outdoor picnic for many guests on Saturday. I can’t wait to see them get hitched at last! They are a wonderful couple and such good friends of ours.

The week has been a busy one. Tuesday I went over to the couple’s house to help them assemble their party favors (jelly beans in engraved shot glasses). Wednesday I saw a Sublime cover band at a local street festival. 40 oz to Freedom did a great job, and I boogied on down a lot!  Yesterday I went with the Bride to get our nails done. Today I came into work an hour and a half early so I can race home and get myself ready for the wedding. I’m wearing a new dress: it’s purple, and a size 6!! I’m so excited to wear my dress tonight! I’ll be sure to post pictures on Sunday!

(isn’t her engagement ring gorgeous? She designed it herself!)

I have been thinking this morning about what I will do at the wedding to make healthy food choices. I already sent in my food reservation card and ordered fish. I hoped it would be a healthier alternative to red meat or chicken. But I’m sure there will be finger foods during the cocktail hour, plus wedding cake! (I think they got cheesecake.) Not to mention four hours of open bar, which I’ve been known to take advantage of. Oh yeah, and Jelly beans that I helped assemble in the party favors!  So what’s my gameplan?  (1) No finger foods, especially because there is a dinner to come.  This is the most important rule, because this is where I can usually really lose track of how much I’m eating, plus finger foods are usually fried. It’s best to avoid entirely. (2) Only have half of the cake.  (3) Dance. A LOT. Burn those calories off!  (4) Give all the jelly beans to hubby, OR give them to the kids. The shot glass I’m keeping!

Saturday’s outdoor picnic will be a little easier to navigate food-wise, even though they are BBQ-ing and getting catering and food will be all around us! For starters, we only live two houses away, so I can run home for healthy food if I need to.  My plan is to wake up early and go to the gym prior to the picnic. Then we plan on swimming at their house and playing volleyball!  We can have fun, socialize, AND get exercise! How great is that?  Avoiding things like potato chips is going to be the hardest challenge (especially if there is guacamole!), but I don’t think that’ll be a problem because I feel certain that there will be salad and fresh veggies to munch on there. My gameplan is to stay totally active all day long!

You see, this whole weight-loss thing is, to a large extent, a mental challenge. It’s about preparing yourself, educating yourself, planning, and trying to make the healthy choice. It’s not about deprivation, but about how to navigate every-day scenarios and making the best possible healthy decisions that you can.

I had two food challenges this week that I think I circumnavigated okay. First, my office got ice cream cones for everyone! I looked at the boxes, and each pre-made cone was 250+ calories. Oh no!  Those calories were higher than I was comfortable with. I wanted to partake though. What did I do? I took one that had a cone attached. I ate the ice cream on the top of the cone, and then threw the rest away (about half of the cone).  Not bad!

eating ice cream at work

The second challenge was when we went out to see the band play. We stopped at a pub for beer and food. I felt like finger food, so I ordered a cheese platter! It was absolutely delicious! I have a hard time with bread though (it gets stuck in my band), so I used some of the nacho chips to put the cheese on. The platter was great because it had fresh fruit, too! I had LOTS of leftovers. I had some of the nachos, as well, while we were there.  There was absolutely nothing nutritional about the nachos, but I didn’t mind because, you know, sometimes, on special occasions, you need to live a little!  I didn’t overdo it. That’s important.  I doubt I broke 300 calories for the cheese and nachos.

cheese and nachos 40 Ounces to Freedom

Did you guys see my post over at Miz Fit yesterday? I talked about the importance of finding your target heart rate when working out. If you didn’t see it, check it out!

Thanks to the guest posting, I acquired a few more followers of my blog yesterday! I now have 50 followers! How exciting! Welcome everybody, and thank you for visiting! I will reciprocate and follow your blogs, as well!

In the words of the wonderful blogger Sean….have a good weekend, and make good choices everyone!

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