Disappointing day

by Christine on December 12th, 2010

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Today was my big weigh-in, and the title of this blog post may have tipped you off: I didn’t make my goal weight. My goal is 125, but this morning I weighed in at 126.4. I was very close, but didn’t make it. I am very disappointed because I really hoped that today would be the day, but it wasn’t meant to be. I will continue to work towards my goal, though, eating well and exercising, trying to make healthy choices for myself. Eventually I’ll get there…right?

This weekend we went down south of Albany, to New Paltz, New York. New Paltz is a quaint, small town that has fun boutique stores, several bars, and a decent college population to give the town a little atmosphere. On Friday night we found our way to a little restaurant where we had dinner (fish) and a bottle of beer.

Holy crow’s feet, batman! When did I start looking so old?

The next day we woke up and decided to hit a few wineries. We saw a link to the Shawangunk Wine Trail and noticed that there were a few wineries on the list that I had never been to before. Well, before we knew it, we were doing the entire wine trail! We didn’t even intend to. Plus, apparently there was “An Event” going  on along the wine trail…people pay one flat fee for tastings, then get food, wreathes, ornaments, and goodies at the wineries. We didn’t sign up for “The Event” (and they wouldn’t sell us the tickets the day of) but we did the wine trail with a group of total strangers.  The vineyards we ended up at included:

  • Robiero Family Vineyards (A beautiful venue & overlook, but very “young” wines.)
  • Adair Vineyard (their peach wine was yummy if not sugary)
  • Applewood Vineyard (this vineyard was my favorite of all of them. They had a delicious selection of wines, some great reds, some not-too-sweet desert wines. My favorite was the International Red.)
  • Baldwin Vineyard (The merlot was fantastic)
  • Benmarl Winery (I want to say the Traminette was my favorite here.)
  • Brimstone Hill Vineyard (The Cabernet Franc was the best.)
  • Brotherhood Winery (America’s oldest winery! It’s a fantastic venue to visit, well worth the trip. Their mulled wine blew me away!)
  • Glorie Farm Winery (Funny names of their wines. The Leon Millet was my favorite here.)
  • Palaia Vineyard (This place was in a fun location, on the top floor of an old barn. They have live music here often, worth checking out!)
  • Stoutridge Winery (Great new building. The elderly gentleman that gave us a tour of the cask room had me laughing so hard I almost peed myself. He was freaking adorable.)
  • Warwick Valley Winery (The guy at the front desk was kind of a jerk, but the girl pouring the wine was nice. The wines were only so-so. I’m sad that we didn’t have time to sample the beer.)
  • Whitecliff Winery (Another great merlot!)

That’s 12 wineries in one day! That’s quite a feat. I don’t recommend doing a big, grand tour like that if you’ve never gone wine tasting before. At each place you get to sample five or more wines. By the end of the day…that’s a lot.

At the end of the day, we were joking around with that group of strangers that we kept following all day long. We decided we would all grab dinner together, which was fantastic!  We ended up at the Crystal Inn in Warwick, NY. I had some baked fish dish that was yummy, but I tasted someone’s crab cakes and they were really delicious.  I would definitely go back there again if I end up in the area. The unexpected company was a bright spot in the day, and I’m very grateful for the fun new friends we made that day!

Today we raced home so I could do my weigh-in, which was disappointing. I’m sure the vast sums of alcohol yesterday did not help my weigh-in at all.  Then two girlfriends came over and we scrapbooked for a few hours. Now, I feel so tired, drained, bug-eyed, and exhausted that I can barely keep my eyes open. I can’t believe it’s only 5:30 pm!!!

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