Thanksgiving Eve

by Christine on November 24th, 2010

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I think I’m the only person out there that isn’t afraid of Thanksgiving approaching. Will I eat? Sure. Will I overdo it? Probably not. See, THIS is why I’m infinately thankful for my gastric band. I know that I simply cannot overeat. Furthermore, my gastric band just won’t allow me to indulge in the high-carb goodies like rolls, potatoes, stuffing, etc. (Actually, my mother in law is making her twice baked potatoes which are amazing, and I’m fully anticipating eating two forkfuls of them.)  Instead I plan on indulging in a LOT of turkey, my homemade cranberry sauce (my favorite), fresh fruit salad, corn, and perhaps a desert later on.  I know that I’m going to be just FINE with my eating, and I’m feeling very fortunate that I don’t have to stress out about my food this year.

I started a lovely Thanksgiving tradition a few years ago that I am looking forward to now!  After we are done eating, I bring out some markers and construction paper and we write down a list of all the things we are most thankful for this year. Then I roll up the list, tie it up in a pretty bow, and put it in our Christmas stockings. Because that list is our real gifts, not all the materialistic stuff. And sometimes I lose sight of the REAL STUFF on Christmas day, so it’s nice to have a little reminder. I look forward to doing our tradition again this year, for the 3rd or 4th year in a row now!

I slept in today and I really needed it. I had a busy day yesterday, including a visit to my new employer! I got to see the office as well as my future office. It’s windowless but it’s HUGE and I have my own office door for privacy. I met a few co-workers and said hello. I just have a really good feeling about this overall! We set my start date for January 3, so that gives me a whole month to finish up some writing, do some scrapbooking, get my geneology charts in order like I have been wanting to, etc. Then my new adventure will start!

Food yesterday:
Breakfast: Coffee (90)
Lunch: Paneras Black Bean Soup (170 calories) and a diet coke
Snack: Almonds (90)
Snack: Crackers (120)
Dinner: broiled steak, maybe 1 oz (53) and two bites of a baked potato with butter (50), coffee with Baileys (120)
Snack: A few more bites of leftover steak (30)
Total:  723

Today I’m off to the gym to get in a little practice before December 5th “Walk Run or Crawl Half Marathon” Day!  Wahoo! Then I need to shower up and run to the grocery store to make my cranberry sauce yumminess.

My Cranberry Sauce Family Recipe
2 cans of cranberry sauce, any brand will be fine
1 bag of frozen strawberries, thawed overnight and drained on your counter top. Store brand is just fine.
1 big (normal-sized) can of crushed pineapple (drained)
1 small bag of walnuts, crushed up (maybe 1-2 cups worth, to taste)

Mix all together and serve! It’s like dessert….SO YUMMY!!! My favorite!

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