More silly pictures

by Christine on October 30th, 2010

filed under Christine's Life Updates

I got the best dressed costume award, hooray!

Many NSVs this weekend, too.  I rocked out the knee-high boots and didn’t feel ridiculous and fat. Look at my *SKINNY ARMS* on those pictures! My goodness!  And you can’t see it in that last picture (I don’t know why it doesn’t photograph) but I not only have huge collarbones, but I’ve got that sternum/breastbone showing too! Which is really odd because I didn’t even really know that bone existed.

I drank too much sugary drinks last night. Eating wasn’t TOO bad. Not great, but nothing to try about. Mostly coconut shrimp and grilled chicken wrapped in bacon. It’s the sugary alcoholic drinks (like “Sex on the beach” and the like) that was really bad. Empty, meaningless carbs. Nothing that I can’t fix and adjust throughout the next week of eating.

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