Great Gym Workout!

by Christine on May 4th, 2010

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Before-gym workout

Jesus, do my eyes always seem so big and creepy? What the heck?

Woah, what an awesome workout after work today! I went to the gym for an hour. I felt very uncomfortable and self-conscious going. You see, I always wear big baggy clothes. I don’t view gym time as “time to check out the meatheads and try to attract attention myself.” On the contrary; I want to be left the hell alone, and I don’t want ANYONE to see me sweating.  However, my big and baggy clothes are getting so baggy on me that they’re actually getting in the way. I had to buy 2 new workout shirts and 2 shorts. The shirt felt so small, and the shorts felt so tight.  How incredible to work out and not have to worry about my thighs chaffing though — what a change!

I got on the treadmill and ran a 5k. For the first time, I ran it the whole time and didn’t stop for a mini-break! The effort was in my benefit because I crushed my old personal best 5k time. Previously it was 42:00-something, and today it was 37:05.  I know, I’m not going to be breaking any world records with that time, but I pushed myself hard and felt like I did a terrific job.  Afterwards I did 500 crunches, then got ready and headed to yoga class.I had prepared a protein shake to drink in the car on the way to Yoga.

Salad for dinner

Salad for dinner! lettuce, tomato, cucumber, crutons, hummus, feta cheese. Delicious!

Yoga was awesome! It was hot in the room and we focused on various modifications of Warrior 2 pose. I sweated like a beast. I held Wheel pose at the end for quite a long time. Oh, what a great back stretch!  I felt like I pushed myself pretty hard.

I hope this effort at the gym works out and maybe, just maybe I’ll see that 75-pound weight loss tomorrow?

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