Having a lovely time in Illinois!

by Christine on December 27th, 2010

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I’m having a great time visiting my parents in Illinois! I’m still here, and man, it’s been nothing but an eating festival. We’ve had bratwurst, ham, more ham, Chicago-style beef, snickers, cookies, M&Ms, etc. We special order our Chicago beef from Serrelli Street deli in Chicago (Allan, I’m talking to you now….order this sometime! You’d make a fortune selling this in NYC.) and my mom doctors it up with garlic pepper and garlic. Oh my god, it’s orgasmic! My mother also makes the world’s most amazing salad on the planet, and the one day she made it I had three helpings!  I’ve been trying hard not to eat too much food  (portion sizes) as a way of counter-balancing the quality of food being offered. Oof.

My Christmas tradition, since I was born, is that on Christmas day we have an open house, and everyone stops by. It’s always a house full of people! Some years we’ve had 20 people, and some years we’ve had 200 people! This year we had few groups of people show up, but it seems like everyone has kids, so if you count all the children flying around the house, it was a housefull! And noisy, too! To me, Christmas is all about the people — NOT about presents or food.  I always look forward to coming home and seeing people I haven’t seen for a year or more. I was particularly delighted to meet my “little brother’s” (family friend who is really like family to me) new fiancee, Julia. She’s absolutely fantastic! I love her to pieces immediately, and I’m positive that’s a brilliant match. I’m SO happy for them! I seriously got warm and fuzzies when I met her.

We leave to go back to New York tomorrow evening, and I hear that we have a foot of new snow waiting for us in our driveway. That means we’ll have to lug our luggage across a long driveway covered in snow! I sure hope our snow blower works. Hubby never tested it out to see if it works, so cross your fingers for us!

Before we left, Hubby and I exchanged presents with each other. I got hubby a Nook E-reader for Christmas which he has yet to use (hmmm) and he got me a fancy pen and a snuggie. We also got each other a ton of board games that I am sure we will put to good use in the coming months!

Here are some pictures of my Christmas get-together with my family! And yes, that’s my sexy-assed hubby wearing an ugly Christmas sweater at the end. Pure sexiness there! HA!

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