Yesterday was a really bad day!

by Christine on February 23rd, 2011

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Yes, I had a really bad day yesterday. As I may have mentioned before, I have been having car problems. My indicator light and my VSA light have been on for a week.  In that time, my car has been handling poorly, I’ve been losing gas mileage, my cruise control shut down on Friday, my dashboard lights have been working funnily, etc. Yesterday I took it down to get repaired, and I was told that it is going to cost $1200 to fix ($600 for parts, $600 for labor).  Yikes!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, hubby’s car is broken, too, and needs to be fixed. When I left the house yesterday, hubby said that he was feeling a little headachy and was going to go back to bed for an hour. Then he was going to go to work and have some co-workers help shuttle him to- and from a car repair place. He knew that I was going to get my car fixed today, too. I specifically told him to call me and check in with me and let me know what’s going on with his car.

Now let’s get one thing straight. I HATE dealing with car issues. I believe that as a woman, every car repair place is out to scam me. I know…hypersensitive much? When I was 16 and took my first car in to an oil change place, they purposely broke something so that they could charge me extra ~~ just to get my car started~~. I called my dad in tears, and when he came down there of course they discovered that they merely “bumped something” and would fix it free, pronto.

Another time, a little more recently, I needed to get my brakes fixed. I dropped my car off and they called with a quote: $800. Fortunately my father in law was there and he told me he could fix it for $150. Ironically I saw the asshole mechanic at NAPA auto parts, and when I asked him how he could dare quote me $800 for something that cost $150 in parts, he smiled and shrugged and said, “Hey, I had to try.”

My husband KNOWS that I loathe dealing with car repair people. I have bitched about this for years. And when the car repair place called yesterday to say that it was going to cost $1200 to fix, of course my first inclination was to ask my hubby for a second opinion and/or to intervene if necessary.

I called his cell. No answer.
I called home. No answer.
I called his work. They said he never came into work.
I called his cell and left a message. No answer.

I called him another 28 times, at home and on his cell phone, and there was no answer.

I then got into a little bit of a squabble with the car repair place. I knew they had loaner cars, but they didn’t want to give me one, or, rather, they said that all the loaners were gone to other customers. (They had to keep my car overnight.) At $1200 I wanted a goddamned way to get home; I did NOT want to pay for a taxi, and my flaky husband was nowhere to be found. I threw a fit, and they finally found a loaner to give me.

On the positive note–the ONLY positive note in all this–the loaner is a brand new Acura TSX (my car is a 2004 TSX) and oooh it drives so smoothly and nice! I want to tell them they can keep my junky car–I’ll keep this one!

When I finally got home last night, I mentally shut down. I told hubby that I wanted to be alone. I went into the bedroom and read some, and slept a LOT. I just shut down mentally.

It’s bad enough that this car charge is going to max out my credit card once again. It’s bad enough that I had to deal with these asshole car repairmen that I KNOW are scamming me, somehow. But it’s really even worse that I had to deal with all of this crap alone. I thought that spouses were supposed to be there for one another, ESPECIALLY when dealing with issues that make each other nervous. I felt completely abandoned and completely alone, especially because I had asked hubby that morning to be on call, check in with me, to be there for me, and he wasn’t.

I also feel a little bit like I have to do everything around the house, and so my feeling of isolation was really only compounded with this situation. My dear hubby, who was home all day on Monday for the holiday (I had to work) neglected to bring in the trash barrels, bring in the mail, shovel the walkway for me. He didn’t take the full trash downstairs, didn’t put the towels away that have been sitting on the counter for a week (that I washed and folded), couldn’t be bothered to put his own freshly washed clothes away (he dumps them in a heap on his closet floor). And then he’s too sick on Tuesday to answer the goddamn phone when I call because he’s too busy playing computer games???

I’m tapped out, emotionally.

I know my first response in times like this is to indulge, overeat, dive into a huge bucket of ANYTHING. It’s all about quantity in times like this. But thanks to my gastric band, I don’t have to worry about overdoing it.

Still, I wish life got easier sometimes. I’m tired of constantly fighting it out!

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