Adorable Blog Award!

by Christine on June 3rd, 2011

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Patrick over at Responsibility 199 gave me an Adorable Blog Award! Thank you Patrick!!!

I feel like Patrick and I have a lot in common, despite some pretty obvious differences between us. First and most importantly, we share an unyielding love of Eeyores, and we both have a rather stunning amount of Eeyore paraphernalia as adults.  Secondly, Patrick lives close to my hometown, so I feel a bit of a kinship with him, kind of like he must get where I’m coming from, if for nothing else than because he IS where I came from, literally. Anyway, I do adore me some Patrick, and if you haven’t checked out his blog yet you should. CLICK HERE!

blog award

Rules of the Award
*Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
*Tell us 10 things about yourself.
*Nominate your bloggers.
*Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.

Okey doke. So onto 10 things about me:
1. I’m trying to stop biting my nails. I’ve gone about a month without biting them, which might be the longest time ever. I’ve tried to stop before, but they are always so weak and tear off, which is 10 times more painful than mere biting, so I end up going back to my old habits. Hopefully this time will be the break I need!
2. I don’t remember the last time I went to the grocery store. 2 weeks ago? 4? I’m starting to eat all the canned stuff in my cabinet that has been sitting there for a really long time.
3. I’m terribly crowd-a-phobic. In Vegas I ran into an enormous crowd in the MGM Casino. I ended up crouched against a wall hyperventilating until I worked up enough courage to fight the crowds and get the hell out of there. My problem is when people infringe on my personal space.
4. I’m afraid of my own cleavage.
5. I enjoy silence and solitude.
6. Amelie is one of my favorite movies, and I love quirky little things, like running your fingers through a bag of beans, or twirling in circles until you feel dizzy.
7. I drink my milk with ice.
8. I hate books and movies that have “happy endings” that end with someone having a baby. Drives me nuts.
9. I really like my NOOK, even though I swore up and down that I’d never get an E-reader, much less USE it or ENJOY it.
10. There’s a drug in marijuana that triggers your brain and gives you the munchies. I never understood why they couldn’t create a drug that just reverses that process, triggering the same part of your brain so you’re not hungry?

And now to pass on the blog award to a few other people! I’ve discovered a few new blogs recently and have really enjoyed getting to know some new faces. Please take a moment to check out these new bloggers, too!

I’m always looking for new blogs to read and follow, so if you’re reading this now, please link me up to your blog! Put the URL in your comment! (I can’t always find it by going through your blogger profile and whatnot.)


Stylish Blogger Award

by Christine on January 25th, 2011

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Thank you to Heather from “Am I actually doing this? Heather’s Banded Journey” for nominating me for the Stylish Blogger Award!

First up: I need to share 7 factoids about myself.

  1. Today I got asked if I’d like to be nominated for the head Creative Director for next year’s MIT Mystery Hunt. This role would be in charge of making sure that all puzzles and activities conform to the overall theme. What an honor to be thought of, but I’m not wholly confident in my abilities to carry this off, especially considering that these are some of the most intelligent people in the world that I’d be on the Management Team with. I’m intimidated and feeling quite insecure, although I think the job would be fun and challenging as all get-out!
  2. A recent Non-Scale Victory (NSV):  I’ve discovered a new bone in my body! My shoulder has a bone that sticks out at the very top, edge of my shoulder (where the arm begins). I can’t see it, but I can feel it, and it’s pretty cool. Yay for bones!
  3. This week I ate at Wendy’s (a small half-salad) and McDonalds (a salad) because both establishments are close to my work. Both meals were both rather gross. I knew that they were calorie nightmares before I ordered them, but I had never had the salads at either place before. I learned my lesson and won’t be ordering from there again.  I’ll chalk that one up to a “learning process.”
  4. One of my favorite songs when I was in 8th grade was “I am the Walrus” by the Beatles, and like a dummy that I am, I decided it would be cool to write the song title on the back of my own jean jacket. Yes, I was overweight. And yes, I was teased about that, a lot.
  5. When I lay on my side, I’ve got so much loose fat on my belly that it droops and pools on the bed. It’s way gross, but it’s still better than being fat.
  6. When I was fat, I tried everything to lose weight. I mean everything. For instance, in this blog post I talked about starving myself…I didn’t eat a thing for 70 days.  I was miserable being fat, and I was desperate for something, anything to work. I was willing to put in the hard work to lose weight, but nothing was working. I tried to teach myself to purge my food. Learning to be bulimic is not very easy. I tried shoving tooth brushes down my throat, gagging on my fingers, throwing myself over the back of the couch to get a gagging reaction–anything. I could never do it, and I’m glad that all my efforts failed. Now, with the gastric band, I can easily vomit up my food if it gets stuck, but I’m extremely aware of how easily it would be to cross the line into bulimia, and so I’m always extremely careful not to cross that line, EVER.
  7. I love ice cold applesauce. I’ll even stick it in the freezer for a bit to make sure it’s really cold. Ice-cold applesauce is amazing when you have a sore throat!

Now I get to nominate five awesome, stylish bloggers!

Congrats everyone, and thank you again Heather!


Finally went to the gym!

by Christine on September 19th, 2010

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About three weeks ago I caught a cold or something, followed by another week of tiredness. Because of that, I stopped going to the gym. However, last week I felt fine…and I still didn’t go to the gym. I had nothing to blame except for all out laziness!

Well, I finally made it back to the gym today! I did 3 miles (40 mins) with incline raised on the treadmill, followed by situps. Not a really killer day, but that time really showed me how much three weeks off can set back my progress on the treadmill.  I felt relieved after I went to the gym. I don’t like to work out; I don’t like sweating, I don’t like the gym, and my lazy inner nature just doesn’t like the effort. Given my preference, I would much rather “work out” in ways that are fun, such as playing volleyball with friends, riding my bike, rollerblading after work, etc. I prefer outdoorsy, social activities.

That being said, it has become so ingrained in me that a healthy lifestyle simply requires working out. Consequently, I feel guilty when I don’t go.

Afterwards, I spent a solid eight hours cleaning the house! I re-potted half of my houseplants and put them in larger pots, with fresh soil. They look fantastic now! I had a giant aloe plant that I broke up in three huge pots, with a few “babies” I put into four little pots to give away to my co-workers tomorrow at work. Man, that took up a lot of room!

I did five loads of laundry and cleaned the cat’s litter boxes. I flipped our king-sized bed mattress, I cleaned the kitchen, I went for a walk with the neighbors. I’m going to spend the next three hours sitting on my butt on the couch reading my book (Patrick, I’m reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I’m on “The Firey Cross” currently) and watching football! Go Steelers! They are 2-0!  Wahoo!

Food today:

Noon: 1 large glass of milk (120 calories) + leftover homemade chili (180 calories)
3 p.m.: 1 diet pepsi
4 p.m.: Some leftover couscous (44) with leftover bean stuff on it (30)
7 p.m.: WW pasta (20) and some tomato sauce/ground beef/veggies on it, approx half a cup (80) (barfed a little up…pasta does NOT sit well with me, and I only attempted to eat it because hubby cooked it, and i didn’t want him to feel bad!), 1 big glass of milk (120)
Total: 594!! Yikes, quite a deficit. I have room for a snack tonight…maybe an apple (or two!)

In other news, the lovely Patrick gave me a blog award! Thank you very much!

Ok, this award’s rules for eligibility are:

1. Answer the question, “If you had one chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
I don’t think I would change most of the major decisions in my life. I’m super thrilled with the decisions I made for college. Living in Europe for a year was a major life-changer for me. Moving to New York to go to graduate school set me up for some of the happiest moments of my life. For starters, it allowed me to make all the friends I have today and to meet my husband! And, of course, I would certainly have married him!
There are little things that I would have changed though. I wasn’t a very nice person when I was younger. This wasn’t entirely my fault; coming from an abusive household, I certainly wasn’t given a good example to follow. I’m proud of who I am today, so I suppose I needed those younger years to evolve.  And speaking of abusive households: I would have told my father. For lots of reasons I never told him what happened to me. If I had, I think he would have stopped the abuse, or at the very least minimized him. I was scared to tell him, but I should have.  So there…that’s two regrets.
2. Pass on to six people and inform them of the award.
Six people with fantastic blogs! You bet!

  1. Heather from “Healther’s Banded Journey”
  2. Lesia, who recently got her lifetime membership from Weight Watchers! Congrats!!
  3. Sparkler’s Story
  4. Mary from “Band me I’m ready”
  5. Amanda from “Amanda’s Waning”
  6. Sarah from “Losing weight, gaining tons”

Thank you once again Patrick!


Happy 101 Blog Award

by Christine on September 3rd, 2010

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Thank you to Stephanie for giving me this blog award! I’m honored! :-)

1. Post who gave you this award

Thank you Stephanie from “I’m my favorite!” 

2. State 10 things you like:

  1. Mr. Goodbar
  2. Running my hands through a bag of dried beans
  3. Snuggling with my cat before I drift off to sleep
  4. Reading
  5. Sleeping in
  6. Hand massages (erotic!!)
  7. My mom’s pork chops & rice
  8. Autumn
  9. Hiking and camping. Anything involving the mountains and woods!
  10. Listening to live music in a relaxed and comfortable environment

3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

  1. Lynn’s Weigh
  2. Shane
  3. My Island Bandito
  4. Life According to Candice (I think I’ve given her awards before and they’ve gone unreceived, but I think she’s HILARIOUS so I have to give it to her again. Cuz she makes me HAPPY!)
  5. Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limesone
  6. Freckle!
  7. Body by Pizza
  8. My Vermont neighbor, Angie.
  9. Doctor F.
  10. Rebecca, at the Eagle’s Aerie

Thank you again Stephanie!

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