Boring day and Oh! that dress!

by Christine on March 31st, 2011

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Nothing much newsy here. Just work work work. I’m getting a lot done, though!

For my birthday my hubby got me fun sparkly jewelery to go with the saucy little cruiseship dress. He also go me a Nook. I got him a Nook for Xmas, and now we can share our e-books with one another. I enjoy reading during my lunch breaks, and the e-reader is very convenient for reading-and-eating at the same time.

I decided to forgo the nice birthday dinner. I wasn’t really all that hungry, and what I really wanted was a little ice cream! I had a half of a small size of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream and that’s it–I called it dinner.   A relaxing day, kind of boring day overall, but nice.

Weight is status quo. The ice cream didn’t do any damage yesterday, since I didn’t pair it with dinner (or a high-calorie dinner, for that matter).  I’m kind of craving vegetables at the moment though!!


It’s my birthday! Hello 33!!

by Christine on March 30th, 2011

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It’s my first day of being 33!!

My, how much things have changed in the last year!  One year ago I weighed 157 pounds and was really embracing the weight loss. For my birthday hubby got me an iphone and Yankees tickets!

I remember how excited I was about this dress. It was a Size 12.

A year later I’m 126 pounds (pretty much at my goal weight), a clothing Size 2/4 and I’m trying maintenance on for a size.  Pretty awesome! What a difference a year makes!

Sorry, crappy office pic this morning. But oh my! I grew crow’s feet around my eyes in the last year! Where did THOSE come from??

I went shopping for fancy dresses the other day. I didn’t buy this one, but I took pics anyway. I’ll show pictures of the dress I DID end up buying soon. Oh my, this dress bared a lot of skin, but the dress I bought is very form-fitting and doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination! They are both dresses I would never have considered trying on a year ago!

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