98 pounds lost! And interview day!

by Christine on November 5th, 2010

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Wow, I didn’t update my blog yesterday! I’m afraid I was completely in avoidance mode. I was avoiding thinking about this interview, jobstuff in general, money, friends, everything. I had originally planned to go for a hike and do a little soul-searching along the way. However, it ended up raining all day, and I turned inwards and hibernated.  In the evening hubby and I went to play pub trivia. It was lovely to see friends there. We didn’t win at the end, but we were in first place at halftime so we won prizes again. Hooray! Go team!

Today is my job interview. It was originally scheduled for Monday, but then the HR lady called to reschedule to Wednesday. She called and said that one of the interviewers was sick, and could we reschedule for today? So…three schedulings later, today is the big day. My portfolio is packed and ready to go. I’m showered and clean. All I have left to do is de-cat-fur my suit and drive down there.

If my weigh-in today is any indication, then it will be a good day! I hope this is the case! The scale told me I was 127.8, which means that I’ve lost 98 pounds and am only a mere TWO POUNDS from my goal weight! How fantastic!!

Here are some fun before and after pictures! The “before” pictures are from 2000 and 2001…

And these days:


Wedding #2 Pictures

by Christine on August 21st, 2010

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I don’t ever want to be THIS person ever again. I look at these pictures and see someone so sad. (Pictures from 2008, just prior to surgery, which was February 2009)

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