4 Year Wedding Anniversary!

by Christine on May 7th, 2012

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In celebration of four years of wedding bliss together, hubby and I decided to head down to the New Jersey shore for the weekend.

I’ve been living in Upstate New York for 10 years now, and although I’ve been to Atlantic City before, I’ve never explored the shoreline. In fact, I’ve always had a very poor opinion of New Jersey, since my first experience there was finding myself in Elizabeth and Newark. I realize this makes me sound a little bit ignorant, but my opinion was surely reversed after this weekend.

First we drove way down south to Cape May. I LOVED CAPE MAY! It’s fantastically beautiful and laid back and relaxing. I would love to stay there sometime during the summer and use the beaches. We passed about 6 couples getting married on the beach there….just perfect!  I had the most delicious Manhattan Clam Chowder I’ve ever had!

Beautiful Victorian houses all throughout the town. So much to see and admire!

This is the Inn of Cape May. We randomly chose this spot for lunch. The dining room overlooks the ocean, and they had the best Manhattan Clam Chowder! Yum!

After we were done exploring Cape May, we drove slowly up the coast and stopped to look at all the cute towns. We stopped in Wildwoods, which has a huge boardwalk with lots of carnival rides, tshirt shops, etc. A fun place for kids and a fun place to visit (but I personally wouldn’t want to stay there).

They deep fry EVERYTHING there! Every 2 feet you ran into a little shop that will deep fry anything you can think of. I had never had a deep fried Oreo, and hubby loves Oreos so we had to give that a try…

MEH.  Disappointing.  Maybe a triple-stuffed oreo would be good, but I just found it lacking in flavor overall. Very dry. Fun to try, but I definitely won’t be doing that again.

We stayed the night at Bally’s in Atlantic City.  We got an upgrade to our room since they screwed up our reservation, and our room was very spacious. The best part by far was the use of the pool facilities ($10 per room, per day). Sunday we spent all morning swimming, sitting in the hot tub, using the saunas, etc. It was fantastic!

Dinner on Saturday was at Rainforest Cafe. I got fish tacos, but for some reason my gastric band wouldn’t allow me to keep a single bite down. It’s frustrating to waste money like that.

Lunch on Sunday we found a real gem — the Red Square, a Russian restaurant. It has walls (well, columns) made of ice! They have a bajillion types of vodkas, and a freezer where you can put on a bunch of russian furs and wrap up and go into the freezer to do a shot of your choice of vodka. Very swanky and fun! I ordered the shrimp cocktail, and it was divine! HUGE shrimps and a delicious mango salsa. So yummy. The Caesar salad was amazing too. Yummy all around.

I drank my face off, got lots of walking in (and climbing on rocks on the beach), gambled a little (and came home with money in my wallet!) and had a brilliant time!

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Weight-wise, I’m hanging in there constantly at 130 pounds. I shouldn’t be annoyed at that, but to be honest I’d be a lot more happy at 125.  All my clothes fit, but I feel like my body shape is kind of changing somehow. My butt and legs just feel bigger to me, and I feel like my pants are tighter in those areas. It could very well be all in my head, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m gaining weight. I get really panicky about it, but when I step on the scale it’s still within the maintenance zone. I’m finding it hard to rectify how I feel and the number on the scale. Since I know I have disordered eating issues and self-perception problems, it’s safer to rely on the number on the scale rather than how I feel, but it’s hard to ignore the feelings entirely.


Fun in Atlantic City

by Christine on January 31st, 2011

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Happy Monday Revolutionists!

This past weekend the hubby and I went to Atlantic City with some friends of ours. Our friend Lawson was celebrating a birthday,  and Atlantic City was my consolation prize for making my Goal Weight. (I really wanted Vegas but due to lack of moolah, Atl Cty was the runner-up.)

We stayed at a super cute hotel called the Chelsea, which is right next door to the Tropicana. It doesn’t have any slot machines itself, but it has plenty of other amenities (2 restaurants, a night club, a lounge, swimming pool, spa, etc.).  We really liked the hotel and found it to be comfortable, affordable, clean, and the staff were all really nice.

We did gamble, but we didn’t have any luck doing so. All the money that I had set aside for gambling we lost. That’s okay–you can’t ever plan to win, you know? We had fun playing, but when the money was gone it was gone–there was no going back into the checking account for more.

My favorite part of the weekend was indulging in the spa services at the hotel. All guests can use the heated outdoor pool for free, so we took advantage of that. However, we later learned that you could use the indoor jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna for $15/person/day. We were so glad we did that! We spent two hours lounging around and relaxing for a while. Super nice!

My second favorite part of the weekend was shopping! It’s funny to me that my brain is still stuck in fat-girl mode. I see a Lane Bryant and my first reaction is to want to go in there, even though none of the clothes would come close to fitting me anymore.  I see cute boutique stores and want to cringe, assuming that the clothing wouldn’t come close to fitting me. I have a lot of mental adjustment to do!

(a good example of me in a JC Penny sweater, lacking any discernible style)

This weekend I went into some cute, trendy clothing stores (White house/Black Market & Cache, to name two) and tried on lots of cute clothes! I bought 2 tops on sale, both in Size Small. I tried on some dresses & skirts, and all the Size 2 fit me.  It was a great way to celebrate reaching my goal weight! It felt so indulgent and uxorious to shop at such cute stores as that. I am still trying to establish some semblance of a “style” to call my own, and cute stores like those have such trendy clothes…much more so than JC Penny, which is my fall-back store.

In addition to all that, we did a nice dinner out at Evo in Trump Plaza. The food was okay, but the service was only so-so.  I had the three-course meal for $20, so I had some onion soup, calamari (I only had a little, promise!), and some grilled salmon. The fish turned out a little under-done, but it was okay. Not too fishy, at least. For Lawson’s birthday we all had some chocolate molten lava cake.

After dinner we caught a comedy show at the Comedy Stop near the Tropicana. The show was great–I laughed a lot! However, there was a group of bitches sitting behind us that would not stop talking! They were even playing cell phone games with the volume turned on! We turned around and glared at them a bunch of times, but they didn’t shut up. Finally my hubby talked to a security guard who gave them a good scolding. After the show, the only guy in the group–a 400 pound thuggish looking guy–wanted to start something with hubby. We were like, “whatever fuckheads, learn some manners” and walked away. I bet it would have been a good brawl though. Even though the guy at that table had 200 pounds on Hubby, I think he would have given the big guy a run for his money.

The drive to Atlantic City from the Albany area takes about 4 hours one way. Ugh, that’s a lot of driving! I tried to sleep on the way back, but just rested and closed my eyes. Still, it was relaxing.  All in all, it was a really lovely weekend away!

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