138.8 pounds (86.2 pounds lost): Bachelorette Party #2

by Christine on July 26th, 2010

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Good morning Revolutionists!

I apologize for not writing over the weekend, but what a busy weekend it was! I had my second bachelorette party to attend, and it was down in NYC. I had lots to pack and plan for!

On Friday I left work early to go to the doctor’s office. I didn’t get to see my super-amazing Dr. M, but her co-doctor in the office is a really nice guy. He told me (1) that I was cleared to go to NYC, because (2) I wasn’t contageious. (3) As for my underlying condition, if I still feel gross by the end of this week, then call him again.

(4) While he was making me cough and breathe and take my temperature, he was pressing on my abs and said, “Yikes, is that your port site?” He said he has several patients that have had the gastric banding surgery, and not a single one has a port site that wiggles around and sticks out like mine. He told me to call my surgeon and get it fixed. I really need to get on that, don’t I?  He also said that of all the patients, he’s never had one as “enormously successful as you.” He said he would never guess by looking at me that I’ve had weight-loss surgery!

Saturday I woke up bright and early. We picked up Danielle (the bride-to-be) and Sue, because we’re all neighbors and live in the same street. My hubby took us to the train station to catch the MegaBus down to NYC. ($40 tickets…much cheaper than taking the train. And Megabus often has $1 tickets!)  Most of the ladies slept on the bus, so I got to read my book.

Checking into the hotel

We checked into our hotel at the Midtown Hilton, which was nice and spacious by NYC standards, but perhaps a little more run-down than I thought it would be. Maybe I just have high standards, I don’t know. We wandered down the street to a little Irish pub for some food. I had a bowl of French Onion Soup and a diet coke.  Not the healthiest choice, but I knew I couldn’t finish a whole plate of food, and I didn’t want to take leftovers home. Nor did I want to dish out $15 for a healthier meal option that I wouldn’t finish.

We walked around a little bit, to digest lunch. We wandered over to Rockefeller Plaza. Holy smokes it was hot and humid out! One thing about Rockefeller Plaza: once you’ve seen it, you’ve pretty much seen what there is to see.  I’ve been there maybe four times now. (Snore!)  But there’s a lovely swiss chocolate store there, so I took Danielle in and bought us each a chocolate with Dom Perignon champagne inside of it! Decadant, and well worth the treat! I only bought one candy piece for us, a piece, rather than a box of them. Built-in portion control!

Ha ha, the feathers were so silly!

(Debi from “Hawaii Bound Bandster”…check it out! Diana Gabaldon’s “Dragonfly in Amber” is on the desk behind me!)

We went back the hotel and got ready for our evening on the town. We met in the other hotel room (we had 2 rooms, with four people in each room) and had champagne and shots to start off the evening Ole!

The Bachelorette Party

We headed off to our first venue: LIPS, a drag queen show!  It was gaudy and over the top and totally a lot of fun! I ordered a “Buttery Nipple” shot that was pure deliciousness! I need a recipe for that! I also got a frozen cosmo.  For a meal I got the fish dish: filet of sole with crab topping. A side of rice and a side of veggies. I ate about 1/5th of the plate. I didn’t want to over-do it and feel stuffed all night long!

(The absolutely funniest part of the evening was after the show, and all eight of us had to use the bathroom. There was a line a mile long for the lady’s room, so we all decided to use the men’s room. Well, Sue ended up…literally picking up the toilet seat on the men’s room and tried to give poor Karen a halo! We were shrieking at the top of our lungs and nearly peed ourselves from laughing so hard!)

We caught a cab and went to a lovely rooftop bar at on 5th Avenue. There were flowers galore, palm trees, and beautifulness! But holy-expensive-drinks-batman!

From there we wandered off to find a 90s dance club. We took a taxi, but discovered that the club had closed down! We took another taxi to a salsa club, but the Maid of Honor wasn’t keen on the $20 cover charge. We asked the bouncer for a recommendation for an 80’s or 90s club, and he sent us to this club. Another taxi ride there…and the line was ten thousand miles long, wrapping around the block. No way were we going to stand in line! We needed to regroup, so I found a little Irish pub on the corner of the street. We had such a fun time there! It was quiet so we could actually talk, and we found a group of absolutely adorable, genuinely-nice guys to banter with.  Our group separated for a bit. I was in charge of liquoring up the bachelorette (easy-as-pie!) and the other group went off in search of another dance club. They called an hour later and said, “It’s great, come by!”

The Bride and Me!

The Canal Room was pretty awesome! When we got there, the first group had reserved us a VIP table up top, so we had LOADS of room to dance around and not get squished by the floor crowd. The band was great! The 80’s music was terrific! And we danced and danced and danced!  We had to order full bottles of alcohol (1 vodka, 1 rum) plus some mixers. We all got totally trashed. We danced with some guys at the adjacent VIP table. I ended up stealing another table’s Red Bull (they had left, so it wasn’t a terrible theft, I hope) so I could caffinate myself. We danced for maybe 5 hours…I burned off OODLES of calories!

At a little after 4 p.m., we caught some taxis to get back the hotel. By accident “Group B” ended up in a limo, and the driver took us to a pizza place. We bought a whole slab of cheese pizza and took it back to the hotel. I gobbled up the cheese on one slice of pizza (and then promptly puked it all up…ate WAY too fast. I was starving!) Then they all started passing out around the room. I put them all into bed, tucked them in, and took their pictures. I was getting anal retentive about having dirty feet, so I washed my feet in the tub, then curled up to sleep around 5 a.m.

Yesterday everyone was so hung over, but not me! I don’t know how I got out of the hangover. The bus ride home seemed incredibly long. I read my book on the way home and watched over the group.  When I got home, I had half a can of tomato soup, then went to the gym (!!!!) and then took a nap.  For dinner we went out, and I had some kind of weird greek soup (lemon, chicken, orzo in a cream sauce) but I barely had a third of it. I filled up way too fast.

This morning I had lost a pound! 138.8.  Terrific!

NSV this morning at work! One of our Ph.D. students asked me shyly, “Have you lost weight? I mean, a LOT of weight?” I told him that I had, and he said, “I can totally tell. It’s really obvious!”  NSV!

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