Relaxing 4th of July! (weekend in pictures)

by Christine on July 5th, 2011

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Our long 4th of July weekend was very nice. Here’s a little re-cap!


Friday I was on my own. I went up to the Saratoga Springs State Park and had some Paneras (the vegetarian black bean soup…yum!) picnic-style on the lawn and read a book for a while. The State Park is one of my favorite places to hang out. The people-watching is fantastic, and the beautiful buildings (like the Hall of Springs) are amazing!  I wandered into the Hall of Springs once, a few years ago, on accident. A wedding was going on there, and oh, how beautiful it was! The room was lit with sparkling Christmas lights and it was like walking straight into some beautiful fairy tale.

When I was done eating and the sun went down, I went over to the Harness Track and won $50! Woohoo!



Saturday we relaxed around the house; hubby mowed the lawn and I did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and paid the bills.  Then we headed out to an historic house on the Hudson River called Clermont. What a great little estate! It’s just south of Olana (which I visited on Mother’s Day, read about that here) and is the home of a surprisingly not-well-known but very important person in American History!  It was the home of Robert Livingston, who was one of the creators of the Declaration of Independence, a co-patent owner of the Steamboat, Chancellor of NYS, and was the guy that swore President Washington into office.  I was surprised I had never heard of the guy. The house was wonderful, and our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my crazy questions.

Afterwards we went down to Hudson and did some shopping. I got a great antique necklace for $10, my good bargain of the weekend! Then we stopped at a pub for some late food (I had some fish…very healthy!)  Hudson has a ton of antique stores and one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. It’s a great day trip from Albany!

Then we ran home, change, and headed out to hear some live  music. A friend of ours, Allie, plays trombone in a few bands, and she was getting together with some old friends in a ska band, the Mixers. We had a great time listening to them skank!


Sunday was our really lazy day.  We got up and enjoyed our morning just lounging around. Then we headed up to Saratoga Springs again for the Saratoga History Museum exhibit opening. They have an exhibit about the Ghosts of Saratoga, which was based on the Ghost Hunters episode. In the tv show, the ghost hunters investigated paranormal activity at the Canfield Casino, which is where the history museum is located. They have a fantastic exhibit of clothing from the 1800s as well. The turnout was huge, and I got to meet a few board members. All in all, a wonderful outing!

We grabbed food in Saratoga (I had a greek salad at Circus Cafe. Delicious!) and then headed home. Unfortunately it was rainy on Sunday, so we couldn’t do anything fun and outdoorsy. We took a long nap and hung around home until the evening, when we went over to a friend’s house. He was having a backyard BBQ party, and we hung out and chatted with some old friends and watched our friends set off (illegalcoughcough) fireworks! John built a dirtbike track in his back yard, so it was a bunch of drunkassed fools driving around on dirtbikes and John’s expensive corvette convertible, setting fireworks off in the woods, and blowing shit up. You gotta love this group of guys. They definitely will never grow up!  The cops drove by and waved a few times, so all must have been good.

oooooh that’s a big group of troublemakers right there!


Finally, the 4th was upon us!  I went out in the morning and ran some errands. I discovered that I really don’t have any shorts that fit me, so I went out to buy a pair…and bought a few sale items in the process, really more $$ than I bargained for.  Hubby and I played frisbee and catch in the yard.  In the evening we cooked a dinner at home (grilled chicken + corn for me) and then headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings just to have a beer and play some electronic trivia. We had a friend join us and we chatted for a long time there until we left to do some grocery shopping. It was LATE when we got home!


My weight has stabilized, kind of, I think, thank GOD.  In fact, if anything I lost 3 pounds over the weekend. Still up (way too much) but at least the freakshow has halted for a few days.


I get my port replaced tomorrow at 11:30! I’ll post information about that tomorrow. I’m hoping that it’s no-big-deal, is painless, and has a quick healing time. I’m REALLY hoping that they don’t pump that gas inside of me because that stuff HURT last time!  Wish me luck!

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