Super busy start to the new year!

by Christine on January 30th, 2012

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I’ve had a few wonderful people (Kriz & LapBand Gal mainly, thank you!) ask me “where the hell are you? Are you okay?” Thank you for checking in with me!

Yes I’m okay! And I’ve just been AWOL…haven’t posted for a few reason. (1) I’ve been busy, and (2) I feel like I don’t have much to add about the whole weight loss/gastric banding discussion at this point. That’s not to say that Maintenance Mode doesn’t have its challenges–it challenges me every day!–but I feel a bit redundant saying the same thing all the time on here. I’ll try to write more often though and come up with something clever to write about.

Here is a quickie little update on what’s been shaking in my world…


My weight is holding steady in my maintenance range…128. (My range is 125-130).  Clothing is still fitting just fine at Size 4. My band the last few weeks has felt a little bit looser, which is a Catch 22.  On one hand I can eat healthier foods with more ease (salads, veggies), but on the other hand I can overeat easier as well. I notice that as my band get looser, I gravitate towards carbs more than I otherwise wood. This weekend I had a dish with rice, and dammit I ate all the rice! It was totally subconscious too. Some habits will never be broken, I think.

A few weeks ago I had some dentistry work done on me. I had a baby tooth pulled, a root canal, my jaw packed with bone dusty stuff to regrow my jawbone, etc.  When the doc got in there, he discovered the void under my tooth was much larger than he anticipated, so he had to cut my lip and cheek to get to everything. The procedure was more than 3 hours, 10 shots of novacaine…I passed out when I stood up and went to go pay…it was quite a process!

Consequently, I’ve been eating more mushy foods than normal–apple sauce, oatmeal, more soups, etc.  I can start to eat chewier food (meat) now, but every now and then something pokes me in the owie area and it’s…ahem…a bit startling in not quite a pleasant way. I hate dental work!

Mental Health

My mental health is FINALLY  much better. I was really teetering on the edge for a few weeks there. I was quite worried about myself. I met with my GP though, and we switched medicine, and it’s fantastic. I feel human again. I don’t feel like jumping off a bridge the minute I wake up. Relief!

I had started to see a counselor, but then work got a bit crazy and I had to cancel an appointment, and then I had the dentist work done and had to cancel my 2nd appointment with the counselor guy. I have an appointment today, and I still don’t really know what to expect or hope to get out of this.


My exercise is not as good as I hope it would be, but it’s getting better. I signed up for a yoga class, and OH! How I miss Yoga!!!  SO MUCH!!  I have been really sore after the yoga class, which is simultaneously an indication that it’s a good workout for me as well as an indication of how out of shape I am! I will be getting some snowshoeing in this weekend as well.


Work has been very busy, but it’s been really good. I’m finally getting a LOT of positive feedback. And I got a raise. So all things are good there!


So much fun stuff, so little time. I’ve been busy with: (1) New years eve party; (2) concerts; (3) volunteering with the Future City competition (4) yoga; (5) girl’s night-in parties; (6) pub trivia; (7) ski trip weekend to New Hampshire; (8) playing online poker, etc.

(at Chutters, home of the world’s longest candy counter! Egads, it’s food porn!!)


Starting out 2012

by Christine on January 3rd, 2012

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Well, New Years was more of the same. It was hubby’s birthday, and I got him (er, got us!) a ski weekend away in New Hampshire at the end of the month. Then we went over to a friends’ house for drinking & merriment. I was playing DD, so I sipped some Red Bull and diet coke and ate entirely too much finger food. I eventually tore myself away from the food table and laid down on the couch. We got home around 3 a.m. I spent the next two days sleeping a LOT. I think my new anti-depressants make me sleepy, so for now on I’m only going to take the medicine at night, before bed.

I’m starting 2012 off at 127.0 pounds, which is right in my maintenance zone.

So far I’ve done fantastically eating healthy foods. I’ve opted for salads three times instead of soup or appetizers or whatnot. This won’t always be so easy; salads can be tough for me when my band is extra restrictive. But…so far so good.

I have been busy today planning out my schedule. I am trying to fit in more exercise time into 2012. I signed up for a yoga class today (Tuesdays) and plan to do volleyball on Thursdays.

I haven’t really set any 2012 goals for myself, but if I did they would probably involve eating healthier, exercising more, and continue breaking the nail biting habit (which I think I’m in the process of beating, FINALLY!).

I hope you all have a great 2012!

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