Flag football fumble!

by Christine on November 28th, 2011

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Good morning Revolutionists! Did everyone have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday? Did you enjoy your time off from work? Did you make a dent in your Christmas shopping?

My holiday was really uneventful. Boring, even. I slept a lot. I pulled out the Xmas decorations. I went to my in-law’s for Thanksgiving dinner. I did okay eating–didn’t overeat, didn’t barf anything up–but man the turkey coma hit me hard!

Foodwise, I guess I did alright. I was weighing in at 127.0 this morning, which is within my “maintenance range.”

This weekend my hubby’s friends invited me to play flag football with them. I couldn’t wait to try it! I have never played flag football before! Well, I made it 4 plays–less than 15 minutes–when one of the boys tackled me. I feel backwards, hit my head, and blacked out. When I came to, I saw a lot of stars and had a killer headache. 2 days later I’m dealing with a very stiff neck…I think I pulled some muscles. UGH. Nothing that will kill me, but annoying nonetheless. I was far more upset about missing out on playing than I was about getting hurt!

My meds are still not worked out. I fluctuated between “normal” and “moody” all weekend long. That’s why I opted to sleep so much, I think. Sigh….


Mentally preparing for Thanksgiving

by Christine on November 23rd, 2011

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I want to take a few moments to mentally prepare for the day insofar as “what and how much food will I eat?”

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that busting your calorie budget on Thanksgiving can be incredibly easy to do. Assuming a typical Thanksgiving feast…

6 oz white and dark meat turkey = 340 calories
1/2 cup of stuffing = 180 calories
1/2 cup mashed potatoes = 150 calories or more
1/2 cup gravy = 150 calories
1/2 cup candied sweet potatoes = 150 calories
2 dinner rolls = 220 calories
Butter for those rolls = 50 calories
1/2 cup green beans = 50 calories
1 glass wine = 120 calories
1 piece pumpkin pie = 200 calories

That’s a whopping 1600 calories for a meal that has “reasonable” portion sizes. Wowza! And that doesn’t even account for 2nd helpings, pre-dinner snacks, football snacks, etc. Talk about easy to break that calorie budget!  That’s two days worth of calories for me!

So in my mind, it’s even more important to pre-plan what I’m going to eat. It’s important to me that I get to eat all the stuff I really love even if it’s not really low-calorie, but I’m okay with passing on the stuff that I don’t absolutely love.

I LOVE: turkey. my cranberry sauce.  mashed potatoes and gravy, carrot cake.
Stuff I can go without: stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, pie.

So if I just cut down on my portion sizes, I can still have all the things that I love!

3 oz turkey: 170 calories
1/4 cup mashed potatoes: 75 calories
1/4 cup gravy:  75 calories
1/4 cup cranberry sauce: 60 calories??
Small slice of carrot cake: 150 calories
Water instead of wine

Total calories for the meal, which includes all the stuff that I LOVE, is 530 calories.  That’s higher than 1 average meal for me, but completely reasonable nonetheless. That’ll be my plan!

Do you guys plan ahead with your dinner to make sure you won’t go over your calorie budget? What do you do with the leftovers? How do you make sure that the leftovers don’t break your budget day-after-day for the next week?


My most embarrassing “band” experience yet!

by Christine on November 21st, 2011

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Oh lord! I honestly wasn’t going to tell a single soul about this experience, it was SO embarrassing! But since this is a blog about my gastric band and weight loss, I figure it was worth sharing, in the hopes that you can avoid making the same mistake someday.

This weekend we went to the symphony. Hubby’s friends are professional violin/viola players.  They are pretty amazing musicians….One is probably going to transfer from the Philadelphia Symphony to the Boston Symphony (he got an offer, just needs to decide what he’s doing) and his wife plays private engagements, such as the United Nations and White House dinners, etc.  They’re exceptionally talented, and they were playing this weekend as soloists with our local symphony, so of course we had to go see them play!

We were seated in the 3rd row, super close to the stage! My seat was exactly center, so I had about 10 people on either side of me.

At intermission I was starving, so I bought a small package of peanuts and scarfed them down. I was talking with friends and not paying attention to what I was doing. Big mistake, of course.

We sat back down in our seats, the lights went down, and the orchestra picked up. Our musician friends came on stage and wow, they were incredible!

And then I noticed that my peanuts were stuck. I started swallowing really heavily. I was having a hard time breathing. My eyes started to water. Classic “stuck” signs.

I thought maybe it was just a minor episode, and that if given enough time it would pass on its own.

Nope, no such luck.

At one point I looked around in panic, looking for an escape. At the end of the 10 people in our row to my right was our friend who just had foot surgery and is walking around on crutches. He can’t get up and let me out.  On the other side of the row of 10 people to my left were these little old 90 year old people that were having problems getting around.

Oh no.

I was trapped. Literally.

The saliva was building up, so I started considering my options. I had possession of a nearly-empty water bottle, so I thought I’d give that a try. I leaned over, pretending to put something in my purse, and did a dainty little barf into the bottle.


I sat up. Recapped the bottle. Put it under my seat.

And then I started sliming again. You guys know who have bands….I had gotten rid of the saliva that was built up, but I didn’t get rid of the actual blockage. I started to get backed up again.

Oh no.

Panic. I looked around for escape, but came to the same conclusion that I was trapped. Well, the bottle worked one time, it would surely work again. Right?

I leaned over and let it go.

It was like a geyser, you guys. Like some kind of freaking poltergeist decided to give my stomach an old heave-ho. A jet-explosion of foamy saliva-y barf erupted, filled up that bottle in about 2 seconds, and then overflowed. On my hands. On the seat! OMG! On the floor! On my pant leg! On my shoes! OH NO!

I kicked hubby’s jacket out of the way just in the nick of time. I sat there leaned over, looking at the mess I just made, trying to rub my slimy hands off on my pants legs, trying to scrub the side of the newly renovated theater seats with my sweater sleeve.

Look, it was peanuts. And you gastric banders know….if I had eaten chocolate or tomato soup or something else that has a dark color…it would have been a far worse scenario. As it was, it was mostly clear and foamy, and certainly didn’t show up as a stain on my clothes or anything. Maybe that’s the silver lining of this story?


Apparently I was discrete enough that my friend sitting to my right didn’t have any clue what happened. And my hubby on my left wouldn’t have known either except that I told him to get his jacket out of the way. I was mortified.

First rule of thumb when going to the theater: (1) Don’t eat or drink ANYTHING.

Second rule of thumb: (2) NEVER get trapped on the inside again.



I’m MIA!

by Christine on November 17th, 2011

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Oh, the punnery. You XN-ers will get it.

Sorry I have been missing in the last week.  My absence is partly due to just being absent-minded and forgetting about this wee little blog, and partly because my head has been all over the place this last week. I’m still battling the depression-monster (I’m seriously considering a visit to my doctor soon, since my medicine doesn’t seem to be helping this time around) and I’ve been a headcase in just about every other matter in life as well. For no good reason, of course. Just being kind of over-dramatic and crazy in general.

In better news, I think I’m finally going to have my credit card paid off soon…as in the next week or two… so that’s good!

See? I really am still alive!

I’m quickly approaching my one-year anniversary of reaching my goal weight, and my 3-year bandiversary.  I was banded in February of 2009, and I reached my goal weight in December of 2010. So how have I done in Maintenance Mode for the last year?

Overall, not too bad. I’m still within about 2 pounds of my goal weight, which is great, and I’m thrilled for the consistency.  Goal weight is 125….the highest I’ve been in maintenance was about 133, and my usual weight is about 127.  Not bad, right?  I’ll be happy if I can keep that kind of consistency for the rest of my life! I got my port replaced this year, too, and I’m very happy with it now that it’s laying FLAT on my abs, instead of sticking out like a doornob.

On the other hand, I have a LOT I need to improve upon. I really should cook more instead of eating out so much, which will help me choose healthier food options. Although my calorie counts remain on target, often the food I’m choosing is pretty devoid of nutrition or is higher in fats than is really necessary. I also need to improve on my exercise. I’ll never be the kind of person that will consistently hit the gym for an hour every day, but I don’t think it’s outrageous to expect myself some kind of exercise 3 times a week.  Oh, I still exercise! Rollerblading, skiing, hiking, etc., but again it’s more of an issue of consistency with me.


Lost my bookmarks again! Help!

by Christine on November 9th, 2011

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Dang it! The IT guys at work seem to have wiped out all my internet bookmarks, which means my blog visit list has gone Ka-put!!

If I normally troll your blog, or if you would like me to troll your blog a few times a week, please please link me up to your blog in the comments section!

Ah, the wonders of technology, huh? Ha!

I hope you are all doing well!


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