Busy Tuesday

by Christine on November 15th, 2010

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Today has been a busy day! I spent the better part of the day cleaning the house, scrubbing floors and windows and all that jazz. Then I ran out to try to find some clothes that fit me. Not too lucky, but I did find a few bras. Man, my boobies sure have shrunk.  Then it was off to the grocery store where I dropped lots of money stocking up on some much-needed supplies.

For dinner I picked up a breaded tilapia filet from the grocery store. I grilled that up and sauteed some mushrooms and asparagus in butter/garlic/salt, and boy, what a delicious meal!

I’ve been working on my presentation for the job next week. I think it’ll be great! I also got a phonecall that an engineering firm wants me to come in for an interview. I know this engineering firm very well and really like the employees there. I’m very excited about this possibility, and it feels great to have two eggs in my metaphorical basket.

Food today was:

Breakfast: Coffee with sugar and cream (120 calories)
Lunch: Shrimp with cocktail sauce (100 calories), water
Snack: Almonds (100 calories)
Dinner: Breaded tilapia filet, pan fried (120 calories?) with sauteed mushrooms and asparagus (70), 1 beer (120)
Total: 630 calories

I have plenty of room left for a small second dinner or a small snack!


Brief Sunday Update

by Christine on November 14th, 2010

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Go Steelers! I’m watching the game right now.GO GO GO!

Today has been a lazy, boring day. We went Geocaching and found one cache. It was a very cute theme–a lapel pin exchange. I took one that was beer-related because it made me smile. It was well-hidden, but not impossible to find. We didn’t find the 2nd geocache we went after because it got too dark. Micro-caches hidden in trees are difficult in the dark.

We tried to make a label for our beer today, but it turned out kind of terrible. I need to work on it tomorrow. I clipped coupons this afternoon. Paid a few bills, doing a little laundry.

Food today:

Breakfast: 1 cup coffee with cream and sugar (120 calories?)
Lunch: 1/2 a can of Hormel canned chili with turkey and beans (150), water
Snack: 1 small pack of Skittles (80), 1 homebrew (120??)
Dinner: brown rice (30) with veggies, ground beef, and teriyaki sauce (120) and skim milk (120)

Total:  740 calories


Game tournament loser (and winner!)

by Christine on November 14th, 2010

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Yesterday we carpooled with a group of friends and went to Boston for a Dominion tournament.

If you fancy yourself a gaming geek, or if you just REALLY like board games, then I highly recommend Dominion. You’ve probably even heard of it before if you’re really into games. Dominion is a card-playing game where you slowly compile a deck of cards out of 10 randomly chosen piles of cards.  The goal is to buy as much land as possible, but in order to do that you need money and actions, which you can buy from the piles of cards. Combine attacks with defensive cards. (Learn more here.) It’s SUPER fun, and even most of the girls I know play Dominion!

Well, we drove three hours to get to Boston to play in this four-hour tournament. There were approximately 20 people there, and 15 were our group of friends!  I came in dead last with our group of friends (which is really strange because I’m actually a pretty good Dominion player!!) and, unsurprisingly my hubby came in first place! He’s a brilliant card player, so his win didn’t surprise anyone. His prize was a dumb box from the game maker (Rio Grande games) and a $15 gift certificate to the gaming store we were at.  Our entry fees went to charity, an organization called Child’s Play.

Eating rather sucked yesterday. We arrived at noon having skipped lunch. At 2 p.m. I threw a little temper trantrum and said that I needed food NOW, so we all took a break. (You must be assertive with game-geeks because they forget that everything else exists in the world except the game they are playing, including spouses, children, food, time, responsibilities, etc.)  We went to a pizza place and hooray they had soup! It was chicken + rice. I got a cup of that plus one scoop of plain old tuna salad (no bread, no salad, etc). The soup was really gross so I just drank the broth and had the salad. Plus a Vitamin Water.

On the way home we stopped at McDonalds. I had 2 chicken nuggets for about 100 calories. They were gross and felt like a lead weight in my stomach.

When we got home about 8 people came over to play games until 1 a.m.  I didn’t have any real food to bring out for share with so many people, so I munched on a few pretzels, mini-oreos, and a glass of skim milk. Hardly a stellar day, but I also couldn’t bust out a can of soup and eat it when I wasn’t giving anything to the rest of my guests, right?  Awkward, but oh well. Today will be a much better day I’m sure.


Trip to Vermont & Queechee Gorge

by Christine on November 12th, 2010

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Yesterday I was too busy to post! Sorry for the lapse, but it was worth it in the end. We had a great time!

Hubby and I went to Woodstock, Vermont. As we were passing through Rutland, we found a used sports equipment store. I bought a pair of used ski boots for $30! I can’t wait to try downhill skiing again this year! It’s great exercise and lots of fun! My hubby is a brilliant skiier (he was invited by the US Olympic Team to try out, but he declined their offer) and he’s a fantastic teacher to newbies like me! I can’t wait to go!

Woodstock, Vermont is a charming little New England town with picturesque buildings, covered bridges, mills with houses built on top of the streams, etc. Lots of cute boutique shopping, too!  I loved browsing through all the stores. We found a little restaurant called Bentley’s and I had a half a bowl of chili. Our waitress was very chatty & sweet, and we picked her brain for local things to see or do.

We got a little lost thanks to my out-of-date GPS system, but we eventually found our way over to the Raptor Center (Vermont Institute of Natural Science). This is a fantastic place and a wonderful organization. They take birds that have been injured. They heal them and, if possible, release them into the wild. If they are too injured to be released, they keep the birds and give them a healthy and happy life there at the center. They have a raptor center with the large birds–owls, vultures, hawks, eagles–that are permanent residents.  What beautiful birds! And what a great organization to provide this service. I highly recommend it!

We then wandered over to Queechee Gorge, which was less than a mile away from the raptor center.  The waitress from lunch called Queechee Gorge “The Grand Canyon of Vermont” which is perhaps way overstating things. It was lovely to look down on the water and wander around a bit.

Next door to the gorge was a wine tasting facility, and of course I had to give it a try! I was so pleased to see that the tastings were free! They were actually quite delicious–a little on the sweeter side; they had a lot of dessert wines. I bought a bottle of raspberry wine that was delicious!

Then we raced home in order to get back for Pub Trivia on time. We made it and joined our friends for trivia night. Once again we ended up in 2nd place at the end of the night! Grr! But we had a very nice time!

When I got home it was 11 pm but I was starving; I hadn’t eaten anything since that bowl of chili at lunch! I made a big pot of tomato soup and indulged in that. Yum!


Just another day!

by Christine on November 10th, 2010

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Just another day….

  • Weight was 127.0, but that was after 2 cups of coffee, it may very well be lower than that! I think I am going to hide the scale and have official weigh-ins until I reach my goal of 125. I want it to be a momentous occasion that it deserves to be! Official weigh-ins from here on out! I’m thinking of hiding the scale and pulling it out on 12-12-10, because it’s a nice even date.  Man, that would be awesome to see my final goal weight showing on the scale!!!
  • Today’s food has included 3 cups of coffee, a cup of yogurt, some leftover Reuben sandwich (minus the bread of course!), and a handful of almonds. Tonight I’ll have leftover cornish hen and some kind of vegetable. A fairly typical eating day for me.
  • Unemployment FINALLY got back to me after I’ve left my claims rep four messages. Apparently I was approved to receive unemployment weeks ago, but some asswipe put a hold on my account for no reason, which is why I haven’t been receiving any money for weeks and weeks. I’m told that because of how screwed up the system is that I need to file an all-new claim, but I am to tell the new claims rep to backdate my claim to October 18th so I can receive back pay.  So I go through the horrible “Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that” phone system and file a new claim, but there’s no option to talk to an agent! Fuckers! So I’ve been on hold for an hour waiting to talk to someone to try to clear this all up once and for all.  Now this claims rep says I have to go through a mandatory 1-week waiting period even though I’m due a month’s worth of back pay, but whatever, so long as this whole dirty mess is sorted out!
  • I got a call from the jobplace that they want me to come in for a second interview! Because the job description entails putting together Powerpoint presentations for senior management, I’m to put together a 10 minute formal powerpoint presentation about myself and why I am the best candidate for the position. The presentation needs to include one “technical data slide” (I think this means a chart or graph) as well as one animated slide. This will be fun to throw together. Only 10 minutes??? psssh piece of cake!! I’m feeling excited about it!
  • Today I emptied my savings account to pay for my COBRA health insurance. Cross your fingers that nothing disastrous happens, like with one of our cars or the hot water heater or anything, because I officially have no money to pay for it! LOL! Living on the edge monetarily is not something I’m used to, nor is it something I am comfortable with. In the last two weeks hubby and I have found a way to cut out about $500 or more worth of bills to our monthly budget, so I’m really hoping that will help us out. I miss having house cleaning though. A lot.
  • Hubby has the day off from work tomorrow, and we’re planning a drive to Vermont to a small town I’ve never been to. We’re going to check out some wild bird sanctuary, go to a Vermont Cheddar factory, and who knows what else. I’m looking forward to the drive-time!
  • I’m going to Boston this weekend for a game (Dominion) tournament. I do well playing Dominion against our friends, even hubby’s uber-geek friends, but I’ve never played in any kind of tournament before. It should be fun!
  • My parents were incredibly kind to pay for hubby & my plane tickets to visit them in Illinois for Christmas. Today I bought the tickets, and I’m really looking forward to seeing my parents!  It was really nice of my parents to pay for our airfare, and I hope that I can pay them back as soon as I get a little money rolling in again….perhaps if this job (interview #2) pans out.

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