Half marathon training day

by Christine on October 25th, 2010

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Happy Monday, Revolutionists!

On December 5th, I have pledged to do a half marathon. That’s 13.1 miles, which I will be doing at the gym on the treadmill.  Now, keep in mind that I have never ran in a 5k race, much less a 10K or a half marathon.  (I’ve done a 5k on the treadmill at the gym, but that’s it.)  What on earth makes me think that I can accomplish a half marathon in a month’s time?  Because I want to, that’s what. I set it out as a goal a few months ago (after a shout-out from Miz Fit, although I think since then she has decided not to compete in her marathon that day, I’m not sure). Either way, I made a pledge to myself to DO IT, and so I shall!

My guidelines are this: Walk, jog, or crawl through the finish line. I can do it all at once, spread out over the course of the day (7 miles in the morning, 6 miles in the evening), or however else I feel like doing it. But I *WILL* do 13.1 miles that day, in some way shape or form.

I encourage all of you to help me out and make a similar pledge! If you’re not ready for a half marathon, maybe you can pledge to do a 5k, or a 10k! Any support that I can get would be awesome though! I think (I hope!) I have convinced Shane to play along: Will you take up the challenge too? After all, that’s the underlying point of this website: if you can challenge yourself, you can achieve it! That goes for weight loss as well as any other kind of personal challenge!

Today I did 2 miles on the treadmill, but I felt like I could run forever. My heart felt strong, and I didn’t get any side-stitches. I stopped myself short on purpose because I wanted to do some low-resistance bicycle riding as well, as part of my self-given physical therapy for my knee.  Tomorrow I’ll do strength training and another 2 miles. Then Thursday I aim to get 5 miles in at once.  That’s my immediate “training” plan.

If you haven’t read my “Holiday Planning” post, you should, especially with Halloween right around the corner! Check it out today!

Today I also storyboarded all of Part 1 of my book and wrote a little today; hopefully I can make big progress on this section this week!  I also browsed for jobs in my area, but didn’t find anything worth applying to. Maybe next week.


Sugar is the devil!

by Christine on October 24th, 2010

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Well, overall I think the party was a success. The turnout was only mediocre (7 people total) but I think everyone that came over had a good time! Mostly we ate, drank, giggled, talked, played a few board games (Apples to Apples) and giggled some more.  There’s about a trillion empty beer bottles in my kitchen!  I have a refrigerator full of leftover food, which is unfortunate; there’s no way I’ll be able to eat it all!  I am instructing hubby to take the leftover sweets (cupcakes, rice krispies) to work to give away to his co-workers. I don’t need that shit in my house anymore because I’ve done nothing but eat it all day today! BAD CHRISTINE!  Sugar is the devil, I swear. It’s like crack: you try a little, then need a constant dose of it forever after. It’s seriously wretched!  I’ve eaten very little today, but there’s no doubt that I’ve gone over my calorie limit because of the damn sugar-crack.  If it’s not gone tomorrow, I’m going to throw it out!

Tomorrow there’s a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show! I’ve never been to a showing of it in a theater; I can’t wait! It’s only $5, which is even better! I can’t wait! I wonder if I should go dressed up…?  Columbia was always my favorite, but I definitely don’t have any “costumes” laying around that would fit her character! Boo!

A year ago today I was interviewing for a job (interviewed with the horrible place that I no longer work for!), packing for a trip to California, and I weighed 182 pounds. One year later, I’m down 54 pounds! Awesome!  A post from last year, which shows how desperate I was to get the fills working for me:

Today I nearly forgot that I had a doctor’s visit!!! But I made it there in time. AND HE GAVE ME A FILL! About freaking time! It was fascinating — I could actually feel the band squeeze my tummy. It was a trippy feeling but kinda cool. :-)

I was totally deceptive when I went in for the appointment, too. I wanted to make sure he’d give me a fill, but he wouldn’t if I have lost weight. So I wore heavy clothes (in layers), chugged a bottle of water. I figure it put on 2-3 pounds??? Turns out I was *STILL* down 0.1 pound from my last visit! Anyway, it was enough to convince him to give me another fill. Hooray!!!


Party Prep!

by Christine on October 23rd, 2010

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I’ve been super busy for the last two days preparing for my girl’s night party tonight. As usual, I’m going to have WAY too much food to go around. I have a lot of great low-calorie foods to snack on that I can enjoy without feeling guilty! A lot of the food I need to finish up just prior to guests arriving, but here’s what I have done so far:


rice krispy treats

Tuna on cucumber

Marinaded veggies

Grilled saffron chicken



  • Jello shots
  • Raw veggies with ranch dressing for a dip
  • Crostinins: Three kinds: (1)Gouda cheese with pesto; (2) Brie and red pepper, and (3) cream cheese & avocado
  • Homemade guacamole (I make the best!!) with tostitos
  • Homemade salsa & tostitos

I’m quite excited about my marinaded tuna on cucumber slices (photo above). It’s delicious!

The drink of the night will be Slippery Nipples, but I’ve got lots of other beverages for everyone to enjoy.

More pictures later!!


128.8 pounds (96.2 pounds lost)

by Christine on October 22nd, 2010

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Check it out, everyone! This morning I weighed in at 128.8!! I can’t believe it! I’m so excited and so happy! I’ve never ever been in the 120’s before. It’s a brand new number, a brand new milestone!

I am only a little over three pounds from my final goal weight. I had originally thought I would make the 100-pounds lost mark around February (the 2-year anniversary of my band), but now I think I may reach my final weight before Christmas! Unbelieveable!  Of course, my reward for making my final weight was a trip to Las Vegas, and now that I’m out of work, it doesn’t appear that I’ll be able to take that trip.  I’ll have to think of something else cheaper and closer to home to do for a reward, because I WILL MAKE MY GOAL!!

You know, for the longest time I wasn’t sure if I’d make my final goal weight at all. I had never been lower than 150 pounds in my adult life, and I honestly didn’t know what my body was even capable of achieving. I hoped that I could make 125 pounds, but I wasn’t sure if it was possible or a realistic goal. Now I realize that it is possible, and I’m so close to my goal I can practically smell it!

Yesterday my hubby was supposed to take a half a day off from work so we could go to a museum & lecture together. It turns out that hubby’s tummy wasn’t well, so he stayed home all day. We didn’t go to the museum at all. Instead, I went to the gym and did four miles on the treadmill. Then in the evening we went to the pub near the house and DESTROYED EVERYONE in pub trivia! We were the first place team at halftime (we won a prize) and also won at the end of the night (we won another prize). We gave our halftime prizes away to the 2nd place team….gotta be good sports, you know?  One of hubby’s friends, Thomas, met us at the bar again. Thomas is a super smart, super sweet guy that for some bizarre reason doesn’t do too well with the ladies. I think he’s too insecure and shy to put himself out there very often. When we arrived, Thomas was chatting up a girl at the bar! OMG!  So when we sat down I chatted up the girl to find out more about her. Turns out she works with Thomas but they didn’t come to the bar together; they just accidentally ran into each other!  She’s brand new to the area (moved here 2 months ago) and has zero friends here yet, and was *SO HAPPY* to have run into Thomas! I ended up inviting her to my house for girls night on Saturday so she can meet a few new people. She’s super sweet, seems really fun…I hope Thomas asked for her phonenumber after we left them chatting at the bar!

I got a few questions yesterday, people wondering how my writing has been going. This week I honestly haven’t done very much writing on my book at all; instead, I compiled a lot of my data into a few Wikipedia articles. I hope to sit down and get some writing done today and next week. I’m afraid that my mojo has dwindled a little bit; I sent a draft of what I have done to a few people, and nobody had anything particularly encouraging to say; the only real comments I got back were nit-picky editorial comments which I really don’t need at this stage.

We’re refinancing our mortgage to lock in a lower interest rate, and the house inspector should be here in 20 minutes so I better change out of my PJs! Have a great day everyone!


Hooray for Thursday!

by Christine on October 21st, 2010

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It’s Thursday, hooray! Weight has been good–130.2 yesterday, so I may have broken into the 120’s today, I’m not sure. I haven’t weight myself yet! I can’t wait for the moment I see the 120s on the scale. I’ve never seen that number EVER before!

Yesterday I went for an hour bike ride along the Mohawk River. It was a beautiful day and a perfect day for a bike ride! I really had fun; a great way to get some exercise! I should go to the gym today, and I probably will in a few minutes.

Eating has been good, mostly. Yesterday I had some soup for lunch, cereal for dinner.  Today I had more soup for lunch. I LOVE the Creamy Tomato soup at Paneras, but it seems like whenever I go there, they are out. Well, I stopped by the restaurant a few days ago and they had the soup! So I bought the “soup for a group” which is a great deal for me because I can get about five meals out of it for $9.99.  I’ve been eating tomato soup ever since. Yummy, it’s one of my favorites! It’s a little high in calories–the highest calorie soup on their menu–but with the small portion size, it is not too much of a problem for me.

I have a girls night party on Saturday, so I have been busy cleaning the house in preparation for that. I have to plan some food & drinks for the party tomorrow and go shopping for it. I’m thinking pizza is just quick and easy, although I’d RATHER do some healthy, yummy appetizers that we can just graze on. Anyone have any ideas, better than mere “cut up veggies + dip?”  I thought doing fruit + chocolate fondue, but I don’t have a fondue pot so that idea is out. Bummer.

Today the unemployment office called me, claiming that my former employer was denying my claim, saying that I voluntarily left my job. I read the lady from the Dept. of Labor my “Letter of Dismissal” and she agreed that I certainly didn’t quit–I was let go! Boy, that had me in a panic for a few minutes, but it’s all taken care of now. I hope.


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