Plenty of time on my hands

by Christine on September 29th, 2010

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This morning I weighed in at 132.8 — a 3.2 pound loss from the last time I weighed in. Oh, I’m not delusional into thinking that I’ve lost 3.2 pounds just from the little fill I got yesterday. No, this is due entirely to anxiety and the fact that I haven’t eaten in three days — at least, I haven’t eaten more than 300 calories on any given day. Today, my anxiety and burden has lifted greatly, and I’m looking forward to cooking a nice dinner tonight. And enjoying it.

Still, with my weight at 132, that leaves me only seven pounds from my final goal weight! Wow, that goal is inching closer and closer.

At the doctor yesterday, my surgeon voiced something that I have been suspecting for a long time — it was just nice to hear it from a medical professional. He said that weight loss is all about the food, and not at all about the exercise.  He said that for someone that is grossly overweight, exercise will help to burn calories, yes that’s true. But as you lose weight, become more healthy, and especially if you exercise regularly, that your body adapts and becomes more efficient and therefore doesn’t burn exercise calories at all like you might expect. For instance, my doctor said, he is a marathon runner, and every day he runs 10 miles or more per day. That’s a lot of calories burned, and yet he only eats an “average” amount of calories (1500 I think he said?).  The reason he doesn’t drop weight like crazy is because he’s healthy, in shape, and his body is burning more efficiently. He said that most “average weighted people” just won’t lose weight from exercise at all — it’s ALL about the food.

Now, that’s not to say that one shouldn’t exercise — it’s great for overall health — heart, immune system, mood systems, bones and muscles, and so on. But exercise doesn’t help with the weight loss.

That being said, I’m hoping to use the next few weeks to finally get to my final goal weight, and I DO plan on going to the gym as often as possible! I have plenty of time to devote to my weight loss, now. But it’s all about the food, and I am going to watch it like a hawk. Seven pounds. When I walk into work on my first day of work at my new job (whatever job that might be), I want to be at my goal weight. That would be pretty awesome. Starting afresh, kind of.

New beginnings abound today. What would you do if you got a chance to start from scratch?

It’s gonna be the start of something beautiful!

Edit to add: I have lost my list of blogs that I follow. If you want me to follow your blog, please do me a favor and leave a comment with a link to your blog on this post, and I shall add your site to my NEW blog list. Sorry for the confusion.


What shall I do with my port?

by Christine on September 28th, 2010

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Today I had an appointment with my gastric banding surgeon. First of all, I got a tiny little fill, so I hope that helps me to lose this last 10 pounds. By the way, the fills hurt SIGNIFICANTLY more when you are thinner, without the layer of fat to numb the feeling of the needle.

Secondly, I talked to the doctor about my port site. He agreed that it has become dislodged, but he said that it is not a medical emergency to get it put back in place. In fact, he said that because I’m thinner, he can just flip it around and move to it wherever he wants it.  If I want to get it fixed, it would be considered cosmetic surgery.

Now he said that even if it was put into place, it would be very noticeable on my stomach because I don’t have a heavy layer of fat to cover it up; I’m thinner so it will show. He looked all around my body and said that there is nowhere else he can move it where it would be better hidden. He specifically looked on my side, near my hips, where the doughnut roll is, and said that wouldn’t work. What he said he would have to do is take the port off entirely; keep the hose but lose the port entirely. That means that if I ever needed a fill or unfill (because of future weight gain, IF that happens), then I would have to undergo surgery to get the port put back on. But that’s ONLY if I gained any weight back.

The only concern he has is that, without a layer of fat to protect the port site, that the port could easily begin to erode through my skin. He told me to watch out for that happening, and if it does happen, to come in right away. If that happens they will take the port site off entirely, end of story.

So my surgeon didn’t say that I can’t have it done, but it was interesting to hear what the options are.  He told me to think it over, then come back and visit him on my 2-year bandiversary to let him know what I want to do, if anything. That gives me until February…


Sunday nite

by Christine on September 27th, 2010

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Good evening revolutionists!! I hope you all had a great weekend filled with weight loss, activity, and healthy eating choices. I am now en route from southern Cali to nothern Cali in a car filled with family. I am savoring this time spent with family and am trying hard to put all the moments away in my memory bank! I am having a hard time sitting for so long these past few traveling days. My knees are hurting quite a bit, sore from this inactivity. Eating has been quite good although we have been only eating at random, very stretched out intervals, so I find myself starving most of the time. I just had dinner in solvang-a cup a split pea soup and a scoop of tuna fish, and a side of avocado. Delicious and really heathy. lunch was a side salad and a cup of chicken wild rice soup. My whole family are huge beatles fans and we are listening to rare recordings in mono–the school beatles stuff. I don’t even know some of these songs. I will listen and try not to have my 50th anxiety attack about work now. Weigh in tues when I have an appointment with my surgeon!!


I’m in California

by Christine on September 24th, 2010

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I’m currently sitting in the San Francisco airport, drinking a Stella Artois. I think I need something harder.  I’ve been been awake since 3:00 a.m. EST and it’s now 5 p.m. (EST) and I’m tired as hell. I didn’t sleep a wink last night. The very second I hit “submit” to buy my plane tickets, I felt like it was wrong, wrong, wrong. How could I be so positive that going to CA was the right decision and to be a trainwreck of self-doubt and bad feelings right now?  I just want to cry my eyes out; instead I’ll have a beer. Or two. Or three. I’ve got five hours to kill in this airport, then a short flight to Ontario, CA where I’ll meet up with the rest of the family.

What’s plaguing me is my job. I feel rotten for leaving them hanging right now. No doubt my boss is furious with me. In fact, I fully expect that my personal items will be boxed up from my office and waiting for me at the reception desk when I come into work on Tuesday.  I accepted that as a consequence when I booked my tickets, and I still accept that. In fact, I look forward to these five hours so I can search out jobs and send out my resume.  And, the worst case scenario is that I DO get fired, in which case I get a few weeks off, an unemployment check in the mail, etc. I accept that, too.

So why do I feel SO bad? SO SO BAD?

I’m going to be surrounded by my family in just a few short hours, and I should be focused on THAT right now. I should be excited to see them all. Why do I feel like crying instead? What is wrong with me?

It’s too late to back out now — I’m already in California!! I need my attitude to change PRONTO, but I’m having a really freaking hard time feeling lighthearted right now. This isn’t the memory I wanted to have of this very last-minute trip.

NSV: LOTS of room in the airplane seats!

I’ll I’ve had so far today is some Red Bull (about 200 calories worth, during my 4 a.m. drive to Connecticut), some diet pepsi on the plane. And just now: beer & a small cup of new england clam chowder soup.


Thursday ramblings

by Christine on September 23rd, 2010

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  • This week we signed up for a competitive volleyball league! Now that is a kind of exercise that I enjoy — a little socializing, a little moving, a little competition! Monday nights, $45 per person, 10 weeks, at a local elementary school gym.  We used to play in an intermediate league a few years ago (we stopped because we moved too far away to go regularly) and I hear that this league is not as challenging as the other one.  The other one was getting inundated by Power League players — you know, the kind that spike the ball at ten zillion miles an hour at your face? Yeah…I think an “easier” league would be really nice. I’m super excited about it! We start Monday!
  • My weight was up even more today: 138.8. That’s up almost four pounds in the last week! I do indeed feel like I can eat more lately than I should be able to. I have an appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday (to discuss my dislocated port — see pics HERE and HERE) and I will ask him for another fill at that time. I’m really looking forward to it; I hope it will help me get to my Final Goal Weight!  In the meantime, I can blame my four pound increase on: poor food choices, eating too much, period bloating, and salty foods. I’m already taking counter-measures: eating less, watching my choices, drinking lots of water.


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