A busy day with interviews and autographs…

by Christine on August 26th, 2010

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Happy Thursday Revolutionists!

Yesterday I got a reply from crazyfatgirl:

Um Hello??? Pay it forward… help other in the community… think about the vlogging community, not just your geographic community. How many people have you offered encouragement and help? You can’t even measure the amount of good you do right here. It means so much to a newbie just to get a comment or a follower… and then to be supportive… you rock girl! You are good at this. Are there support groups for WLS in your area? You could be a guest speaker or lead meetings… just a thought.

No, I guess I didn’t consider the blogging community when I wrote my post the other day, about being a hero to your community. I certainly don’t consider myself a “hero” in the blogging community! I think it’s just because…I think I find it hard to believe that people would try to emulate or look up to my blog, my weight-loss methods, or overall craziness that is my life. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the people that come here to read and comment and say hello — I very much appreciate you all, so thank you! I just find it hard to believe that I’d be one of those people up on a pedestal, I guess. I have had so many failed weight loss attempts and whatnot that I don’t feel like anyone should look up to me. If that makes sense. I appreciate what you’re trying to say, CFG, but I don’t feel it. That being said, I’d *LOVE* to moderate or run a real-life weight-loss surgery support group, but I don’t know what organizations would be interested in my helping with that. I know my surgeon offers his own WLS support group, but I believe one of the nurses oversees that group. (Because it’s associated with the hospital, I have to imagine that there’s a lot of legal liabilities and red tape, especially if suggestions are being offered or problems are overlooked, etc.)

So yesterday was my interview. There were two soups offered at the restaurant: french onion and broccoli and cheese somethingness. I chose the french onion soup. I vaguely remember sipping on the broth and eating some of the cheese, but honestly it didn’t even look like I touched it when the server took it away.  I had no issues with my lapband either. I had diet coke, because I needed the caffeine. (I was dragging a little bit.)  As you all suggested, I did NOT tell them about my surgery prior to eating. In the end, it turned out to be a non-issue.

The interview itself went pretty well, I think. I did so brilliantly guiding the conversation between all five people that I’m not even sure if they were aware of what I was doing. Then again, I thought the interview with the publishing place went well too, and look how that turned out — a big fat failure! The job description was different than they had advertised, which is actually a good thing. I found the job far more interesting than I feared it would be.  There are some definite plusses to the job (such as making my own work schedule; getting every other Friday off work) and some definitely downsides (**NO** internet connection. At. All. Not even Wikipedia.)  Either way, I’m not even going to think about it unless they call me back for a 2nd interview, which he said would would take 2 weeks for them to call me about it.

Last night I had the hardest time eating.  I made a salad (with some tunafish) but it smelled horrible to me and so I only had two bites of salad. The smell was making me nauseated. All told, I’m lucky if I ate 500 calories total yesterday. Maybe it was a weird hormone thing going on, or nerves from the interview, or something else entirely?

Last night I went through my recently-received autographs. (I talk about my autograph hobby in this old blog post.) I logged in all my new autographs, which to be honest weren’t very many. That’s because I haven’t sent any letters out in about four months! Wow! I wrote a bunch of letters last week, so I got 30 new requests in the mail this morning. It’s always a pleasure to get autographs in the mail, and it’s a great, potentially profitable hobby with low start-up costs: just the price of stamps and paper!

(I had to laugh when I got Olivia Munn’s autograph in the mail because her boss, the producer of G4’s “Attack of the Show”  is one of my hubby’s “Star Wars” kids! Brian Twigg is one of the guys we were hanging out with last weekend.)

Bangs. They look a little straighter today, yes?

Tonight I’m going to hear the Dirty Heads play. I’m looking forward to it!  Sublime is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I’m excited to hear the Dirty Heads because of their Sublime connections (and because their music is clearly influenced by Sublime.)


Be Your Best Hero

by Christine on August 25th, 2010

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So I got my hair all did up yesterday. My ginormous forehead has been bugging the crap out of me, so I asked her to give me bangs. I’ve never had bangs before! I’m not too sure how I feel about them. How do they look? (Other than crooked. That’s not her fault…I’ve got a cowlick.)  I love the color she gave me..a mix of blonde and red! (The “curly hair” photos are actually my natural hair curls. I straighten it up every day. I feel like a poodle with it curly like that!)

This morning I went to the gym. 4.2 miles…not too bad. I didn’t break any records, but I got a good 400 calories burned. The guy in front of me was wearing a tshirt that said, among other things, “HEROES TAKE ACTION.”

That got me thinking. What are you doing to be your own personal hero? What are you doing to be a hero to your friends, family, and community?”

I’m trying to be my own personal hero by taking action: applying for new jobs and interviewing. I’m going to the gym, eating well, losing this weight.  But what am I doing to be a hero in my community. Well….I bought books for my neighbor’s kids.  But that’s all I can think of that I am doing to be a hero outside of my own personal world. I need to reflect on that more, and try to find ways to “pay it forwards” more. Take action, you know?

In other news, I’ve got serious arm DOMS from the arm-weight workout my hubby gave me at the gym on Monday. I’m LOVING IT!!! My whole chest/arms/back/armpit area are sore as hell. LOVE IT.  It means I pushed my body to the edge!

Wish me luck at the interview! I leave for it in 20 minutes.


Etiquette Question: Eating in Public with the Band

by Christine on August 24th, 2010

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I have a job interview tomorrow. The interview will be at a restaurant; it is a little more informal, which is all good with me.

My question is, it it better to tell them up front about my surgery in case I need to leave the table, or do I leave it to chance? I could tell them right when we sit down:  “I apologize if I need to run off to the bathroom in the middle of a conversation. I had the lap-band surgery and sometimes food gets “stuck” and there’s nowhere for it to go. So please don’t think I’m being rude!”

Looking at the menu available online, I can get a bowl of the “soup of the day” for lunch.  This is almost always a “safe” food. They also have an Ahi Tuna Salad, which sounds delicious. Salad is USUALLY safe with me, but if I’m distracted by talking, I do risk the chance of the food getting stuck.

I don’t want to call attention to the surgery, but I also don’t want to have to dash from the table and be seen as rude. Do I risk it or not?


On a somewhat related note, I am having a really awful day at work today. In fact, I nearly quit on the spot.  I feel like I’d be happier working part-time at the local gym or bookstore than here, but I am not sure that my husband is on board with losing half of our household salary.


Tuesday and feeling frantic

by Christine on August 24th, 2010

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Happy Tuesday Revolutionists!

Yesterday started off well-planned, very nice. Then I got clobbered with two projects that need to get done ASAP. This is a good thing! I’m normally bored to tears at work — it’s exciting to have something real to work on! I’ll need to get both projects done by this afternoon.

Tomorrow is my interview with the government job. We’re apparently meeting over lunch.  Wish me luck! I worry that it’s not a job that interests me and I also worry about a stuffy and rigid office environment.

Yesterday I went to the gym after work. I asked Hubby to give me a good arm workout at the gym, mostly because I’m timid with the meatheads around me and wanted hubby to chaperone me. We focused on shoulders and the back, and it was a great workout! I then did 2 miles on the treadmill. I knew ahead of time that I didn’t want to do a full 5k, but I wanted to push my limits. Normally I jog at 5.5 mph. (When I first started jogging, I started at 4.9 mph).  Well, I did a full mile at 6.0 mph! I thought I was going to stop three times, but I pushed through it. It was a difficult mental challenge for me, but I persevered! I walked the other mile (half before jogging, half after jogging).

I tried to get creative for dinner yesterday. I sauted up some onions and green peppers and some leftover ham. I then threw in some diced cheddar cheese, that got all melty. I added some brown mustard for a sauce, and served over cous-cous.  All the ingredients sounded like they went together, but it was vile!! I had to throw it all out. Instead I had two slices of cheese, a handful of almonds, and half a beer for dinner.

I always need to measure my cereal when I eat it in the morning. I don’t know why, but I’m great at estimating portion sizes except for cereal. I always pour more than I think I want to have. Consequently I always, always measure my cereal. Today I had a half a cup of Honey Bunches of Oats.

I get my hair done today! I can’t decide what to do. I want to keep the length because I like pulling it back into a pony tail. Should I try going blonder? Or go back to some red highlights? I’d love to do some kind of funky colored stripe in my hair — I’ve never done that!! — but now is not the time to do funky, not with a government job interview tomorrow. (It’s bad enough that I’ve got a nose ring!) What do you think I should do? Hopefully someday soon!

Weight is 137.0 this morning, and today Aunt Flo came a-calling.


HOLY CRAP!!! Today I am wearing new blue jeans (the size 6, not the size 4) and as I was walking down the hallway I realized that I was walking quietly. I took a few more steps then realized…there’s no “swish swish swish” sound when I’m walking. What the heck? There’s ALWAYS a swishswishswish sound! I look down, between my legs, and lo and behold, I HAVE THIGH GAP!  A gap between my thighs! No swishing/chaffing going on at all!


Monday Morning – Check!

by Christine on August 23rd, 2010

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Woke up on time. Check!

Took shower. Brushed teeth. Check!

Ate 1/2 a cup of Honey Bunches of Oats. Took 2 gummy vitamin! (Seriously yummy.) Check!

Went downstairs and folded laundry/put a load of laundry in. Check!

Packed my bag for work. 8 cans of soup for work lunches. 1/2 a clementine. A small handful of almonds.  I’m prepared for a healthy eating day at work! Check!

Sent email to hubby telling him that he must give me a proper arms workout at the gym after work tonight. Check!

Put my check for my AAA membership renewal in the mail. Check!

Went to the corner store. Said hello to the old men there. They actually look out for me and wave and holler at me when I come in. I LOVE IT! They make my mornings complete. Bought a small can of Red Bull and some 1% chocolate milk. Check!

Sang at the top of my lungs in the car and did some automobile-dancing on the way to work. Check!

All prepared for a good day at work and a happy and successful week. Check!

Below: Friday night, at the geeky game night! A friend took this picture, and it took me a second to realize that it was me sitting on the floor. I rarely see other peoples’ pictures of me, much less full-body shots. Is that really me? (For any board game geeks out there, we were playing Settlers of Catan. I love that game! I lost this game, but I cleaned house in our games of Dominion.)

Below: Tubs of my clothes! I gave away five tubs of clothes (sizes 16-24) earlier this summer, some to “The Sisterhood” and the rest to my mother and her friends. These are the six remaining boxes of clothes, sizes 10-14.  Losing weight and replenishing your wardrobe at each size is so expensive! I think people who are embarking on weight loss surgery often forget to factor in the cost of new clothing.

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