Rollerblading during my lunch break…

by Christine on August 11th, 2011

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I’m doing pretty good with my 2-week XN Exercise Challenge! So far I’ve made it through 7 days of exercise with only 1 day missed. Not too bad. Yesterday I got my exercise in when I went rollerblading at lunchtime. I always keep my blades in the trunk of my car so I can go out.  The Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail is close to my workplace and is a wonderful, paved recreational trail following the Mohawk River.

Yesterday was a lot of fun because a storm was rolling in. I thought I would get rained on at any moment! When I was on my return route, I kept feeling sprinkles fall on me; I kept pushing forwards faster and faster, trying to beat the storm. What a great workout, trying to keep ahead of the storm!

Calories Burned Rollerblading: 189 calories (30 minutes)

Food yesterday:

8 a.m.: Coffee (163 calories)
10 a.m.: Trail mix (150 calories)
1 pm: Salad from Subway with ham (110) plus salad dressing (60), diet coke
3 pm: Dried peach thing, fruit-roll-up-ishy (50)
7 pm: Tuna steak with peppercorn, maybe 3 oz (90) and about 1/2 cup rice (100) and a side salad with balsamic dressing (40), water
9 p.m.: Chocolate skim milk (200)
Total Calories: 963; Right on target!


XN Challenge update

by Christine on August 8th, 2011

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Four days, and so far it’s been mostly a success.

Day 1: Walked with the hubby, so that was a success.

Day 2: Golfed for work.

Day 3: Fail. No excuse.

Day 4: Went to the gym with hubby. Success.

Well, that’s three out of four days of successes, which is good I guess.

It was pretty much a topsy-turvey weekend for me. Not all good; not all bad. I’m working on moving past shitty days  and embracing Joyful living, but it doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s hard, hard, hard. Weekends like this make me wish that I belonged to some kind of religious community (preferably Buddhist, I think). Not one that preaches that some kind of diety in the sky will swoop down and make everything alright, but one that teaches how to find inner peace and joy within your own mind.  Such a way of living would probably help with the weight loss conundrum as well.

The plan this week is to continue moving forwards with the XN Exercise Challenge and try to re-instill some healthy workout habits into my lifestyle. That’s going to involve re-prioritizing other events in my life to fit exercise in, but I think it will be healthy and good. I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s something that happened last night that might help other banders or weight-loss-seekers who find themselves in a similar situation. Hubby and I were out walking last night with our neighbor friends, and they invited us over for pizza at their house. We wanted to socialize, but I didn’t want the pizza (can’t do it with the band, and it’s not healthy for weight loss anyway). We agreed, but I just brought over my own food (a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup) that I heated up at their house. Was it awkward? Kind of, but nobody was offended and I didn’t end up going to bed feeling guilty that I ate crappy food for dinner.

Things I am grateful and joyful about today:

My wonderful husband. A healthy family. A job with a paycheck. My car maybe getting fixed, and cash in my wallet to pay for the repairs.


XN CHALLENGE: 2-Week Exercise Plan

by Christine on August 4th, 2011

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I have been sitting here feeling somewhat sorry for myself. Do you ever read through some of your fellow bloggers’ posts, see how amazing they are doing going to the gym, all the calories they are burning and the weight they are losing?

And you look at yourself and you notice that you don’t go to the gym. And aren’t losing the weight. But you really really want to.

Well, yeah, that’s kind of been me for the last week or two.  I’m being fucking lazy, you guys. So it’s time to cement some workout time. That means PUTTING IT ON THE OFFICIAL SCHEDULE.  Cuz that’s the way I rumble. If it’s on the schedule, I do it. If it’s not on the schedule, I won’t remember or will give 10001 excuses why I won’t work out. Bullhonkey!

So I’m setting out a 2-week exercise plan for me. The goal is not to lose weight really; my goal right now is to get into the beginning of a routine.  So don’t mock the lack of actual cardio. it’s not my goal. Movement is the goal. Every day. Period.

Thursday the 4th
Going to SPAC to the orchestra. Plan to get there early and get a few miles in around the golf course before going into the concert venue.

Friday the 5th
Golfing for work. Easy to plan this one!

Saturday the 6th
Gym in the morning, while hubby is off playing cards.

Sunday the 7th
Gym in the morning.
Hopefully something more active and fun in the afternoon, like canoeing or roller blading.

Monday the 8th
Rollerblading or walking at lunchtime. On the schedule.

Tuesday the 9th
I wan to try a walk-in yoga class after work this day. Hopefully I like the teacher. I’ve been missing yoga for a while now.  I’m soooo sad my old center went out of business.

Wednesday the 10th
Out with a friend after work.  Bicycle or go to the gym together. I’m lucky that a lot of my friends are agreeable to doing fun physical activities, not just eating or drinking!

Thursday the 11th (ONE WEEK DOWN)
Tricky day. Another orchestra event. Or pub trivia. This might actually require waking up early to go to the gym. I’m also putting rollerblading down at lunchtime on the official schedule.

Friday the 12th
Oh no. Another day up in the air. I don’t know what’s on tap after work, so I better schedule gym time in the morning.

Saturday the 13th
Either gym in the morning, or a fun activity during the day, such as golfing or hiking. Hopefully hiking!

Sunday the 14th
Same thing as Saturday. I’ll do the gym in the morning if I have to, but hopefully we can go hiking or biking or something.

Monday the 15th
Gym after work. Scheduled. On the calendar.

Tuesday the 16th
Gym after work. Scheduled. On calendar.

Wednesday the 17th (LAST DAY OF 2-WEEK CHALLENGE)
Out with a friend again. Hopefully go biking or golfing!

So there you have it! Two full weeks, actually planned out ahead of time, scheduled on the calendar, and made a priority in my life. The goal is to move and to create a better habit of exercising regularly. I’ll check in to verify that I’m adhering to the goal!


Saratoga Race Tracking & Canoeing Down the Battenkill

by Christine on August 1st, 2011

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It’s been another busy weekend for me! I hope you all had a busy but lovely weekend as well!

On Saturday we braved the weekend crowds and checked out the Saratoga Race Track. We found a shady spot, so the temperature was wonderful (it was very hot in the sun).  Hubby and I each had $40 to gamble with. We stuck around for 7 races, and at the end of the day I was up $5 and hubby was down $20. Not too bad! Considering the admission is only $3/person and you can bring in your own food/drink (including alcohol), it was a very reasonable day!

Food at the race track is notoriously bad. You can find a salad for sale, but you have to look pretty hard. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any fresh fruit for sale there. However, the track does a great job of featuring local mom&pop businesses, so if you want some Hattie’s Fried Chicken, you’re all set! I had a bowl of beef & barley soup that was surprisingly good (150-200 calories, perhaps). Later I got a diet coke fountain drink for a treat. I don’t want to make drinking soda a habit, but as a treat I don’t mind. It tasted great on a hot day!

When we got home from the track, hubby and I made some homemade spaghetti. I can’t eat the noodles, so I just had a cup of “sauce soup.” I added some extra veggies to fill it up. It is not a low-calorie meal, so portion sizes are key when eating “sauce soup!”

On Sunday we went canoeing down the Battenkill River. The Battenkill is a very wide creek that runs from Vermont to the Hudson River. We canoed down the portion located in Washington County, New York. Oh, it was my favorite local canoe ride in a long time! Although the stream was very shallow in areas (and once we had to do a significant portage to bypass a dam) it was incredibly scenic and wonderful. We saw an eagle and eagle’s nest; a deer; countless fishes; a crawfish the size of my hand, including a whole bunch of teeny-tiny crawfishes; lots of large birds (egrets perhaps?) and lots more.



At lunchtime we found a wonderful sandy shore where we pulled over for some food. Afterwards we jumped into the water and swam for an hour. The creek bottom was soft sand, and it was a terrific way to break up a hot canoeing day!

At the end of our journey we ended up at the Greenwich Town Park. What a great little park! It’s free to get in, and they have a whole swimming section roped off. I’ll need to remember to come back here the next time I feel like swimming. The park also has a pavillion, picnic tables, basketball court, volleyball court, playground, iron grills for cooking, and more. It wasn’t very crowded either.  While the boys were getting the drop-off car upstream, I spent more time swimming in the creek. It was a fantastic!

For local peeps: For this trip we put in at the Rexleigh Covered Bridge and ended up at the Greenwich Town Park located east of the town on Route 29. I wouldn’t recommend this exact route because of the long portage around the dam (I’m not sure, but it might be Center Falls). I’d start at the covered bridge and end at the dam just east of the town of Greenwich.

It was a great way to get some exercise, too. Portaging and carrying the canoes/kayaks took quite a bit of energy and zapped all of us of our strength. Padding of course involves a little energy, and swimming in the current was even more.

When I got home, I quickly grilled up some dinner (we were starving): steak and baked potato. I would have made some veggie for myself but lacked the time. I scarfed the food down and immediately went outside to get some yard work done. I weeded my vegetable garden, cut some of the grass, cleaned some old lumber from under our porch, took out the trash, and did 5 loads of laundry.  I was exhausted by the time I sat down on the couch to relax at night!


Athlete motivation and inspiration!

by Christine on June 24th, 2011

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This week my husband told me about this woman, Babe Zaharias, who is considered one of the greatest athletes of all time.  Not just the greatest “woman athlete” (why does that always seem like less of an accomplishment than “male athlete?“) but the greatest athlete of all time….including men AND women.

And I was shocked that I had never even heard of this woman! So who is she and why was she so freaking amazing?

  • Babe Zaharias (1911-1956) was an immigrant from Norway.
  • Her nickname “Babe” references Babe Ruth (not from her looks). She was better than most men at baseball and could hit a ball further than most. She had a batting average of over .400.
  • She is widely known for her Olympic records in track and field.   This is amazing: in the 1932 AAU championship Zaharias competed in a track-and-field event as a one-woman team and single-handedly won the team championship with 30 points (the 2nd place team, which had 22 athletes, had only 22 points). That is AMAZING, people! She competed on the 1930s track and field team and won two gold and one silver medals. Women at that time were only allowed to enter three Olympic events at the time, but she broke four world records.
  • Babe is best known for her abilities as a golfer, a sport she didn’t even take up until her 20s. She won 17 straight amateur victories in 1947 (even Tiger Woods can’t claim that). She turned pro in 1948 and won 33 tournaments, including 10 majors and 3 US Opens.
  • She was an amazing basketball player and even won the National Women’s Amateur Athletic Union All-American forward for three years. She often scored 30 or more points per game.
  • In addition to all of the above, she was an expert diver, roller-skater, bowler, tennis player, boxer, volleyball player, swimming, and billiards player.
  • She was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1953, and even after undergoing cancer surgery she made a comeback in 1954 and won the US Woman’s Open (golf) championship, just one month after surgery.
  • She was an award-winning seamstress and made a lot of the clothes she competed in.
  • She was a singer and harmonica player and had several records in circulation.

While she was celebrated as an amazing athlete during her day, there were many that refused to recognize her impact on the sports world.

“It would be much better if she and her ilk stayed at home, got themselves prettied up and waited for the phone to ring,” said sportswriter Joe Williams.

I really think Babe Zaharias should be a household name, not just a name that is recognized among real sports afficionados.  That’s some pretty amazing stuff.  Just remember what this woman could do the next time you complain about doing a couple of situps or jogging at the gym!

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