Rainy Sunday & my first Size Four!

by Christine on August 22nd, 2010

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Good Sunday Afternoon Revolutionists!

I hope you liked my before/after photos that I posted yesterday. I have to say, when I saw them, I was astonished at how much I’ve changed! I showed them to hubby and he said, “Jeeze, I didn’t realize you were so fat! You look like a whole new person now!”

Indeed, I feel like a whole new person too!

Today I pulled on the only pair of blue jeans that I had on my closet to wear out to lunch with the Star Wars Boys.  Sadly, at a size 10, they were falling off me. In fact, I could take them off without unbuttoning them! For example (sorry for the ugly tummy..boy that port sure shows, huh? and for the *gasp* underwear!)

Case in point. So I went out to JC Penny while I was doing errands today. I grabbed a bunch of jeans in Size 6, but I saw the 4 there, and I thought, “What the heck??” I tried them on….and THEY FIT!!!

Honestly, I couldn’t even dream of the day when I could fit into a Size 4 when I started this weight loss journey. Back then I wore a size 22/24 and was confined to shopping almost exclusively at Lane Bryant (which, even though they have big sizes, do NOT cater to short women like me).  If I had to have guessed, way back when, I think I would have thought that I would stop losing weight around a Size 10. And that would have *THRILLED* me! I remember the day I got to dig out my Size 10 clothes in the basement. I was so happy as I tried all those clothes on, and I twirled around my bedroom like a ballarina.  Today I’m a Size 4?! For real?! I’ve never been a size 4 in my life, not even in high school or middle school. I’m beyond ecstatic!! Is this really me?

While I was running errands, I stopped at a book store to pick up the next two books in the Diana Gabaldon series, plus two other books: Ender’s Game and Anne of Green Gables. Our neighbors have three kids, and when we were doing our random act of kindness, we discovered that the kids are in various stages of “discovering books.”  The littlest, a girl named MacKenzie, is red haired and incredibly sweet. I wanted to buy her a copy of Anne of Green Gables because I think she could relate to it very much. I remember that book gave me wistful daydreams for years after I read it! (I want to watch the PBS mini series with her when she’s done with it!) The eldest boy is a little leary of books. He is pressured into sports a great deal, but he recently read a book and said, “Boy, that was really good.” My hubby thought he would enjoy Ender’s Game, so I bought it for him. I hope both kids like the books!

Then I went to the grocery store and got a bunch of great loot!

Then I came home and discovered THIS!

Damn cat.

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  • Big Clyde


    Those before and after pictures are amazing. You now look like one of those people that have “always been skinny”…in that you just look very natural and comfortable at your weight. That is fantastic!

    P.S. My daughter and I just got back from the bookstore and she bought Anne of Green Gables. How funny that both of us bought it the same day!

  • Bonnie

    You are such an inspiration. I too am starting this journey at a 22/24 and hope to be a 10. I was a size 10 for about 10 minutes in my 20s and thought I looked hot. Looking forward to feeling that way again. I will forever be thankful to Stephanie Meyers for introducing my eldest daughter to the Twilight Series which was her gateway into reading. i used to love books as a kid and was bummed that she didn’t read very much. After reading Twilight she tore through the other books and then started reading other books as well. I loved Little Women, which can be illustrated by the fact that my daughters are Amy and Megan. : ) My mom loved Anne of Green Gables.

  • Lesia

    Oh I so hope my story has a happy ending like yours. I started as a size 22/24. I am now wearing a 10 and would die to get to a 4…LOL

  • Freckle on the Nose

    WOOHOO for size 4 – congrats!

    At first I thought, oh what a cute little chipmunk! And then I read your caption and thought, “ohhh.”

  • Miss Vickie

    I am so happy for you! You must feel fantastic! You have worked so hard for this, you certainly deserve it. Sorry, but I laughed at the damn cat picture :)

  • Patrick

    As we progress we need to not be afraid to ask, “What the heck?” If we don’t, we’ll miss out on so many NSV’s, or delay them needlessly. The NSV’s I spoke of with my Sunday post were exactly the result of asking, What the heck?… SIZE 4, that’s awesome Christine.

    Blue Moon, I see Blue Moon trying to hide behind a plastic bag of something, mango’s? And lots of tomato products, love tomatoes! Hmmm, what is hiding behind that avocado? Three little yellow packages; my first thought was Mr. Goodbar’s but somehow I doubt that. Um, I see Christmas or holiday lights way back there; those aren’ still up from last December are they? :-)

    RIP Chip.

  • http://www.mizfitonline.com MizFit08

    you are such a motivator and inspiration.


  • http://www.phoenixrevolution.net Christine

    Hey Lesia, do you have a blog? You’re so kind to visit my blog, and I’d love to return the favor. Link me up if you have one! :-)

  • http://www.phoenixrevolution.net Christine

    Bonnie, I’m living proof that it’s possible!! That 22/24 seems like a long long time ago now. You’re going to feel amazing as you start inching downwards in sizes! :-) (And I agree…books like the Twilight series and the Harry Potter books have done so much to inspire younger generations to read!)

  • TessieRose

    You are such an inspiration!

  • Traci

    That is so amazing!!!!!!! WOW!! So proud of you! What an accomplishment.

  • amanda

    you have hoegarden beer there to!! how great!! it’s a pretty darn good beer!

    congrats ont eh size 4!