Bachelorette Party #1

by Christine on July 18th, 2010

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Whew! What a weekend! Saturday I spent all day cleaning my house and decorating for a bachelorette party for my friend Stacey.  The Maid of Honor came over at 5 to prepare a few more things, then the party kicked off at 7 p.m.  We spent two hours drinking and eating and playing silly games like “Match the Hot Man to the Hot Body” and “How well do you know . Then we had an instructor come in to teach us how to belly dance! That was super fun, and my girlfriends were fantastic belly dancers! Of course, the best part were the belly dancing costumes! It’s fun to get dressed up!  Then we drank for another hour (I started to clean up the house) and the girls busted into the penis-shaped rice cookie sculpture.

Then the limo came to pick us up for a night of dancing.  The limo ride was everyone’s favorite thing of the night. It was just us being silly and goofy!  Then we all went dancing. Everyone had fun, but I HATE HATE HATE crowds. I get very clausterphobic when people start invading my personal space like that. I got bumped and jostled so much that I was literally wearing more of my cosmo than I had to drink from the glass. I was so pissed off, so I just went outside and waited for the group on the street. I was MUCH happier outside than inside. (But really…my style is much more to find a nice quiet jazz club with a bartender that knows how to make a good drink. Quiet place….quiet enough to have a conversation. THAT is my style! But it wasn’t my party now, was it?)

I eventually made it home at 2:30 a.m.  The damage wasn’t that bad…in the morning the scale was only up 0.5 pounds, but that means that I haven’t yet made my middle digit rollover (MDR)!! ARUGH!!!

Next weekend we are having Bachelorette Party #2 down in NYC! It’s going to be a blast, but I sure hope I tolerate the crowds okay.


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  • Grace

    It sounds like a blast–minus the crowding. I hate that, too. Especially, when it causes me to spill my drink 😉

    • Christine

      Yeah I know…isn’t that called alcohol abuse??

  • freckleonthenose

    Learning how to belly dance at a bachelorette party – that is so cool!

  • Patrick

    Um, is that a rice krispy treat penis?
    If so, i may never be able to eat a rice krispy treat without thiat visual again.

    • Christine

      It is a rice krispy treat penis, indeed. Apparently the Maid of Honor asked her fiancee to model for it, to ensure anatomical accuracy. Although I think the size was hugely inflated! LOL!

  • Linn

    Hey, you look lovely! Loved the blog post on your 8 secrets to loosing weight too. Printed it out and glued it into my journal.

    • Christine

      Aren’t you too adorable, Linn! Thanks, and if my tips help you out, then I’m glad for it!