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by Christine on April 23rd, 2010

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Happy Friday everyone! It’s the end of the week, I’m only working a half a day today, the Grateful Dead is on, and I’m drinking some Mountain Dew. Cheers!

This week ended my 6 week stint taking a bootcamp exercise class. Although the 5 a.m. hour didn’t mesh well with my physiology, the exercise did. My final stats are in:

Weight: Lost 4 pounds
Size: Stayed the same (size 10)
Neck: Lost 0.25 inches (Currently 13.0 inches)
Arm: Lost 0.75 inches (Currently 11.75)
Chest: Lost 1.5 inches!!! (Currently 37.25)
Waist: Lost 0.5 inches (Currently 31.25)
Hip: Lost 1.5 inches!!! (Currently 40.0)
Thigh: Lost 1.0 inches! (Currently 24.5)

I’ve been keeping a daily food journal for the last 10 years or so. However, for bootcamp, I had to submit my food journal weekly to the instructor. I thought I would offer up my food journal for you all to look at. Not all the days exemplified stellar eating, but it’s a realistic look at what I’ve eaten to lose 4 pounds of weight and 5.5 inches around my body. A word of warning: there are some pictures of somewhat-naked men in these. I like to add photos just to spice things up a bit. I’ll probably add photos of pretty women at some point, too, if I continue making these into PDFs.

PDF Screenshot

The following are PDFs for download:

Week 1: March 15, 2010PDF icon

Week 2: March 22, 2010
PDF icon

Week 3: March 29, 2010
PDF icon

Week 4: April 5, 2010 PDF icon

Week 5: April 13, 2010
PDF icon

If you’re astute, you’ll note a few common patterns in my diet:

  • My calories are low, and I exercise frequently.
  • I eat whatever I want. Chocolate, cosmos, cheese, you name it.  I could do better with my food choices overall, but eating something crappy once a day doesn’t typically get me into trouble because I only eat about 100 calories worth of crap food at any given time.
  • I consume plenty of protein.
  • I eat all the freaking time, usually a little bit of food every 2 hours.  I never eat a “big” meal. (I can’t with the band)

Please let me know if you find these files to be helpful to you. If they are, I’ll take the time to add more weekly food journals for download.

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