Music weekend and youthful generosity

by Christine on June 28th, 2010

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Me at Jazz FestWell, this weekend was Jazz Fest, and we had a really good time! I went with a good friend of mine that has a solid appreciation of jazz music. As for me, I was just looking forward to reading my new book and hearing the Afro Cuban All Stars play!

Saturday was a bit rainy, but it didn’t hinder our fun.  Fortunately for Jazz Fest they let you bring food and drink (yes, even alcohol) into the park! We stopped at Subway and I got a 6-inch sub. I hadn’t had a sub sandwich in perhaps a year? It was rough and slow-going. The bread was really hard on me. I only ate half of the sub for lunch, then I ate the rest of the sub for dinner. Mostly I just picked at it. I also had some wheat thin crackers and hummus and a few slices of cheese as a snack. Overall, not bad. Most of my calories came from alcohol, but I didn’t even have a lot of that.

Sunday was the best day: the weather was better, the music was better, the fun was better! We camped out at the small stage and heard a group called the Trio of Oz play. They were wonderful! They did jazz renditions of popular songs (Death Cab for Cutie; the Police; Stone Temple Pilots, etc.) I really enjoyed them.

After they played, my friend wanted to get their CD. There were two lines — one line to purchase the music, and one line for autographs with the band. I held a place in the autograph line while my friend bought the cd.  He grabbed the last CD off the shelf. Boy, was the guy behind him disappointed! The gentleman asked the Borders rep if there were any more CDs in storage, but he shook his head. They were all out.

There was a young kid standing behind me in the autograph line. He had dark, moppy hair and was maybe as tall as my shoulder. He was maybe 14 years old at best, if I had to guess.  He had two CDs in his hand. He went up to the gentleman without a CD and said, “Here, take this one.” The guy said, “Are you sure? Oh, that’s really nice of you! Thanks!” and got into line to buy it. The kid said, “No no, I already bought this. It’s paid for…enjoy the music, man!” The guy was flabbergasted. Okay, we were all a little flabbergasted. He pulled out his wallet and the kid pushed his hand away. “No, it’s free. Just take it. You gotta pass the music on, you know.  It’s for the music, man.”

It was so cliche that I had to laugh, but really, the kid’s generosity really touched all of us. The man ran off to find some money to pay the kid back with (his wallet was empty). In the meantime, I told the kid what a great thing he did there, and offered to buy him an ice cream cone. He said no. He said that he was learning to play guitar (acoustic and base) and really just enjoys jazz music, and this band was really good and wanted to pass the music on. What a great kid. With an attitude like that, he’s really going to go places. His father must be terribly proud of him.

afrocubanallstarsFeeling pretty good after this wonderful act of generosity, then came the Afro Cuban All Stars. They were great! The whole place got up and danced to the salsa and merengue music. I was grinning ear to ear to see so many people moving their bodies, smiling, and dancing with each other! Everyone was dancing — old and young, black and white, guys and girls, good and the bad dancers…everyone! It was a giant celebration! My favorite was their Buena Vista Social Club tribute, but the other stuff was super fun too!

Afterwards the band had an autograph signing. Being the autograph hound that I am, I decided I had to get Juan De Marco’s autograph.  So I sucked up my shyness, bought a “Live at Carnegie Hall” cd, and stood in line.  Here’s a pic of me with him and his two beautiful daughters. They were all very nice!

Juan de marco

On Sunday I had a salad with tunafish for lunch, some chips as a snack, an ice cream cone while listing to the AFAS, then had some French Onion soup after the show. Plus two beers over the course of the day. Not a low-calorie day, and very high in salt. Today I’m bloated as all get-out…no surprise as to why. I shall counteract the salt-bloat by drinking a lot of water today!


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