Music Love and Comfortable Self-Denial

by Christine on June 25th, 2010

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afro cuban all starsGood morning Revolutionists!

I hope that everyone is having a great week…lots of weight lost, spending quality time with family, and enjoying lovely summertime weather! What have been the highlights of your week? Post below and let me know!

Sometimes we get a little too busy for our own good, you know? This has definitely been one of those weeks for me, and I know that my schedule isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.  Yesterday I was due to go out shopping with some girlfriends, but the outing was canceled at the last minute. Boy, was I relieved! I love my friends of course, but I really needed a day to just chill out.  Number one on my list was to go to the gym, especially because I neglected to go for this entire week due to my busy schedule. My hubby wanted to go too, but he had a prior committment with friends, so we agreed to go when he got back. While I was waiting, I went to the bookstore and picked up a new novel to read. I walked to Paneras and had some Vegetarian Black Bean Soup (250 calories for the large size, of pure deliciousness!). Relaxing was exactly what I needed!

As it turned out, my hubby didn’t get home until 9 p.m. (and didn’t call to tell me he would be so late), so the gym never happened. Very frustrating.

I currently have a food shopping conundrum. What would you do? I am completely out of fresh, healthy food in my fridge right now. I will be gone all weekend, and I will be gone two days next week as well. Then, I leave Friday (in one week) for vacation. There’s no way I can eat a shopping-trip worth of veggies in the two days that I will be home. What advice do you guys have for eating healthfully but dealing with the no-food and no-time conundrum?

This weekend I have a two-day jazz festival to attend! Now, I’m not a huge jazz fan. I mean, I like jazz music, but I would be hard pressed to name three current jazz singers’ or musicians’ names.  That being said, I love all music. I don’t discriminate. I went to a Phish concert last weekend. I’ll be seeing the Gin Blossoms this week. I’ve got tickets to several classical concerts this summer, a Sublime tribute band…I’m really all over the place musically. I like it all! That’s probably why I have more than a terabyte of music on my computer at home!

But I digress…Jazz Fest! One of my favorite bands is the Buena Vista Social Club (also known as the Afro Cuban All-Stars). I love to cook while listening to to their Cuban music.  I believe they inspire culinary savvy. The band is made up of these really old guys that are all-star musicians from other latin-music bands. Well, the Afro-Cuban All Stars are coming to the jazz fest! I’m so excited to see them in person!  Interested in hearing their music? Check out these two You-Tube videos:

Weight-wise….I haven’t moved at all. I haven’t gained, but I haven’t lost a thing this week either.  I know I need to re-assess my eating and exercise and get stricter with myself, but I’m not ready for the self-honesty and that level of commitment yet. I’m happily, comfortably in denial, but I think I may need to “get real” with myself after I return from my vacation.  I’m not overly looking forward to that conversation with myself.

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  • Karen @ Not Just Celery

    Sounds like you have some fun times ahead! I would just do a mini grocery shopping trip for the amount you would be able to eat in your time at home. Since living in NYC I have changed the way I grocery shop and now go 2-3 times per week instead of 1. This is partially because things come up/plans change so often and I end up eating out a little more often, and also because I don’t want to have to lug a huge shopping trip worth of groceries home and up 4 flights of stairs!