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by Christine on June 22nd, 2010

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Hello everyone! I’m finally back from my crazy weekend! Here is an update on how it all went down:


After work on Friday I met up with some friends for some appetizers-as-meals and drinks. I could have done better in my selection: I got the fried calamari. Fortunately though, the dish wasn’t very good, so I only had a few bites.  I only say fortunately because thanks to the taste, I didn’t end up ruining my calories for the day. As I was pulling out of the restaurant to head to the dancing cruise, I hit a massive pothole. BOOM! went the car! Sure enough, it blew out one of my tires.  My friend Lawson came to the rescue and put on my spare doughnut tire in a matter of a few minutes. We weren’t late for the cruise ship at all. He was like my knight in shining armor!! To say thank you, I bought him two drinks on the ship.

So did I dance? I did, kind of!! The dance floor was quite crowded downstairs, but there was an upstairs area that overlooked the dance floor. We stood up there, and my friend Billi and I decided to dance and act quite silly! There were poles holding up the ceiling, and used them as our own personal stripper poles! (Okay, so we didn’t really strip!)  We cruised down the Hudson River as the sun was setting, and the temperature was perfect outside and the scenery was lovely. We had a great time, and I didn’t even feel like a massive idiot for dancing around!


Saturday was really nuts. I woke up early and dropped my car off to get a new tire. I’ve always liked this tire center, but this time they tried to screw me over!  First they claimed that they couldn’t find a record of my last purchase in their computer, but I was positive that I had bought my last two sets of tires there.  They told me that the tire replacement was going to cost me $168 (for one tire!). Fortunately I’m a pack rat and save everything. I went home and found my receipts, which showed proof that I bought my last two sets of tires at that location, as well as a travel warranty that covered roadside hazards and tires that blow out.  The place called to say my car was finished. I went there to pick up the car, and my car was sitting outside with the $168 tire on it.  I went inside and showed proof of my purchase. They said, “Oh, um, okay just one second we need to finish up something else with your car.”  So they take my car inside the shop and put a cheaper tire on the car! WHAT THE HELL? I told my husband and he raised hell with them. They claimed “they suddenly found a cheaper alternative in the stockroom that they didn’t know they had.” It was entirely shady from start to finish. I intend to call the Better Business Bureau and report them.

I really hate being a woman and dealing with car repair facilities.  They always try to swindle me, like the time one car repair place attempted to charge me $700 to replace my brake pads and rotors! Do I look like that much of an idiot? Why can’t men treat women car owners with respect?

After the car situation, my hubby and I raced to the gym. We got a good workout in, and I played “Jillian” with him and really worked him out hard. Hooray!

Then I raced home, took and shower, and got ready for the bridal shower. The shower took an hour to drive to — much further than I thought. It was nearly in Massachusetts!  It was outdoors and lovely! It was a garden party theme, and the outdoor area was absolutely perfect. The bride-to-be looked wonderful! I noticed after a few minutes that nobody was taking photos, so I decided to play Professional Photographer. I demanded that the bride take photos with all her guests as everyone was leaving. The photos turned out great! She’s going to love them!

The bride and me

At the garden party I succumbed to the finger foods…because I was starving! Because of the car situation in the morning/afternoon I did not have time to make any lunch. I had some quiches and a few pieces of fruit. I didn’t blow my calories because I kept my portion sizes really small, but the quishes weren’t the healthiest option to say the least. I also had two glasses of sangria, which I mixed with water to dilute them even more.

Then I raced home, changed clothes, and made a quick dinner of tunafish + 1 small tomato for my dinner.  My hubby and I headed to Saratoga Springs for the Phish concert. We sat on the lawn and watched the hippies smoke pot, hula hoop, and dance together. It was a blast! Phish had a really good set list this time too — they played a lot of older, popular songs, which I really enjoyed. They even did a Velvet Underground cover!

Trey A. -- Phish Me and hubby at Phish

Phish Me standing by one of Saratoga's many painted ponies

After the concert we went to the harness track where they have some slot machines. We played there for two hours (came out even) then headed home. It had been a really long day!


Sunday we weren’t able to get a gym workout in because of the tight schedule. We woke up really early and headed down to NYC. It is about a 2.5 hour drive from where we live. That’s a perfect amount of time for periodic visits, but it means we live so far in the country (in the mountains) that it is basically like a whole different state up here. It’s a beautiful drive…following the Hudson River and through the Green, Catskill, and Shawnagunk mountain ranges.I grabbed some water and almonds for “breakfast” in the car.  I would have gotten some fruit, but I’m always paranoid that I’ll end up getting something stuck in my lapband and need to barf, which is quite uncomfortable in the car. It was better to stick with something that I knew would go down well.

Our hotel was nice. They upgraded us to a larger room for free, so we had a surprisingly large room. The shower was quite big, too!  We had a quick lunch at the Empire State Building (I had steamed shrimp wontons with soy ginger dipping sauce…delicious! And a cosmo).  We met up with our friends back at our hotel.  This is a friend of mine that I have known for 5+ years from my forum (see link at the top of the page). She and her boyfriend are from Norway and are exceptionally delightful people! We had a great time meeting them and visiting with them. We talked about politics between our countries, sports, traveling, shopping, and all kinds of things.

I won’t give you a play-by-play of what all we did, but here is a summary: purse hunting in Chinatown and browsing in Greenwich Village. We stopped for a quick snack there, and all I had was a glass of wine. I was saving my appetite for dinner!

Our dinner reservations at Carmine’s were at 9:30, which is quite late for us.  But boy was it worth it! Carmine’s is a NYC landmark, and they are known for great food, but massive, enormous portions! For the four of us, we ordered some garlic bread, a steak (I think it was 70 oz?) and a pasta sampler than had four of five kinds of pasta on it! Massive!! I did not eat much, but it took me forever to eat, especially because pasta gets a little sticky with the band. I felt like I ate for 2 hours nonstop, but my plate never got empty! Crazy!

Following the dinner we walked around Time Square to digest our food and ooh and ahh the flashing lights.

Celeen in NYC Celeen and me!


Monday we slept in a little bit. Boy, did I need that! We went for maybe a three mile walk, then met up with our friends and headed to lunch. They had never had greek/middle eastern food, so we went to a place for greek salads, hummus, tabouleh, and falafel.  YUM! I hope they enjoyed it! We followed it by some Cold Stone Creamerie. Cal-o-rific, but I shared a small size with my husband so it wasn’t too bad.  We went shopping on 5th Avenue and I bought a cute skirt at Banana Republic.  Then we said our goodbyes, picked up our car and luggage, and headed home.

It was a crazy weekend, and it felt like it lasted for weeks, but it was extremely fun. Days like that make me feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life and have opportunities to have so much fun. Concerts and big-city visits and shopping and fun times! I am very fortunate indeed!

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  • http://blogger.com Bonnie

    Sounds like an awesome weekend.

    • http://www.phoenixrevolution.net Christine

      Thanks Bonnie!

  • http://blogger.com Bonnie

    Sounds like an awesome weekend.

    • http://www.phoenixrevolution.net Christine

      Thanks Bonnie!